Iron County Abstracts from Will Book A

Abstracts From Will Book "A"

Iron County was formed in 1857 from portions of Dent, Madison, Reynolds, St. Francois, Washington and Wayne Counties.  The first book of wills begins in 1857.

ALDRIDGE, Jane, of Washington Co. - will dated 16 Oct 1857. Niece, Esther Jane Russell, all my interest in the lands belonging to the estate of William Aldridge, my dec'd husband, lying in Washington Co. Nephew, William A. Russell, a slave Personal property bequeathed to following: sister Mary B. Carsen, sister Mariah Carsen, the heirs of brother Thomas Carsen, William Carsen, the heirs of brother David Carsen, sister Sarah Lothim, sister E.M. Lucas, sister Elizabeth King, the heirs of sister Melinda Sloan & the heirs of brother Alexander Carsen Exr: John W. Russell Wit: Jeff C. Russell & Samuel A. Reyburn. Recorded 13 Oct 1866. (pages 22-24).

BECK, Carl - Will dated 13 Sept 1877. Wife, Sophia Beck and her heirs, the homestead (description) and all personal estate Exrx, wife Sophia Beck Wit: Frederick Oesterle, Franz Dinger & Ferdinand Kolb Recorded 19 Aug 1878. (pages 95-96).

BELLIS, Samuel B. - Will dated 7 July 1877 Wife, Malinda A. Bellis, my real & personal property Should she remarry the property shall go to our son, Mark Doty Bellis Exrx, wife Malinda A. Bellis Wit: J. R. Creel & E.B. Creel Recorded 7 May 1884. (pages 149-152).

BLOCK, Martin - Will dated 4 Oct 1886. "....of town of Middlebrook of the age of sixty three years...."Money bequeathed to following: Daughter Sophia Legget, son Henry Block, and daughter Matilda Block Wife, Louisa Block, all real estate including my homestead in the town of Middlebrook...and at her death to descend to my children share and share alike Exrx, wife Louisa Block Wit: Adolph Nemnich of Middlebrook and Joseph Huff of Ironton Recorded 13 Nov 1886. (pages 192-196).

BOSS, Charles - Will dated 27 Apr 1876. "...of town of Pilot Knob of the age of forty three years...." bequeath to my children begotten me by my wives, insurance money due me by the State Odd Fellows Mutual Aid Association and by the S. E. Missouri Odd Fellows Mutual Aid Association." Wife, Caroline Boss, all personal estate and real estate in town of Pilot Knob for life Exr, William Biel Wit: Henry Richter, Charles Heinricks & Fred. Schwaner Recorded 1 May 1876. (pages 82-85).

BREITENSTEIN, John, of town of Pilot Knob - Will dated 18 March 1875. "...age of 54 years" Wife, Mary Breitenstein, all real and personal estate Five dollars each to my six children to wit, Sarah, Emma, Charles, Lura?, Louisa and John Breitenstein Exrx, wife Mary Wit: Henry Richter, Charles Martin & H. O. White Recorded 15 March 1880. (pages 107-110).

BRYAN, John C. - Will not dated Wife, Sarah Jane Bryan, all real & personal property, as long as she remains my widow, and at her death to be divided between my children (not named here) Exrx, wife Sarah Jane Bryan. Wit: George C. Breckenridge, Robert Bryan & A.J.R. Charlton Recorded 9 Feb 1870 (pages 34-35).

CLARKSON, George W. - Will dated 26 Sept 1885. "...of the county of Albemarle, state of Virginia." Brother, James L. Clarkson, all of my real & personal estate Wife, Mildred M., is provided for during her natural life Remainder of estate to my brothers, Joseph G. & James L. Clarkson and sisters, Virginia P. Hunt, Matilda F. Omohundro, Emily Jordan, or their children Exrs. James L. Clarkson, Joseph G. Clarkson, James R. Ferguson and ezra E. Mason Wit: George A. Fernehough, W.E. Hessing & R. BN. his home in Albemarle Co., Va. this 26 Sept 1885 Recorded in Albemarle Co. 22 Oct 1885 Recorded in Iron Co. 24 Aug 1886. (pages 178-181).

Widow, Mildred Clarkson, having perfect confidence in the integrity of said James L. Clarkson, declare intention to take the provision made for me by the said will...4 Nov 1885 Wit: J.R. Ferguson & Tandy Herring. pages 196-197).

- Will dated 20 Jan 1875 Brother, Michael Cleary now living at Iron Mountain, real estate in town of Pilot Knob (description) If he should die before my death, to my three sisters, to wit, Catharine the widow of John Tierney of Pilot Knob, Mary the wife of Cornelius O'Neal of Iron Co., and Ellen the wife of Thomas Quigley of Iron Mt Exr, Michael Cleary Wit: Bernard Zuart and Isaiah Jones Recorded 5 Oct 1875. (pages 54-57).

COLLIER, Edmond - Will date 31 March 1888 "...being to the best of my remembrance seventy nine years of age..." Son, Daniel Collier, my house and lot where I now live (description) Wife, Charlotte, who has been my life long companion in cloud and sunshine when the days gone by were both dark and in the house during her Daniel has helped us along in our old age is why we give him preference in this will, while at the same time I have a kindly affection and friendly feeling for Henry Taylor Collier, my son and all other relatives One dollar each to following, to wit, son Henry Taylor Collier, John Allen, daughter Louise, my oldest son John Lindsay, and to each of my grandchildren. Exrx, Daniel Collier Sec. Robert L. Lindsay & Solomon Lax Recorded 3 Sept 1888. (Pages 215-218).

DAMMON(Dammann), Herman - Will dated 9 Oct 1886. All personal property & real estate, including my homestead, to my children, to wit, Magdalenal Snasdall, Mariah Damman, Henry Damman,
Catharine Damman, Anna Damman, Lizzie Damman, John Dammon, William Damman, Andreas Damman and Emma Dammon... except one square acre of land on my homestead where my decd wife now lies with the right of way to and from the main Iron Mt. and Salem road Request that my unmarried children remain on the homestead until they become of age or marry Exr. John Snasdell Wit: Joseph Huff, Ironton & Wm. O'Brien, Graniteville, Mo. Recorded 23 Oct 1886. (pages 187-191).

DELANO, William A. , - Will dated 4 Feb 1876 Personal property bequeathed to following children, to wit, Ellen S. Delano (piano), Hattie E. (organ), Frank J. (silver watch), John H. (walking cane), William H, (ancestral Holy Bible) Wife, Sophia H. Delanon, all remaining estate for life and then to my said children, viz, W. H., John H., Ellen S., Frank J., and Hattie E. Delano. Exrs, wife Sophia H. and sons, William H. & John H., without bond Wit: John W. Emerson & Edwin May Recorded 24 Nov 1876. (pages 67-71).

DONALDSON, John - Will dated 17 Aug 1887. Wife, Saram M. Donaldson, all real & personal property Small money gifts to daughter, C. M. Ditt and two grandchildren, Freddie William Delano & Lewis Delano Exrx, wife Sarah M. Donaldson Wit: John W. Emerson & Adolph Lopez Recorded 26 Sept 1887 (pages 198-201).

DONHO (Donoho), Harvey - Will dated 21 June 1869 Wife, Elenora M. Donoho, all estate Names daughter Annie Florence Donoho Exrs, wife Elenora M. Donoho & Everett H. Mathews Wit: Jeff C. Russell, Samuel A. Reyburn & John S. Bell. Recorded 13 July 1869 (pages 28-29).

EIDSON, Henry, Senr. - Will dated 17 May 1869 Wife, Mary Eidson, the farm containing 150 acres, part of William Reed Survey No. 3173 and personal property, and at her death to be divided among the heirs of my body Name signed by Jeff C. Russell at the request of the testator Wit: Jeff C. Russell & T. Carter Recorded 2 June 1870 (pages 38-39).

GRAGG, John - Will dated 3 March 1864 Two oldest sons, Robert Gragg & William R. Gragg, land known as the Meadow place (description) Home place to be sold and proceeds divided equally between my wife, Margaret Gragg, and my four youngest children viz, Hannah Jane McMurtry, Margaret Ann Farmer, Henry Gragg & Nancy Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Also, to wife "the spring clip of wool from my flock of sheep." Exrx, wife Margaret Gragg and son, William R. Gragg Wit: Daniel McSween, John Thomas, John C Yates & Samuel McMurtry Recorded 13 June 1865. (pages 19-21).

GREASON, M. Agnes - Will dated 1 March 1877 Personal property & real estate to sisters, to wit, Elmira R. Greason, Alice J. Greason, Margaret E. Greason and Hester J. Greason Fifty dollars to friend Lizzie Newman, wife of John Newman Exr, Hugh Smith Wit: T.R. Goulding, Jos. Huff & J.P Dillingham Recorded 19 May 1877 (pages 78-81).

GREASON, John - Will dated 17 May 1874 Son, David Glenn Greason, west half of property (description) Wife, Margaret, remainder of estate, except that part of the estate to which my son William Monroe Greason may become entitled through the last will of my beloved wife My children, to wit, William Monroe, James D., Mary Agnes, David Glenn, John D., Alexander H., Margaret, Alice J., Elmira & Hester Greason Exr. not named Wit: John P. Hayden & W. H. Wenderly Recorded 27 June 1874 (Pages 49-51).

HANLON, Catharine, City of St. Louis - will dated 28 June 1886. "...Formerly widow of John Casey...all details of my funeral to the discretion of whomsoever may at my death be superiors of St. Joseph's Convent of Mercy Having no child, nor their descendants...bequeath to said convent, a corporation of the City of St. Louis...Exr, Zwart, a citizen of Iron Co., without bond Wit: Daniel Sugnee? & Phillip Kolb Recroded 22 July 1886. (pages 182-186).

HARVIELL, Simon(Simeon) R. - Will dated 12 May 1877, of town of Arcadia Son, Thomas L. Harviell, farm on which he now lives situated in Butler Co., MO. (description). Son, Andrew J. Harviell, land in Butler Co. (description). Daughter, Missouri Harviell, real estate in town of Poplar Bluff in Butler Co.(description). Wife, Martha J. Harviell and my infant children, Alonz M. Harviell & Charles P. Harviell, all remaining real estate & personal property Exr, G. Q. Berryman of Arcadia Wit: John F.T. Edwards, James M. Barid & D B Casteel Recorded 24 May 1877 (pages 71-77) recopied on pages 102-106.)

HAYDEN, John P. - Will date 26 December 1877. "...age 61 years..." Wife, Frances F.Hayden, an equal share in the est. with all my children whose names are as follows: Julia E. Boone, Cornelea F. Lyman, Flavia M. Hayden, Florence E. Russell, Mary E. Hayden & Zella S. Hayden. (Description of lands) Exr not named Wit: Joseph F. Lindsay & E Abby Lindsay 28 December 1877 the above named Francis F. Hayden legatee & wife of John P Hayden accepts the conditions of the above iwll. Signed Mrs. Francis F. Hayden L/A granted to Frncis F. Hayde, Admrx. 10 Feb 1881. (pages 125-129).

HEITKAMP, Christian - Will dated 13 arch 1883. " of Ironton of the age of sixty seven years...funeral conducted under the auspices of the Lutheran Church and a stone be placed to mark the final resting place." Wife, Wilkelmina Heitkamp, all personal property & real estate, and after her decease to my nephew August Rieke and his wife, Doretha Rieke Exrx, Wife Wilhelmina Heitkamp. Wit: Joseph Huff, W. T. Gay & George Schultz, all of Ironton Recorded 21 Nov 1887. (Pages 201-204).

HILLEMAN, August - Will dated 6 June 1881 Son, John Hilleman and his heirs, my farm situated in iron Co. If he die without heirs, the property is to revert to my daus. named as follows, Lizzie (Barnes), Carolina, Catharine and Mary. Exrs, son John Hillaman and fried, Peter Ruhl, Senr Wit: S.E. Buford & J. H. Valle Recorded 15 Jan 1884. (pages 145-148).

HOE (HOOE), Mary H. - Will dated 7 Jan 1888 To Mary D. Hooe my farm in Belleview with all contents Money owed me from Victor Rottman and Lafayette Ringe to be equally divided betyween my daughters, Irene Hooe & Aurelia Nored Money due from John N. Harbison to be given to my son, Edward A. Hooe Exr. not named Wit: J. D. Stephens & D J Shelton Recorded 6 Feb 1888 (Pages 208-210).

HOUK, John M. - Will dated 1 May 1879. "...aged thirty four years...suitable monument or stone to be placed to mark my final resting place." Wife, Emily all property real & personal, and should she remarry, then all property is to go to the heirs of my body If I have no issue living at the time of her marriage all of my property to go to my beloved aunts, Mary Hughes & Martha Hughes Exr, friend W. B. Evans Wit: Geo. W. Phillips & J K Mitchell Recorded 27 Oct 1880. (Pages 117-119).

HOWLETT, William - Will date 26 June 1860 Wife, Mary Jane Howlett, all estate "A book entitled 'Cause and Effect, the Rebellion in Heaven the Origin of Sin, including the Doctrine of Predestination and Free Agency', which may at this time be published, if so, then I wish the publisher to pay themselves...and whatever left I give to my wife absolutely." Exr. friend and neighbor, Philip Pipkin of the town of Arcadia. Wit: Wm. Leonard Taber & Archibald Coulter Recorded 19 July 1860. (Pages 4-5-).

HYDE, Ellen - Will date 12 Nov 1673 "...age of 55 years." Small money gift to following, son John Hyde, son William Hyde, daughter Bridget (blank), and son Jerry Hyde. The residue of the estate to my duaghter Ellen and my son, Timothy Exr J. J. Hennessy & J J Rayan Wit: Franz Dinger & J J Ryan Recorded 13 Jan 1874. (Pages 89-91).

KAESEMACHER, Carl - Will date 23 March 1885 Brother, Albert Kaesemacher of Bokeluhagen, Germany and his wife, the sum of ten thousand marx Residue of estate to my wife, Sophie L.Kaesemacher, and at her death to be equally divided between my two children, Louise D. Kaesemacher & Gustave C. Kaesemacher Exr. Gustav A. Eisenwein, also guardian of my above named children. Wit: Valentine Effinger & Paul Patton. Recorded 28 Sept 1888 (Pages 211-214).

LOGAN, Lucy, of Co. of Washington - Will date 27 June 1850 Son, Robert B. Logan, land (description) and he is to maintain my daughter Margaret A. Logan as long as she remain single One dollar each to the following children, Joseph Alexander Logan, John V. Logan, Sarah L. Logan, Eliza Jane Woolford, Lucy Brooks, Lila R. Woolford, & Angeline Sloan Also, $1.00 each to J.S.L.Bonney and Lida L.Bonney, children of my dau., Hannah Bonney, decd Exr. son Robert B. Logan Wit: Jesse R. Evans and E. E. Bruce Recorded 14 April 1859. (pages 2-3).

LOPEZ, Simon - Will dated 10 March 1875 Five dollars each to the following, son Adolph Lopez, son George, son Jacob, daughter Henrietta, daughter Adelia, niece Jannie Lopez Wife, Theresa Lopez, land (description) and all remaining properties Exrx, wife Theresa Lopez Wit: F. Schmitz & Franz Dinger, both Ironton Recorded 17 Jan 1876. (Pages 50-60).

LOVE, John H. - Will dated 2 May 1871 After debts are paid and my wife (not named) has reserved her lawful interest in my estate, I then give to my five daughters, Sarah Catharine, Camelia Jane, Martha Almedia, Margaret Lucretia and Lucy Ellen, the undivided half of my real estate known as the Moses Carty farm lying in Iron Co. (description). My only son, Robert Cullen Love, the other half of the farm Wit: James W. Goggin, Reynolds Co. & Peter Pauley of Iron Co. Recorded 3 July 1872. (Pages 43-45).

McFADDEN, Samuel - Will dated 24 July 1860 Wife, Lucinda, all estate and after her death or widowhood to be divided among following, to wit, daughter Jane McFadden, son James McFadden, son John McFadden, daughter Rachael Wallis, daughter Sarah Stephenson & sons Pennington, William and Andrew McFadden Daughters, Mary Wallis, Elizabeth Shaver & Angeline Stevenson, are given slaves & personal property Exr. D. W. Shaver Wit: Albert Lloyd & James Reece Recorded 21 July 1865. (Pages 24-27).

MATKIN, Leroy - Will dated 21 Feb 1883 Wife, Rebecca Ann Matkin, the use of my mansion house and one third part of the farm during her natural life, and the remainder to my two sons, Benjamin F. Martkin & Ira Matkin Having made advancements of a fair proportion of my wealth to may children, William M. Matkin, Joel Matkin, Charles A. Matkin, James L. Matkin and to my daughter , Mary A., who is intermarried with Randal Dunn. Special rememberances to four grandchildren, children of my son Joel Matkin, now decd., viz, John P., Amanda, Rebecca Ann & Carter M. Matkin Two grandchildren, William L. White, & Lydia Theresa White, sum of $200.00 dollars Exrs. Sons; Charles A. Matkin & Benj. F. Matkin Wit: W. H. Whitworth, W.W. Nall & W. R. Edgar Recorded 23 Aug 1884 (Pages 156-159).

O'NEAL, Mary - Will dated 5 Jan 1882 Brother, Michael Cleary, sole exr. of real & personal may seem best for the benefit and welfare of my children. Names daughter, Mary O'Neal, and my other children, namely, Hanna?, Catherine, William, James, Cornelius and Agnes O'Neal Personal property to youngest children, namely, Cornelius and Agnes O'Neal Wit: J. J. Tierney & Patrick Dalton. Recorded 23 Jan 1882 (pages 129 - 131).

PETTY, John M. - Will dated 28 May 1860. Son, Thornton Petty, all bonds & accounts I hold against him. Son, George S. Pett, all bonds and accounts I hold against him My sons-in-laws & daughters have received all of the estate they are entitled to, to wit, J.G. Imboden and Mary E. his wife, Williiam Reyburn and Elizabeth J. his wife, and David H. Palmer and Lucy J. his wife All remainder of estate unto son, Marshall S. Petty Exrs John G. Imboden & David H. Palmer Wit: John V Logan & William R. Moyer Recorded 5 Nov 1861. (Pages 6-8).

POSTON, Betsey of city of Ironton - Will dated 2 April 1880 "...age of forty five years..." Son John Davis and my daughter, Bell Davis, my house and lots in city of Ironton (description) Exr, Franz Dinger, and guardian of my said children. Wit: Herman Davis & Ed. Gallagher Codicil - out of the estate be paid one dollar each to my grandchildren, to wit, Joseph Dinnwiddie and Eddy Dinnwiddie 2 April 1880. Wit: Franz Dinger & Anna Lewis Recorded 19 April 1880. (pages 112-116).

POSTON, William - Will dated 9 April 1877 Son John Poston and my daughter, Nancy Poston, jointly all my real estate in Iron Co. on which I now reside, and my grist mill situated on land Daughters, Rachael King, widow of Embers King, decd; daughter Aesseney Babb wife of Joseph Babb; and Elizabeth Hamilton wife of Hiram Hamilton. Grandsons, John Thomas Poston and William Poston, and Andrew Gladdin, son of my daughter Julia A. Gladdin who intermarried with Joseph Gladdin Exr. not named.Wit: J.T. Ake, James Buford and S.E. Buford Recorded 11 Oct 1880. (Pages 120-122).

QUINN, James - Will dated 13 July 1888. "...age 38 years..." Names two children, Minnie and Jessie Quinn, the home place or farm (description)...when they become of age, and all personal property Exr. William A. Fletcher Wit: Andrew Buckner, Isaac G. Whitworth & J.S. Jordan Recorded 12 Nov 1888 (Pages 219-222).

RAUFT, William Christian - Will dated 10 June 1864 "..of the town of Pilot Knob.. of the age of 56 years." Wife, Anna Gertrude Rauft and her heirs, land in Pilot Knob(description) and personal property Exrs, wife Anna Gertrude Wit: Franz Dinger, William H. Newman & Joseph Loyd, Jr Recorded 12 July 1875. (Pages 52-54).

REEVES (Reves), Mary, Senr. , - of town of Arcadia - Will dated 28 Sept 1885 Grandson, Alfred E. Reeves, the enlarged picture of my son Isom Reeves, decd, and father of said Alfred. Granddau., Ella Cooley, the enlarged picture of my daughter Fannie Cooley, decd and mother of said Ella. Son, George Reves, the enlarged picture of his brothers, John E & Albert Reves, Jr., decd, and an old clothes chest, a family relic, and once the property of his father the late Albert Reves, decd, also my family Bible Daughter, Delana Reagan, the group of family likenesses and frame Also small bequests to sons Arthur Reves and Franklin Reves and daughter, Mary E. Pennebecker. To granddau., Mary Theodocia Campbell, the house and lot in town of Arcadia, the homestead property on which I now be sold by her guardian and curator, Miss Eliza Carlton of Carlton Institute of Farmington... Exr, Dr. G. Q. Berry Wit: John F. T. Edwards & W. C. Patton Recorded 21 Oct 1885. (Pages 172-177).

REYBURN, Samuel A. - Will dated 24 April 1883 Wife, Margaret Jane Reyburn, real estate (description) Jennie Gordon Waddle & George Edward Waddle, children of my daughter Mary Eliza Waddle; and Alexander Houston Reyburn son of William W. Reyburn; Agnes Belle McKinney & Joseph A. Reyburn, Samuel P. Reyburn, Fannie Lee Logan & James A. Reyburn, all an equal portion of the residue of my real estate Heirs of my dau. Jane Ann Berryman, formerly the wife of John N. Berryman, one dollar each. Exr. Joseph A. Reyburn Wit: W.A. Read & J. I. Hood Recorded 9 May 1883. (Pages 142-144).

RICHTER, Henry, of town of Pilot Knob - Will dated 4 Feb 1881. "...of age of 40 years...all my real estate of whatever description...share and share alike to my wife Friedericka Richter, son Henry Richter, daughter Elizabeth Richter, daughter Minna Richter and step-daughter Carolina Martin." Special bequests to son Henry Richter, step-son Charles Martin, and step dau. Friedericka Schaper. Exrx, Friedericka Richter, also guardian and curator of the persons and estates of my minor children. Wit: Charles V. Roden, W. Phillips & Franz Dinger Recorded 16 April 1885. (pages 160-164).

ROBERSON, Albion - Will dated 5 May 1884 Wife, Helen B. Roberson, all my estate, both real & personal One dollar each to son Joseph S. Roberson and adopted son,Thomas A. Roberson Exrx, wife Helen B. Roberson Wit: J. W. Emerson, J. G. Clarkson & J. C. Medley Recorded 9 Aug 1884. (Pages 153-155).

ROBINSON, Archibald, of Kaolin Twnp. - Will dated 2 July 1863 Wife, Mary Mitchell Robinson, real estate (description) and at her death to daughter, Charlotte Harvey Robinson...until 16 March 1868 for her education...then divided among following, to wit, Jane Reyburn wife of Samuel A. Reyburn, Mary Evans wife of Dr. Jesse Evans, Elizabeth Terrell wife of Richard Terrell of California, and Charlotte Harvey Robinson Daughter Sarah Ann Hewitt, widow of late Wilkerson Hewit, decd., the note I hold against Myron Hagan Son Preston Robinson...having given him a farm Exrs. Samuel A. Reyburn & Harvey Donoho Wit: Jeff C. Russell, John G. Imboden& E H Mathews Recorded 12 Jan 1864. (Pages 13-15).

ROSS, George - Will dated 29 Aug 1877 To my friend and benefactor, Simeon G. Shular, all my real and personal estate that I have in the state of South Carolina situated in Lawrence and Newberry Counties, known as the Ireland ford farm Exr, Simeon G. Shular Wish exr, to pay $200.00 to Fanney Bone, and $50.00 to Annie Moore, wife of Joseph S. Moor. Wit: Henry S. House & Lewis L. Sutton Recorded 22 Sept. 1877 (Pages 92-94).

RUHL, John - Will dated 7 April 1880 Son, Peter Ruhl, my farm and homestead (description) and personal property on condition that he will maintain and support my beloved wife, Elizabeth Ruhl, during her natural life in a becoming manner Small cash bequests to son Henry Ruhl, son John Ruhl, Sr., the heirs of my son Adam Ruhl, the heirs of my decd daughter Elizabeth Hollemann, and my son John Ruhl, Jr Mentions a former will that is now revoked Exr., son Peter Ruhl Wit: Ferdinand Schmitz, Ferdinance Kolb & Franz Dinger, all of Ironton Recorded 9 March 1888. (pages 223-226).

RUSSELL, Mrs. Mary A. - Will not dated Property to be kept and used for the good of the family, so long as my children all live together Bequests to the following children, viz, Mary, Hattie, George and Howard Exr., son George, if of age at the time, if not I wish Mary to take his place Wit: N.C. Griffith & F H R Griffeth Recroded 12 June 1882 (Pages 132-133).

RUSSELL, Rebecca P. , - Will dated 18 Jan 1870. Wife of Cyrus Russell, decd Sum of 3,000 to be invested by oldest son, Henry P. Russell, and the proceeds used for the support of a pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Ironton, and after three years to be divided amongst heirs Personal property to daughters, to wit, Maria R. now the wife of John Smith, Esq., Flora A. now the wife of Albert R. Guild, Esq., and Frances H. now the wife of George W. Farrar, M.D Exr, eldest son, Henry P. Russell, and should he die, then Giles Russell, one of my other sons. Wit: William R. Edgar & Bernard Zuart Recorded 20 Sept 1870 (Pages 40-42).

SCHMITT, Joanna, - Will dated 18 May 1881 "...of town of Pilot Knob...of the age of forty eight years..." Husband, John Schmitt, land (description) Ten dollars each to daughter Minna Janke and son, John Schmitt Exr., Henry Rasche Wit: Franz Dinger, A. M. Rasche & Anna Backoff Recorded 10 Aug 1855. (Pages 165-167).

SEITZ, Thomas - Will dated 15 Dec 1875 "...of the town of Middlebrook of the age of 49 years." Wife, Mary Seitz, land (description) the same having been owned by Michael Seitz and Thomas Seitz jointly, having been conveyed to the parties by John Bos by deed bearing date of 1 Jan 1858 and recorded in office of St. Francois Co. in Book G. page 593 At death of wife, to be divided among my eight children, to wit, Charles, Edward, Henry, Emily, Lizzie, Catharine, Theodore Thomas and William Anton Seitz Exrx, Mary Seitz Wit: Michael Seitz, J. M. Johnson & Martin Black On 15 Dec 1875, A. J. Puls witnessed to the signatures of the testator and witnesses Recorded 21 Jan 1876. (Pages 61-66).

SLOAN, William N. , - Will dated 2 Jan 1882 Wife, M. Jane Sloan, to live on the plantation on which I now live, and all personal property for life...and at her death to become the property of my two sons, George W. and Thomas W. Sloan Also names a daughter, Susan B Exr. not named Wit: George A. Phillips & William T. Walker Recorded 7 May 1883 (Pages 138-141).

SPITZMILLER, Cholasti - Will not dated.
"...of the age of sixty three years..." Fifty dollars each to following, to wit, son George Spitzmiller, daughter Franciska Vogt, and daughter Therese Begley To son, Michael Spitzmiller, fifty acres of land on which his dwelling house stands and being a part of an eighty acre tract by Michael Sptizmiller, my late decd husband, purchased during his lifetime of William N. Nalle (description) Son Benedict Spitzmiller other lands (description). Exr., son Bendict Sptizmiller Wit: Franz Dinger, Joseph H. Whitnah of Iron Co., & James H. Bowman of Madison Co. Recorded 26 July 1879 (Pages 97-99).

SPITZMILLER, Michael, - Will dated 9 Oct 1873 "...of age of sixty years." Wife, Cholasti Spitzmiller and her heirs, the farm (description) & personal property Bequests to daughter Franziska Vogt, daughter Theresa Begley, son George Spitzmiller, son Michael Sptizmiller and son Benedict Spitzmiller Exrx, Wife Cholasti Wit: Franz Dinger of Ironton, F. Kaths & Henry Boss both of Pilot Knob Recorded 11 Aug 1874 (Pages 86-88).

THOMAS, Jane - Will dated 12 April 1870. Small money gifts to following, son William Coilumbus Thomas, granddaughter Jane H. Sloan, Susan J. Johnson, Augustus T. Thomas, and grandchild Thomas H. Johnson Balance of estate to daughter, Mary Ann Thomas Wit: James C. Johnson, Thomas L. Stewart. Recroded 31 May 1870 (pages 36-37). dec'd

THOMPSON, Samuel L. - Will dated 16 Dec 1879. "...age of seventy four years." Grandson, Samuel Crocker, all land (description) and personal estate and he is to pay each of the heris the sum of $1.00 twelve months after my death Ond hundred dollars to Benjamin F. Brooks to be paid from the estate Exr. Samuel Crocker Wit: William R. (blank) & Marshall Henderson Recorded 23 Dec 1879. (Pages 100-101).

THOMASSON, Marcus Delafayette, - Will dated 28 Aug 1869 Brothers, T. L. Thomasson & William Carrell Thomasson, one dollar each Remainder of estate to sister, Elizabeth Jane Mitchell, wife of William F. Mitchell Wit: Bilbe Shepherd & John W. Emerson Recorded 31 Aug 1869 (Pages 30-31).

TIERNEY, Catherine, of Pilot Knob - Will dated 10 Jan 1881 Youngest son, John Tierney, all of my real 7 personal property Wit: Michael Cleary, S.C. Werner and Anna O'Neal Recorded 5 Feb 1881 (Pages 123-124).

TONG, Theodore F. , - Will dated 21 Sept 1863 To be buried with Masonic ceremony Wife, Mahala, personal property and one third of the farm and son, Andrew , the remainder of the farm (description). Also names sons, William and Jeremiah Tong and daughters, Harriet Long, Ellen Evans and Nancy Lawness Wit: Jerome C. Berryman & William Suits Recorded 10 Nov 1863. (pages 9-12).

VON RODEN, Charles, - Will dated 12 Feb 1874 "...age of forty seven years..." Wife, Elizabeth Von Roden, land (description) and personal property, and at her death to descend to my children (not named here) Five hundred dollars each to following children, Henry Von Roden, Mary Von Roden and to each and every one of my children that may be born to me in lawful arriving to full age or when they marry Exrs, wife Elizabeth Von Roden, also guardian of the persons and curator of the estates of all my children...good schooling Wit:Franz Dinger, Jacob Grandhomme & Charles Kindel, all of Ironton. Recorded 4 Dec 1882. (Pages 134-137).

WEATT(WIATT, WYETT), Benjamin L. , of Iron Twnp 0 27 Jan 1864 Father William G. Wiatt and mother, Frances Wiatt, the support out of my estate Sisters and brother, to wit, Eliza Stephens wife of Joseph Stephens, Susan Sutton wife of Daniel Sutton, James Wiatt, Franes ? O. Moyer wife of William Moyer, Jr.; George D. Sloan, Louisa J. Sloan, William T. Sloan, Mary E. Sloan, Josephine E. Sloan & Benjamin A. Sloan, children of my sister Mary A. Sloan, wife of Alexander W. Sloan; Frances Burks wife of Charles Burks; William S. Wiatt; Manervey J. Sloan wife of William N. Sloan; and Nancy Hughes wife of James Hughes, one dollar each Brother, Edward A. Wiatt, the residue of all personal and real estate and he is to take care of my father and mother during their natural lives Robert Miller, a good English education our of the estate provided he remains with my brother, Edward A., until he is 21 years of age Exr, Edward A. Wiatt Wit: Samuel A. Reyburn & John G. Imboden Recorded 9 Feb 1864 (pages 17-19).

WILL, Michael, - Will dated 18 July 1869 Wife, Louise Will, real estate lying in town of Pilot Knob, and all personal estate Exrx, wife Louise Wit: Henry Peetz & Frederick Zeicht Recorded 10 Jan 1870. (Pages 32-33).

WITT, Karl Henry, - Will dated 18 Nov 1887. "...of town of Pilot Knob of the age of 50 years..." Sisters,Wilhelmena Fiekler, Emma Matilda Notzer, and Bertha Othiele Lefke, each one hundred dollars "To my nephew William Edward's son, one hundre and twnety five dollars." Niece, Johanna Schley, a feather bed left in care of my sister Henrietta Schley Nephew, Albert Schley, the watch and chair I have with me Remainde rof person estate to my sister, Henrietta Schley Exrx, sister Henrietta Schley Wit: Louis Schwarner, Frank Bernstaedt & William Biel, all of Pilot Knob Recorded 22 Dec 1887 (Pages 205-108).


The end of Will Book A