Qualified Voters in Iron County, MO (1864-1868)

Qualified Voters in Iron County

The following is a list kept by Justice of the Peace Theodore P. Russell of loyal disloyal citizens in Iron County in the wake of the Civil War

List prepared and provided by the staff of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Fort Davidson State Historic Site.
Adams, Daniel S R[Republican] and Judge Dent
Adams, David R[Republican]  Dent
Adams, George W R[Republican]  Dent
Adams, John B R[Republican] and Judge Dent
Adams, John L R[Republican]  Dent
Adams, Morris M R[Republican]  Dent
Adams, Nelson Jr R[Republican]  Dent
Adams, Nelson Sr R[Republican]  Dent
Adams, Roe R[Republican]  Dent
Ake, Eliz D [Greenbacker] Ironton
Ake, Jacob T Ironton
Ake, William Ironton
Albert, John R[Republican]  Ironton
Alcorn, Joseph L Union
Alcorn, Robert [Greenbacker] Dent
Amelung, Christian Pilot Knob
Amsden, John R[Republican]  Union
Anderson, Stephen Carried clothes to son in Rebel Army Ironton
Antis, Hiram R[Republican]  Ironton
Arisman, John Democrat & Sympathizer Dent
Armstrong, Henry F K Ironton
Austin, Allen W Ironton
Bachman, William S Iron
Bacon, Charles R. R [Republican] Pilot Knob
Baird, Robert Rebel Sympathizer Ironton
Bareham, Jacob M Pilot Knob
Barger, James P Recruiting for Reb Army for Freeman Iron
Bartlover, Nathaniel Iron
Bass, Charles Judge Pilot Knob
Bass, Henry Judge Pilot Knob
Baun, James Iron
Baun, John Iron
Beauford, Abram Pilot Knob
Beauford, James Pilot Knob
Beclman, Marshall R [Republican] Ironton
Bell, Milton Iron
Bell, Thomas Left to escape te draft Iron
Bell, William E Deserted Iron
Benedict, Rufus B Ironton
Berger, James Shuffle G [Greenbacker] Dent
Berryman, Thomas G B Union
Berryman, John N Rebel Army Ironton
Biel, William Iron
Bigley, Anzel R [Republican] Ironton
Billis, Samuel B Pilot Knob
Bilmar, John B Ironton
Birmingham, Sanson H Iron
Black, James R R [Republican] Dent
Blanchard, James G R [Republican] Union
Boren, (?Baren),  Robert A G [Greenbacker?] Dent
Borns, Frederick R [Republican] Pilot Knob
Bounds, James Iron
Bowling, Riley R [Republican] Union
Brady, Joseph M R [Republican] Dent
Bray, Edmond W G [Greenbacker?] Ironton
Breslin, John R [Republican] Ironton
Brewer, Albert Pilot Knob
Bridenstine, John Pilot Knob
Brill, James M R [Republican] Ironton
Brill, Solomon R [Republican] Ironton
Browers, John R [Republican] Ironton
Bryan, John C R [Republican] Dent
Bryant, John R Ironton
Bryant, Robert X [?] Ironton,
Burch, Louis C. Pilot Knob
Buschemann, Frederick Pilot Knob
Buxton, Nathanierl H Iron
Callaway, George R Pilot Knob
Carter, Mitchel  Iron
Cary, Joel C. Iron
Casey, John  Ironton
Casteel, William D R  [Republican] Ironton
Chamberlin, Alan Pilot Knob
Chase, James H  R  [Republican] Ironton
Clark, Elija  Union
Clemmons, Jesse Pilot Knob
Clemons, John Iron
Closterman, Henry Pilot Knob
Coleman, Abner W Ironton
Collett, William H Ironton
Collett, William J Ironton
Collins, Charles H. Ironton
Collins, Martin Ironton
Collins, Moses P Union
Collins, Pinkney T Union
Conray, Thomas No papers Iron Iron
Conway, William Iron
Cooper, Perry D R  [Republican] Ironton
Cooper, Seth H R  [Republican] Dent
Corbin, Charles Pilot Knob
Corraday, Robert Pilot Knob
Crossland, Meride Ironton
Cowan, August B Ironton
Cox, Peter A R  [Republican] Iron
Crowley, John R  [Republican] Union
Crozat, Charles Ironton
Crozat, Pierre R  [Republican] Ironton
Cuthbertson, Joseph R  [Republican] Ironton
Cuthertson, John R  [Republican] Ironton
Daniels, John R Rebel Army Dent
Davis, Logan S Pilot Knob
Dean, John Iron
Deaver, James C Pilot Knob
Dequire, Austin A Judge Liberty
Delano, John H R  [Republican] Ironton
Delano, William A R  [Republican] Ironton
Delano, William H Ironton
Delany, James A Ironton
Dencker, William Iron
Denny, James R  [Republican] Ironton
Denny, James Sr Pilot Knob
Derreck, William G R  [Republican] and Judge Dent
Dettmer, Adolf Pilot Knob
Dewit, Andrew J Iron
Dewitt, George R  [Republican] Ironton
Dienst, Martin Pilot Knob
Dilts, James K P R  [Republican] Ironton
Dilts, Peter R  [Republican] Ironton
Dilts, William G R  [Republican] Ironton
Dilze, Nicolas Pilot Knob
Dinger, Franz Ironton
Donaldson, John R  [Republican] Ironton
Donsha (Donoho?), Harvey N Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Easenwein, George Iron
Edgar, William R Ironton
Edmonds, Willis Hard [probably means hard money] Pilot Knob
Eidson, Henry X B [?]  Iron
Elliott, Aaron R  [Republican] Ironton
Elsman, Henry Pilot Knob
Emerson, John W Ironton
Essex, Thomas Ironton
Evens, David B Ironton
Evens, George S Ironton
Fahlondt, Henry R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Fahlondt [Fahlandt], William Iron
Fairchild, Charles O R  [Republican] Ironton
Fairchild, William G Ironton
Farmer, Isaac Deserted Pilot Knob
Farrar, George H Objected Ironton
Ferguson, Robert Ironton
Fitzpatrick, James M Iron
Flemming, William T  R  [Republican]  Ironton
Fletcher, William A R  [Republican]  Ironton
Flowers, Arter Pilot Knob
Flowers, James Iron
Flowers, Shadrach Iron
Fontaine, Cyrus T R  [Republican]  Ironton
Fontane, Cyrus T Notes say "arased [sic] by request" apparently because assigned to wrong township.
Forster, James B R  [Republican] Ironton
Foster, Henry T R  [Republican] Ironton
Forster, James T R  [Republican] Ironton
Franklin, John Gave a Colt [to Rebels] Liberty
Fulley, Michael Iron
Funk, Gottlieb Union
Furgerson, John R Ironton
Gardner, James C Pilot Knob
Gardner, James S Iron
Gay, Samuel T R  [Republican] Ironton
Gay, William T R  [Republican] Ironton
George, Andrew L Rebel Sympathizer Iron
George, James B Ironton
German, Ignitz N R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Gibson, Jules A Deserted Liberty
Gillam, William R  [Republican] Ironton
Gockel, August Pilot Knob
Godard, Willis Iron
Golding, Tom R R  [Republican] Ironton
Goss, William Rebel Sympathizer Pilot Knob
Grandhomme, Jacob R  [Republican] Ironton
Grason, John R  [Republican] Ironton
Grayson, William A Ironton
Greason, James A Ironton
Greason, James D R  [Republican] Ironton
Greason, William H R  [Republican] Ironton
Gregory, John Iron
Griffin, James Ironton
Griffith, Nicholas C Ironton
Griffith, Sylvester Pilot Knob
Grigsby, Thomas B Ironton
Groves James Pilot Knob
Groves, (or Graves), William J Iron
Guild, Albert B R  [Republican] Ironton
Gunten, David R  [Republican] Ironton
Guyten, Benjamin R  [Republican] Iron
Guyton, John N R  [Republican] Iron
Haile, John L Hard [probably means hard money] Iron
Haile, Joseph Iron
Hale, Granvell S Pilot Knob
Hall, Henry C Pilot Knob
Hampton, John B Union
Hampton, Joseph Went South and harborred rebels Union
Hancock, John W Pilot Knob
Harris, John R R  [Republican] Union
Harrol, John W Rebel Sympathizer Dent
Hartzell, Jackob R  [Republican]  Dent
Hartzell, James R  [Republican]  Dent
Hartzell, John Pilot Knob
Harvey, Thomas Ironton
Harvey, Warren Ironton
Hatridge, Jesse R  [Republican]  Dent
Havens, Henry C Iron
Hawk, Aleja Democrat Dent
Hawkins, David B R  [Republican] Iron
Hayden, John P R  [Republican] Ironton
Haywood, David R  [Republican] Union
Haywood, David R  [Republican] Union
Haywood, Walter W R  [Republican] Ironton
Heinrichs, Carl Pilot Knob
Henderson, Charles K R  [Republican] Dent
Henson, Andrew Ironton
Henson, John W Iron
Hiatt, Noah Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Higbee, William W Pilot Knob
Highley, James R R  [Republican] Iron
Highley, John Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Highley, Louis C Pilot Knob
Highley, Nathaniel R [Republican] and Judge Iron
Hill, James A Ironton
Hill, William H R  [Republican] Ironton
Hilliman, August R  [Republican] Iron
Hills, Michael Pilot Knob
Hoallen (Woolem?), Jacob Ironton
Hodges, Arnold Pilot Knob
Hodges, Charles H At ??? Rebel flag  Iron
Hodges, Charles H Rebel/Went South Iron
Hoffmaster, Christian R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Hoffmaster, Henry Pilot Knob
Hoffmaster, Philip R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Hollatz, William Pilot Knob
Holloman, Allen W Ironton
Holloman, John W Ironton
House, Richard F R  [Republican] Ironton
Howard, Washington Pilot Knob
Huck, August Pilot Knob
Huff, Achilles Ironton
Huff, Elias Ironton
Huff, John Rebel Sympathizer Pilot Knob
Huff, Joseph R  [Republican] Ironton
Huff, Joseph Guerrilla (took M. Vickery prisoner) Carried salt at the time of Price's raid. Liberty
Huff, William Pilot Knob
Hughes, James A Rebel Iron
Hughes, Joseph R  [Republican] Ironton
Hughes, Peter Aided and fed the rebels Iron
Hughes, Thomas R [Republican] and Judge Dent
Hunt, William Iron
Hutchins, James M R  [Republican] Ironton
Hyde, James Iron
Imboden, John G G [Greenbacker?]& Sympathizer Dent
Imboden, Thomas D Went South Pilot Knob
Immer, Charles Iron
Isherwood, Benjamin Ironton
Jacox, David R  [Republican] Iron
Jameson, William R  [Republican] Union
Jett, Elijah Union
Johnson, Ezra  Pilot Knob
Johnson, Henry W Iron
Johnson, James C Oath not binding Iron
Johnson, John J Pilot Knob
Johnson, Nathan Iron
Johnson, Thomas R  [Republican] Ironton
Jones, Henry H Rebel Army Iron
Jones, Samuel T R  [Republican] Dent
Jordan, George J R  [Republican] Ironton
Justice, Jonathan R  [Republican] Union
Kaeths, Frederick Iron
Kalb, Philip Pilot Knob
Kassenmacher, Car Iron
Kaufman, Gottlieb Ironton
Kee, Andrew H R  [Republican] Iron
Keel, John S Pilot Knob
Keltner, James A R  [Republican] Ironton
Keltner, James A Name struck from list without comment, probably listed in wrong township Liberty
Kendall, Charles R  [Republican] Ironton
Keong[?], Michael Iron
Kesling, Henry L Ironton
Kidd, Benjamin Iron
Kiepe, Theodore Iron
King, John Pilot Knob
King, Reuben Pilot Knob
Kinney, Jerome B  R  [Republican] and Judge Union
Kirchner, Adolph Pilot Knob
Kirkland, Pickney G [Greenbacker?]& R  [Republican?] Dent
Kitchel, Calvin  Pilot Knob
Kitchel, Sylvester Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Kline, Ananias M  R  [Republican]  Iron
Knapp, Frank Listed as " Krapp"  Pilot Knob
Kness, Abraham H R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Kness, James F R  [Republican] and Judge Iron
Kness, John R  [Republican] Iron
Kocher, Gottlieb Iron
Koehler, Charles  Pilot Knob
Koeth, Anthony Ironton
Kohlhage, Frederick Pilot Knob
Kolb, Henry Pilot Knob
Kuehn, Konrad Pilot Knob
Laguitte, Peter H Pilot Knob
Landsbach, George Pilot Knob
Lane, Abraham  Iron
Lane, John R Iron
Lant, John Pilot Knob
Lashley, Cadmus C Ironton
Lashley, Henry C Rebel Sympathizer  Liberty
Latham, Robert Rebel Sympathizer  Dent
Lee, Archalans Ironton
Legg, Gottlieb Iron
Leggett, Joseph  Ironton
Leser, Jacob Pilot Knob
Lindsay, James R  [Republican] Ironton
Lindsay, Robert S R  [Republican] Ironton
Linince, Ferdinand Jinince on list Pilot Knob
Linnzbenz, Louis  Name struck from list without commen Iron
Litrell, Joseph Pilot Knob
Logan, James M R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Logan, John F R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Logan, John V R  [Republican] Ironton
Logan, Robert B Iron
Lopez, Simon Ironton
Lotts, Jacob R  [Republican] Ironton
Lotts,  Augustus R  [Republican] Ironton
Lovelace, Permanas M Rebel Sympathizer Union
Lowery, David Hard [probably means money]  Pilot Knob
Loyd, Andrew J  Union
Luthy, John S R  [Republican] Ironton
Lymbrad, Joseph H. Pilot Knob
Mabee (McBee?), William R  [Republican] Ironton
Maberry, Samuel Ironton
Mace, Morgan R  [Republican] Ironton
Macklind, Thomas H Ironton
Mahrer, Lorenz  Pilot Knob
Marbery (Newbury?), Edward  Iron
Marble, Milan P R  [Republican] Ironton
Markham, Jesse R  [Republican] Ironton
Marsh, John Rebel Sympathizer Dent
Marshall, John R Iron
Mason, Charles S Ironton
Mason, Foster J R  [Republican] Dent
Mason, Joshua R  [Republican] Dent
Massie, Anderson R  [Republican] Ironton
Massie,  Henderson R  [Republican] Ironton
Matthews, Everest H S - - - -  Rebe Iron
Maxwell, Thomas W G [struck out]--R  [Republican] [Deserter?] Dent
May, Edwin R [Republican] and Judge Liberty
Mayes, Joseph C Aid & abetted guerrilla weapons Iron
Mayes, William Iron
Mayes, William R Sympathizer/aid and abetted Iron
Mayes (Mayer?), Jacob Iron
Mayfield, Isaac Iron
McAllister, John  Pilot Knob
McCormick, James R Ironton
McCue, Barney  R  [Republican] Union
McCue, James Union
McDade, John R  [Republican] Liberty
McDufferty, Hugh S Ironton
McKeithen,  David Iron
McLain, Levi Pilot Knob
McMurtry, William H R  [Republican] Dent
McNaish, James F Rebel Sympathizer Pilot Knob
McScott, Logan R  [Republican]  Ironton
McStephens (McStevens), Henry Union
McSween, Daniel R  [Republican]  Dent
McWilliams, Andrew J Sympathizer -- Harboring Rebels Ironton
Michael, Jacob Ironton
Middleton, William R Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Midgett, Jefferson L R  [Republican]  Dent
Milburn, Johnathan Liberty
Miller, George H W Secretary of meeting at Polks Spring Liberty
Miller, John A Ironton
Miller, John L W Judge Liberty
Miller, John W Liberty
Miller, Mose C R  [Republican] Iron
Miller,  Adolin H Judge Pilot Knob
Millert, Frederic Pilot Knob
Minden, George E R  [Republican] Ironton
Miner, Timothy L R  [Republican] Ironton
Minor, Morton Iron
Moon, James  R  [Republican] Ironton
Moore, Charles C R  [Republican] Ironton
Moore, John M Pilot Knob
Moore, Leroy  Pilot Knob
Moore, Robert L Iron
Moore, Samuel  Pilot Knob
Morgan, Charles Pilot Knob
Moser, J Lewis R  [Republican] Ironton
Moser, James W R  [Republican] Ironton
Moses, George A R  [Republican] Ironton
Muffley, Joseph E R  [Republican] Ironton
Mund, Elias  Pilot Knob
Murray, John  Union
Muse, Robert  Pilot Knob
Newman, Moses  Pilot Knob
Newman, William H R  [Republican] Ironton
Nichols, Isaac Union
Norris, Effard Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Nossett, William R  [Republican] Ironton
O'Bannon, G. Washington Rebel Sympathizer Union
O'Brien, Daniel R  [Republican] Iron
O'Donnel, Daniel  Pilot Knob
O'Donnell, Constantine Iron
Ogoa[?], John  Pilot Knob
Osterly, Christian R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Osterly, Fredrick Pilot Knob
Overfurth, Henry  Pilot Knob
Palmer, Andre J Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Palmer, William C Ironton
Palmerton, John S R  [Republican] Ironton
Parker, James R  [Republican] Union
Parker, John M Iron
Parmer, (Palmer?) Thomas J Ironton
Patton, Montgomery Ironton
Paul, Joseph Pilot Knob
Peace, Andrew Jr Harboring Rebels Ironton
Peace, George Harboring Rebels Ironton
Pearson, James  Ironton
Pease, John  (Seymour) Iron
Peck, Carroll R R  [Republican] Ironton
Peck, Frank  R  [Republican] Ironton
Peetz, Henry  Pilot Knob
Perry, Jesse M R  [Republican] Dent
Pfortner, [sic] Christian Pilot Knob
Philips, Basil R  [Republican] Ironton
Philips, John R  [Republican] Ironton
Philips, Joseph  R  [Republican] Ironton
Philips, William G R  [Republican] Ironton
Pinder, John C R  [Republican] Ironton
Powell, James M Liberty
Price, Joseph  Pilot Knob
Proffit, Alfred  Iron
Prough, David  R  [Republican] Iron
Prough, Emanuel Pilot Knob
Prough, Peter  R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Quisenberry, William Rebel Sympathizer Dent
Radach or Radock, Frederick R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Ragan, Benjamin Pilot Knob
Ragan, Daniel E Ironton
Ragan, John H Iron
Rainer, Theodore Pilot Knob
Raney, Ira M R [Republican] and Judge Union
Rasche, Henry Pilot Knob
Rasmsey, Sanders T Aid & harbored rebels Iron
Readinger, Blaseus Pilot Knob
Reed, Samuel B Liberty
Reel, Charles W R  [Republican] ronton
Reel, John M R  [Republican] Ironton
Reel, Sr. William A R  [Republican] Ironton
Reeves, William Pilot Knob
Reiner, Rudolph Pilot Knob
Rice, Samuel T Sympathizer went South Iron
Richardson, Thomas Iron
Richter, Heinrich Iron
Riddel, John H Rebel Sympathizer Union
Riley, Thomas Rejoiced at the death of Lincoln Pilot Knob
Robbs, Edward W Liberty
Robbs, John T Ironton
Robbs, William Liberty
Roberts, Charles M Union
Roberts, Havins J R  [Republican] Ironton
Roe, James G Ironton
Rohm, Gustav Pilot Knob
Rollins, Hamilton H Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Romft, John Pilot Knob
Roselin, Richard G Liberty
Roser, Jacob R  [Republican] Ironton
Ruble, Joseph Union
Ruble, Massa Rebel Sympathizer Union
Ruble, Peter  Union
Rucker, James R Iron
Rudolph, Rudolph Name struck from list without comment Pilot Knob
Ruhl, John R  [Republican] Iron
Rumbury, William S R  [Republican] Ironton
Russell, Benjamin F R [Republican] and Judge  Union
Russell, Charles W R  [Republican] Ironton
Russell, Christopher C R  [Republican] Union
Russell, Cyrus T R  [Republican] Ironton
Russell, Daniel L R  [Republican] Union
Russell, Giles Ironton
Russell, Henry P R  [Republican] Ironton
Russell, Jefferson C Bushwhacker  Pilot Knob
Russell, John A Iron
Russell, Theodore P R  [Republican] Ironton
Russell, William R  [Republican] Ironton
Rutschman, Bernard Pilot Knob
Sackett Alson C R  [Republican]  Ironton
Salbury, Edwin J R  [Republican] Ironton
Satefield, James R  [Republican] Dent
Savage, William R  [Republican] Ironton
Sayman, John D Ironton
Schafer, John  Pilot Knob
Schmidt, William  Iron
Schmidtz, Ferdinand  Pilot Knob
Schmidtz, John  Pilot Knob
Schoeller, John S name spelled with umlaut, so 'e' added Ironton
Schutlz, Louis R  [Republican] Ironton
Schwab, John Pilot Knob
Schwab, John Pilot Knob
Schwarner, Fredrick Pilot Knob
Schwider, William Pilot Knob
Seeley, Warren A Iron
Seely, Walter  Iron
Seibert, Louis C Pilot Knob
Seiling, Christ Pilot Knob
Selinger, John Liberty
Shaht, John G Pilot Knob
Shelton, Dabney J Aid & abetted Iron
Shelton, Daniel Iron
Shelton, Joseph Rebel Sympathizer Union
Shepherd, Bilbe Ironton
Shuler, Jerome Deserted from 31st Missouri Liberty
Shuler, Simeon Liberty
Shy, Alfred H  Rebel Sympathize Iron
Simmerman, Henry L Pilot Knob
Sintz, Jacob  Pilot Knob
Sitz, Michael R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Sitz, Thomas R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Sizemore, Callaway Rebel Sympathize Iron
Sizemore, William R Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Sloan, James L Rebel Sympathizer Dent
Sloan, William N R [Republican] and Judge Iron
Smith, Abram H R  [Republican] Ironton
Smith, Charles A R  [Republican] Ironton
Smith, Drury Ironton
Smith, John R  [Republican] Ironton
Smith, Joseph E R  [Republican] Ironton
Smith, Samuel J Iron
Smith, William Deserted from 29th MO Ironton
Snyder, James F Iron
Snyder, Thomas H Liberty
Spitzmiller, George Ironton
Spitzmiller, Michael R  [Republican]  Ironton
Spitzmiller, Michael Jr R  [Republican] Ironton
Stephens, John D Rebel Sympathizer Pilot Knob
Stephens, Joseph L Rebel  Iron
Stevens, John  Pilot Knob
Stevensen, Henry C R  [Republican]  Ironton
Stevenson, Henry S Ironton
Stevenson, Robert R  [Republican]  Ironton
Steward, Samuel J Pilot Knob
Stout,  William Iron
Strictland, Joseph H R  [Republican]  Dent
Strierson, Joseph A Name struck from list without comment Ironton
Stumbaugh, James R  [Republican]  Ironton
Sutton, Cornelius Liberty
Sutton, John  Ironton
Sutton, John  Liberty
Sutton, Leonard  Ironton
Sutton, William Ironton
Sutton,  Daniel  Liberty
Swaringin, William  Ironton
Swartz, Bernard  Ironton
Sweeney, Harrison Went South Iron
Sweeney, Henry  Iron
Swina, William Left to escape the draft Iron
Talbot, Harris Iron
Talley, Joseph H  Ironton
Tappe, Frederick Pilot Knob
Terrill, William  Iron
Thomas, Augustus S. Sympathizer/In Rebel Army Pilot Knob
Thomas, James  Iron
Thomas, Moses Rebel aid & abetter Pilot Knob
Thomas, Reuben  Rebel  Pilot Knob
Thomas,  John Ironton
Thomason, Marcus D L Ironton
Thompson, James Rebel Sympathizer Iron
Tilley, Benjamin F Pilot Knob
Titwiler, Michael B Rebel Sympathizer Ironton
Tong, William Ironton
Trollinger, Absolen Bushwhacker  Dent
Trowe, Richard F Rebel Sympathizer Ironton
Tubs, Gladden Pilot Knob
Tulloch, John A.  Liberty
Tullock, Samuel Sympathizer and Helley's Rebel Cav. Liberty
Twony (Taney?), Patrick  Ironton
Vaele, James H Ironton
Vaile [Valle?], Nathan C.
Vaughn, Albert  Ironton
Vaughn, Jeremiah R  [Republican] Union
Vesterling, Henry Pilot Knob
Vickrey, Marmaduke R  [Republican] Ironton
Vineyard, James B G [struck out]--R  [Republican] Dent
Von Rader, Charles  Pilot Knob
Wall, Charles L R  [Republican] Ironton
Wallace, George W R  [Republican] Ironton
Weaver, Joseph Ironton
Webb, Thomas  Iron
Weber, Christian  Pilot Knob
Weger, Robert Rebel Army  Dent
Weise, Hermon C R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Weise,Moritz  Ironton
Weiss, David  Pilot Knob
Welborn, Chapley  Ironton
White, William  R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Whited, Samuel  R  [Republican] Ironton
Whitworth, Isaac G Ironton
Whitworth, John W  Ironton
Wiess, Michael  Iron
Wilhite, James  R  [Republican] Dent
Wilkinson, James H R  [Republican] Ironton
Willabrand, John M Liberty
Willett, Francis M Pilot Knob
Williams, John R  [Republican] Pilot Knob
Williams, William G Iron
Willis, George  R  [Republican]  Ironton
Wilson, David A R  [Republican]  Ironton
Winfield, William H  Ironton
Winn, Moses T.  Harbored bushwhackers Union
Wiseman, John B Iron
Wonderly, William H Ironton
Woods, Jacob R  [Republican]  Ironton
Woods, John  R  [Republican]  Iron
Yancey, Virginias R X [?] Ironton
Yoder, Lathcat M Democrat Dent
Young, David  R  [Republican]  Ironton
Young, Francis M  Liberty
Young, George H  Rebel Army--In Price's Raid  Liberty
Young, John  R  [Republican]  Ironton