Iron County Genealogy Society Newsletter
Our first Newsletter published July 2000

Iron County Genealogy Society
Formed July 20, 2000

Membership dues to the Iron County Genealogy Society is $15.00 annually.   Membership includes a news-letter for each month of the year and membership card.   You will also receive a pedigree chart to fill out and return to the society.  Member pedigree charts will be published.

Meetings of the Iron County Genealogy Society will be held on the first Tuesday  of each month at 7 P. M., at the Ozark Regional Library, Ironton, Mo. You are invited to attend meetings to see how we work.  

Issue One, Volume 1

July 2000


The newsletter is published monthly. You may have queries, stories, your family forms etc. anything pertaining to genealogy, published, this is your newsletter so use it and enjoy it. Send articles for publishing to:   Sharon Hackworth, 506 Cedar Street, Leadwood, Mo. 63653, or email to,  We welcome all your articles, queries etc. and will print them as room permits. The newsletter can also be viewed, thanks to Margie Campbell, on the Internet at the following address:  Margie has been kind enough to set up an Iron County Genealogy Chat room.  To access this room you will have to log onto, choose chat, United States, and Iron County Genealogy.

July 20, 2000

The first meeting of the Iron County Genealogy Society took place on this date.  It was voted to name the Society  “Iron County Genealogy Society” , by-laws were voted on and officers elected.   There was also discussion of contents for the newsletter, future projects for the members to work on.   There were no decisions as to just what the up coming projects will be at this point.


President - Jeanette McClure
Vice-president - Wilma Cofer
Secretary - Carol Jones
Treasurer - Lorene Robbs
Historian - Rebecca Taylor
Publications - Sharon Hackworth

At the meeting at 7:00 p. m. on the 1st of August in the Ozark Regional Library, we will choose a date and time to start having our board meetings. We need to do this about a week before the regular meetings. So please, all officers try to be there.

Dues are $15.00 per year. Membership includes the newsletter for each month of the year and a membership card. Members can also purchase Society Books at pre-publication prices. You are invited to come to a meeting and receive a complimentary newsletter and see how we work, and you may decide if you would like to join us. Please Email or call 573)-783-5739, Jeanette Henson McClure, if you have questions.

 (Great-Great-Grandmother to Carol Jones)
In Loving Remembrance of  Mrs. A. J. McWilliams  died Oct. 3, 1922  age 97 years

           Gone but not forgotten
           A precious one from us has gone
           A voice we loved is stilled
           A place is vacant in our home
           Which never can be filled.
           God in His wisdom has recalled
           the boon His love has given
           And though the body slumbers here
           The soul is safe in Heaven.

Jesse Samuel Thompson of the County of Iron and Flavia M. McWilliams the County of Madison were by me united in Matrimony according to the ordinance of God and the laws of Missouri at 10 o'clock on the fifteenth day of July in the year of our Lord 1891. G.W. Hull Ironton, Mo. Witnesses: Melissa McWilliams  N.B. McWilliams  Mariah J. Jones  (Melissa McWilliams is mother of the bride. N.B. and Mariah is siblings of the bride.)

If you see a reference to a person born in Virginia between 1728 and 1863, it may mean a variety of locations:

· Any part of Illinois from 1781 to Statehood in 1818; or
· Any part of Indiana from 1781 to Statehood in 1818; or
· Any part of Kentucky from 1775 to Statehood in 1792; or
· Any part of Maryland from 1775 to Statehood in 1792; or
· Any part of North Carolina from 1728 to 1779; or
· Any part of Ohio from 1778 to Statehood in 1803; or
· Any part of Pennsylvania from 1752 to 1786; or
· Any part of Tennessee from 1760 to 1803; or
· All of West Virginia from 1769 to 1863.

List of letters In Ironton Post office Thursday, 25 July 1867

Miss M. Ashbrooks  Mrs. Jane Erwin  Dru Smith
Wiley Ayers   B. C. Eddy   Jacob Sharrock
Mrs. M. S. Bone  Mary A. Edginton  Mrs. Nancy Skinner
Edward Bray   Thomas Ginder   Franklin Tilley
Noah Blankenship  Hariett Gillam   Franklin Tong
William C. Byrd  John B. Pratt   Elizabeth Turner
Dohn Dunn   F. J. Roberts   William H. Hultz
John Davidson   Mrs. Mary Reeves  Elias Hartsock
Miss Emma Downs  W. H. Shannon   A. V. Lashley
Thomas Elliott   Cordelia A. Smith  J. Grandhomme, Post Master

Tong-Historical sketches of the Baptists of Southeast Mo. - 1888

“James Wilburn, a deacon in Pendleton Church, emigrated to Missouri in an early day from S. C., where he had been a leading member in the Baptist Church to which he belonged.  He too, has long since gone to rest, leaving behind a large posterity, many of whom are members of Pendleton Church.  Pendleton Church was constituted in 1825. In a settlement 6 miles west of where Farmington now Stands.  This settlement was made up chiefly of emigrants from Pendleton Dist., S. C.   Among those who came from this district we find the names of Watkins, Wilburn, Halbert and others.  W. Polk became minister, they had connections in Lawrence Co., Ark in 1827.


1798  William Reed, his family and his brother Joseph Reed moved into the Belleview Valley to lands granted them by Delassus de Luziere Commandant of New Bourbon.


1800 John W. Miller settled on Marble Creek, south of Arcadia, Missouri.  He was elected to the first Iron County Court in 1857.

1800 Des Arc was settled by David Shaver, Andrew Wallace, Major McFadden and others.  First  called Shaverville.

1804 Miles Goforth taught first school in Belleview Valley.  Goodspeeds History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasconade Counties, Missouri 1888, p. 623.

1805 Ephriam Stout, a Tennessee hunter built a log house on the banks of the stream that still bears his name.  His house was located near the old railway station in Arcadia (near the present railroad crossing).

1810 Milton Bell and family settled in the Cedar Grove community west of Belleview, Missouri.  Bell  Mountain was named for the Bell family.

1810 William Buford and family settled in the Belleview Valley.  Buford Mountain was named for  him.

1815 Tong-Ashebran Furnace built in the “Shut-Inns” east of Arcadia.  Iron ore came from Shepherd Mountain and near the furnace.  It was the first site west of the Mississippi River to mine and smelt the ores of iron.

1816 The Baptist Church in Belleview was organized.

1820 William Thomas house, now the S. P. Hitchings residence built in the Belleview Valley.

1825 The Smyrna Methodist Church was organized.  It was located south of the town of Belleview (crossroads).  The building was torn down and moved to the town of Belleview in 1893.  In 1951 this building was replaced with the present building.

1826 Alexander Russell house built in the Belleview Valley.

1828 Fort Hill Methodist Church of Arcadia, Missouri was founded by Rev. Jerome C. Berryman.

1828 The Rev. Jerome C. Berryman, one of the pioneer preachers west of the Mississippi River, preached his first sermon in an old log building in Arcadia, Missouri.  He founded the Arcadia High School in Arcadia in 1847.

1829 House of the Rev, Jerome C. Berryman was built in Arcadia.

1832 The David Adams family came to Iron County by way of Ste. Genevieve and settled in the
Goodland Community in the west part of Iron County.

1833 (October 15, 1833) William Buford, Washington County, Missouri purchased forty acres of and, in what is now Iron County, from the United States.  The Federal Land Office was at Jackson, Missouri.  His Certificate Number 1251 was signed by President Andrew Jackson.

1835 (December 30, 1835) Warren Johnson, lifelong and well known resident of Iron County resides on a farm near Middlebrook.  He holds the distinction of having a farm homesteaded under four presidents:  Andrew Jackson, December 30, 1835; Martin Van Buren, March 15, 1837; Franklin Pierce, June 16, 1856; and James Buchanan, September 10, 1859.  Mr. Johnson’s house is situated where all four parcels of land meet.

1838 Col. Cyrus Russell brought his family from Connecticut and settled in the Arcadia Valley.

1838 Col. Cyrus Russell built a log house in Russellville east of Ironton.

1838 Augustus Pease and J. Livingston Van Doren came into the Arcadia Valley in the interests of the Missouri Iron Company was was organized in 1836 to develop Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob.

1839- John R. Adams, M.D., Goodland, Missouri.  At the time of his death,  according to the 1932 American Medical Association, he was the oldest practicing physician in the United States.  His grandson, Frank M. Adams and his wife now live on their farm west of Ironton, Missouri.

1839 Post office established and called Arcadia Valley.  It was the first post office in the territory now included in Iron County.

1840 The school at Belleview and the Red School on Marble Creek south of Arcadia established as Subscription Schools.  Both later became rural public school districts.

1841 Col. Cyrus Russell hired brick makers Rufe Baird and Dunk Arnett from Fredericktown to construct 2 brick houses.  One was the Russell home (now owned by Mrs. Maudra Baldwin); the other was used as a church and school and is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert West.

1841 First Congregational Church, Ironton, Missouri was organized.  Became affiliated with Potosi Presbyterian Church, Ironton, Missouri.

1846 Arcadia Seminary (later Arcadia High School and Arcadia College) classes held in church/school building in Russellville, east of Ironton, while buildings were being erected in Arcadia.

1847 Arcadia Seminary (later Arcadia High School and Arcadia College) started in Arcadia by Rev. James C. Berryman.

1847 Two Smelting furnaces, each of 16 to 20 tons capacity, were erected at the north base of Pilot Knob by the Pilot Knob Iron Company.

1848 Elihu Shepard came to Iron County from St. Louis.  He purchased 5,000 acres of land in Kaolin township in the western part of Iron County and there developed a pottery. He was forced to abandon the premises during the Civil War until 1866.  In recent years this has been known as the John Swift farm.

1848  Active mining started in Pilot Knob Mountain.  First Pilot Knob Furnace was built.

1849 Mt. Pleasant United Baptist Church, Goodland, Missouri organized by Elder William Polk.

1849 (August, 1849)  Arcadia, Missouri laid off by Josias and Jerome C. Berryman.  Plat recorded November 27, 1872.


1851 (February 17, 1851) The Missouri Legislature approved an Act declaring a road from Iron Mountain, Missouri to Greenville, Missouri a state road.  The road was by way of Iron Mountain, Pilot Knob, Arcadia, Sinclair’s  Mills and Greenville.  The responsibility of the County Court was to keep the road open and in repair.  This was the first improved public road in Iron County, Missouri.

1853 The most famous of the wooden roads, and the longest in the United States, was the Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain, by way of Farmington.  Heavy loads of Iron Ore and farm products creaked over it and through it five toll gates.  The road was completed in 1853.  It was used until 1857 when the Iron Mountain railroad was built in Pilot Knob.

1854  Glover Baptist Church organized.

1856 (August 24, 1856) Middlebrook, Missouri plat filed in St. Francois County.

1856 Pleasant Grove United Baptist Church, between East End and Viburnum was founded by Elder William Polk.

1857 (February 17, 1857) Act passed by Missouri General Assembly creating Iron County as 109th County of Missouri signed by Governor Trusten Polk.

1857 (First Monday, June, 1857) First county election held resulting in election of J. V. Logan, John W. Miller and Moses Edmunds, Justices of Courts; and John Cole, Sheriff.

1857 (August 4, 1857) First meeting of County Court held in Arcadia.

1857  (September 7, 1857) Ironton selected as the County seat by County election.

1857 Liberty United Baptist Church Arcadia (on Marble Creek) founded by Elder William Polk.

1857 Area of Iron County was surveyed by Allen W. Holloman, County Surveyor appointed by the  Iron County Court.

1858 (January 6, 1858) County Court made an order to build a court house.

1858 St. Louis - Iron Mountain Railroad built to Pilot Knob and remained the terminal until 1871.  The  first train arrived at Pilot Knob May 11, 1858.

1858 (April, 1858) Contract awarded to George S. Evans and William F. Mitchell to build the Courthouse for $14, 000.00.  Henry H. Wright was the architect whose Courthouse plan was accepted.  The architect fee was $25.00.  J. V. Logan, Presiding Judge of the County was Superintendent of the building.

1858 (July 4, 1858) Laying of cornerstone of Iron County Courthouse, Ironton, Missouri.

1858 Iron County Courthouse built and occupied in October, 1860.  Now on the National Register of Historical Places.

1858 First Baptist Church, Ironton organized.  The church was located at the corner of North
Mountain and West Reynolds Streets.

1858 Mt. Zion (Negro) Methodist Church, Ironton organized.

1858 Ironton Furnace a free soil newspaper published at Ironton by James A. Lindsey.

1858 The First Circuit Court was held in Iron County in My, 1858 with Judge John H. Stone presiding.  It was he who authorized at that session the design and use of a Circuit Court Seal.

On a circular border are the words “Seal of Circuit Court of Iron County, Missouri”, with the impression of a furnace in the center.

1858 Emancipation papers granted to Ike Bolton “a man of color” and to Nancy “a woman of color” (1859 and set “forever free”.  At that time there were 240 slaves with in the County.  The number of slaves in the County increased to 313 by 1860.

1859 Ironton, Missouri incorporated.  It was the first town in Iron County to be in corporated.

1859 Gottlieb and Wilelmina Funk and their five children left Thorn, Germany in east Prussia, now a part of Poland, to live in the United States.  The trip to New Orleans by sailboat took 40 days.  They traveled to St. Louis by steamboat and from there to Pilot Knob by train.  Gottlieb Funk helped defend Fort Davidson during the Battle of Pilot Knob, September 26, 1864.  Gottlieb Funk settled on a farm on Funk Branch in 1868 near Annapolis.  The farm is now owned by Ernest M. Funk, a grandson.

1860 Marble was found on Marble Creek, twelve miles south of Ironton.  Some of it was quarried and sawed in blocks for market.

1860  Marble was quarried two or three miles west of Ironton and used in some portion of the Capitol building in Washington, D. C.

1860 A one room log school house in Annapolis community near Tauk Spring.  This was a subscription  school.  It was said the teacher received  $1.00 per month for each pupil enrolled.

1861 General Ulysses S. Grant came to Ironton succeeding in command B. Gratz Brown.  General Grant and his staff occupied quarters on the site of the present Villa Ste. Marie du Lac.  It was while he was here that General Grant received the papers designating him Brigadier General.

1861  The United States Land Office was moved to Jackson, Missouri to Ironton by order of the Department in Washington, D. C., James Lindsey, Register and C. R. Peck, Receiver.

1861 The Fort Davidson earthenwork fort built under the direction of B. Gratz Brown who would later become Govenor of Missouri.  Now on National Register of Historical Places.

1862-63 Fort Hovey built by the United States Army on the hill between Ironton and Arcadia.  It was named after Co. Hovey of the 33rd Illinois Infantry, then stationed here.  This was later the location of the Fort Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

1864 Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pilot Knob established.  Now on National Register of Historical Places.

1864 The Battle of Pilot Knob at Fort Davidson was fought.

1864 Courthouse twice in possession of Union forces and twice in the possession of Confederate forces during the Battle of Pilot Knob.

1865 (December, 1865) County Court made an order to build a County Jail and sheriff’s house.


We would like to thank the Ozark Regional Library for their help and support.  They are allowing us to use the meeting room for our meetings and have been a great deal of help.  Cal Dothage has offered to stay late to open up for our meetings.    Without the kindness of the library and Cal we would not have a place for our meetings.  Be sure and let them know the next time you are in there how much we appreciate them.

This is a list some of the holdings of the Ozark Regional Library:

* PAST AND PRESENT - A history of Iron County Missouri 1857 - 1994 Vol. I -By The Iron Co. Historical Society - 1995
* IRON COUNTY FEDERAL CENSUS - In book form 1860 - 1870 - 1876 - 1880 - 1900
* IRON COUNTY FEDERAL CENSUS - on microfilm 1910 & 1920
* IRON COUNTY MO. MARRIAGES -  Book I (1857 - 1873), Book II (1871 - 1881), Book III (July 1881 - MAY 1889), Book IV (May 1889 - JUN 1899), Book V (March 1899 - NOV 1906).
* THE HISTROY AND GENEALOGY OF OTTER CREEK - Iron and Reynolds Co. Mo, By James E.Bell
* A SUMMER IN ARCADIA VALLEY - The Iron County Register - June 26, 1890
* IRON COUNTY MEMORIES -  Listing of the Iron Co Cemeteries, names and dates. By Jeanette Henson McClure
* IRON COUNTY MARRIAGES BOOK A 1857-1873 - By James E. Bell - 1996
* ANNAPOLIS CENTANNIAL 1871 - 1971 - By the Centennial Committee - 1971
* READIN' 'RITIN AND 'RITHMETIC - History of the schools in Iron Co., MO
* IRON COUNTY MISSOURI YEAR BY YEAR - By Clarence R. Keathley - 1984
* WHITE FUNERAL HOME REGISTER - Caledonia, MO. SEP 8, 1907 to OCT 1924
* PILOT KNOB - THE HERMOPYLAE OF THE WEST - By Cyrus A. Peterson ~ Joseph Mills Hanson -
* ARCADIA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL YEAR BOOKS - 1983, 1986, 1987, 1989
* ROSTER OF SCHOOL MATES ARCADIA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL 1898-1963 - By Arcadia Valley Alumni Association
* 1957 CENTENNIAL OF IRONTON, MISSOURI, 30 MAY - 2 JUN - By Centennial Committee
* THE CATHOLIC CEMETERY -Old Middlebrook Rd. Iron Co. MO - By J. T. Miles - 1937
* JOHN ALBERT UNDERTAKING BUSINESS 1878-1921 - By Betty Russell for Iron County Historical Society
* AN HISTORIC AND ARCHITECTURAL RESOURCES SURVEY OF IRON COUNTY MISSOURI VOL 15 - By Historic Preservation Program, Division of Park and Historic Preservation Dept of Natural Resources Center for Ozark Studies, Southwest Missouri State University - 1980
* BELLEVUE BEAUTFUL VIEW, BELLEVUE VALLEY, MO HISTORY 1763-1981 - By Bellevue Valley Historical Society.

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