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Society Organizational Meeting

On June 26, 1974, a meeting sponsored by the Arcadia Valley Woman´s Study Club was held at the Arcadia Valley High School library. Ninety-Two (92) persons attended in addition to the guest speaker, Dr. James W. Goodrich.

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Mrs. Isabelle Edgar, Temporary Chairman, introduced Dr. James W. Goodrich, Assistant Director of the State Historical Society and Associate Editor of the Missouri Historical Review. He gave background material on the State Historical Society and the resource materials available for use. He also stressed the value of local history and suggestions for preserving such history.

Miss. Dorothy Reese then presided over a question and answer period wherein questions were directed to Mr. Goodrich concerning organization and functions of a society, financial arrangements and the advantages of forming a corporation. Mr. Goodrich stressed the importance of adopting by-laws and incorporating as a "Not-for Profit" organization in order to qualify for tax exemption.

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In regard to finances, Joe Ricketts reported that a little more than $1,300 was left in the 1957 Centennial Fund, and it was felt the funds should be turned over to an historical society if one was organized in Iron County.

Miss. Dorothy Reese made a motion to organize an historical society in Iron County and Mrs. Stephanie Fania seconded the motion. Lee Aldridge suggested the official name should be the "Iron County Historical Society" and Miss Reese restated her motion to include the name. The motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. S. P. Hitchings made a motion to empower the Temporary Chairman to proceed with the forming of the organization and Lucille Smith seconded the motion. This motion also passed unanimously.

The Society was incorporated on July 16, 1974.

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