Historical Places to Visit in Iron County
Historical Places to Visit in Iron County

The pictures and discriptions below are of some of the historical places and sites that can be visited in Iron County. We will continue to add places as we get the information.

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Pilot Knob

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Pilot Knob's Battlefield Hospital
National Historical Register 1979
North Ziegler, Pilot Knob, MO 63663

140 years of History

August Gockel

August Gockel was a German who briefly lived in St. Louis before coming to Pilot Knob, in 1858, where he was a carpenter and a cabinetmaker for the Pilot Knob Mining Co. Upset that there was no local Lutheran Church, he asked his former pastor, Rev. J.G. Buenger for help. After the reverendís arrival, the congregation rapidly grew, in part because both Lutherans and Catholics attended the services, since there was no full-time priest ministering to the area until 1870. Since the reverend was only serving the congregation part time, he called on his brother-in-law, Rev. Carl F. Walther, who had been the first president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, to help and both preached periodically through 1863.

In 1861, the Lutherans drew up a constitution and named their church the German Lutheran Evangelical Church of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession. Gockel presented plans for a church building and the mining company donated the land. Although he also helped build the exterior of the church, Gockel's purest inspiration can be seen in his design of the pulpit and alter. Once the church was completed, it wasn't long before the little congregation needed a full-time pastor. Carl Graeber, a graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, accepted the call in 1864.

As the Civil War broke out, a group of German immigrants began building their new church. Little did they know that within 3 years, wounded soldiers would lay dying in their place of worship. Doctor Seymour Carpenter, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Union army, established several makeshift hospitals in the town of Pilot Knob in preparation of the day of battle. On September 27, 1864, despite the good Doctor's efforts, there were more wounded soldiers than his staff could handle or his hospitals house. Since that day, the church has barely changed and remains a beautiful example of a small town 1860s church right down to having the original pastoral robes. Tours are available and a real must see if visiting Pilot Knob. (See also Lutherans On-Line for more photos of this church.)


The Parlor

The Parlor is a beautiful turn of the century home. The Parlor was built in 1908 by Charles J. Tual, a noted architect. He designed and built the house as a present for his bride.

In 1960, the home was purchased by a Mr. Howell who operated a funeral parlor there for a short time. The funeral of the current owner's great-grandfather; W. L. Cofer, was held at the home.

In 2000, the house was purchased by Dana Campbell and Jeannette Schrum, Moody Campbell, and Robert Halket. They extensively renovated the property, with all the interior woodwork being restored to its original state, and opened The Parlor as a Bed & Breakfast.

To see the home as it is now, please visit their website at TheParlorBandB.com