Historical Photographs and Post Cards of Iron County, Missouri -- INDEX

Historical Photographs and Postcards of
Iron County, Missouri


On this site you will find many old historical photographs taken of citizens and local spots of interest. We will be adding more as time permits so please check back.

Photos/Postcards Page 1

15 July 1894 Confirmation - Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, Pilot Knob, Missouri
1919 Iron Ore Mine, Pilot Knob, Missouri
1925-1926 8th Grade Graduating Class - Pilot Knob, Missouri
The Pilot Knob Furnace
Pilot Knob, Missouri as it looked in 1876

Photos/Postcards Page 2

Angel Rock Shut Ins
Arcadia Valley
Arcadia Valley (different view)
Bungalows - Ironton, Missouri circa 1918-1930
Home of the Aged Baptists (Rear View)

Photos/Postcards Page 3

Cedar Mountain overlooking Pilot Knob, Missouri
Devil's Toll Gate
Goldings Cave
Birdseye view of Pilot Knob, Missouri
Mueller's Arcadia Lodge

Photos/Postcards Page 4

Driveway, Arcadia, Missouri circa 1910
Fishing at the Shut Ins
Graniteville, Missouri
A train on Horseshoe Bend, Arcadia, Missouri
Ozark Inn, Arcadia Heights, Ironton, Missouri

Photos/Postcards Page 5

Early Arcadia Valley Bank
Lake Killarney, Arcadia, Missouri
Methodist Encampment in Arcadia, Missouri
Burial site of Civil War Soldiers at Pilot Knob, Missouri

Photos/Postcards Page 6

Historical Saloon in Pilot Knob, Missouri (outside view)
Historical Saloon in Pilot Knob, Missouri (inside view)
Historical Saloon in Pilot Knob, Missouri as it looks today
Main Street in Pilot Knob, Missouri - early 1900's.
Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church of Pilot Knob, Missouri

Photos/Postcards Page 7

Rainbow Falls at Lake Killarney, Arcadia, Missouri
The gorge on the highway south of Arcadia Valley.
Pilot Knob from Cedar Mountain, Arcadia Valley
View of Pilot Knob, Missouri from Cedar Mountain
Early view of the Silver Mines Camp Ground

Photos/Postcards Page 8

Grape Vine near Arcadia, Missouri
Back of Souvenir Post Card
Train coming thru Horseshoe Bend
Train Depot at Pilot Knob, Missouri, 1885
Rainbow Falls on Lake Kilarney, Ironton, MO

Photos/Postcards Page 9

Main Street, Ironton, Missouri
Main Street, Ironton, Missouri (different view)
Lone Pine Hotel, Ironton, Missouri
Lone Pine Hotel, Ironton, Missouri (different view)
Arcadia, Missouri

Photos/Postcards Page 10

Arcadia Drive, Arcadia Heights, Ironton, Missouri
Bathing Beach at Mueller's Arcadia Lodge
Elephant Rocks: View near Mueller's Arcadia Lodge
Elephant Rock State Park near Ironton, Missouri
Ulysses S. Grant Statue, Ironton, Missouri

Photos/Postcards Page 11

St. Pauls Church, Ironton, Missouri
Home of the Aged Baptists
Baptist Home for the Aged
Knob Lake
Arcadia Drive

Photos/Postcards Page 12

A view of the Arcadia Valley. Taken in 1910.
Arcadia Mountain Resort
Devil's Tollgate
Arcadia Drive
Ironton, MO Street Scene

Photos/Postcards Page 13

Main Street, Ironton, MO
Taum Sauk Power Plant
Taum Sauk Mountain
Arcadia Valley - Sunset Rock
Arcadia Valley Hospital

Photos/Postcards Page 14

Arcadia College Chapel, Arcadia, MO
Pilot Knob Cemetery
Main Street, Ironton, MO
Homes in Ironton, MO
Pilot Knob Mountain from Connellys

Photos/Postcards Page 15

Pilot Knob, MO Postcard
Arcadia Valley
Pilot Knob Lake
-- More to Come --