Iron Mountain Locomotive

Iron Mountain Railroad's Locomotive

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Kathryn Thomas Kenai, Alaska


Otis Stevens is my grandfather; He is the man at the back of the photo, standing on the steps of what I believe is of the Iron Mountain Railroad's locomotive. I don't know who the other man in the picture is.  

Otis was born 30 Oct. 1888, possibly up by Czar or Dillard, his father's name may have been Riley; I don't know if Otis had siblings.  Otis lived in Graniteville where he died in December of 1952.  


He was married to Lucy Breitenstein  on June 1910. Lucy was born at Banner 11 Aug. 1892, she died in Jan 1973.  I have not been able to track any of Lucy's siblings; Jodie, John, Alfred, Annie, or Joshua Breitenstein.


Otis and Lucy had five sons, Woodrow, Walt, Bill, Lee, and Ernie; and one daughter Kate or Katherine.  All of the children are deceased.  Ernie was mentally handicapped, after being hit by a car at 5 yrs. in Graniteville, he lived with Lucy all of his life. 


The children had an "Uncle Bill" and an "Aunt Minnie" but I don't know if the connection was on Otis or Lucy's side of the family;  or if  they were a couple.

 Both Otis and Lucy are buried at Arcadia Cemetery. 


My earliest memory is of my dad, Bill, and my Uncle Lee holding me while they climbed up to slip me through a hospital window so my grandfather, Otis could hold me before he died.  We left the Midwest shortly after, in 1953, starting our trek to Alaska.