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Howard County Schools

Armstrong School, 1910

Mr. Lyndon Irwin recently donated a photograph of the Armstrong School, Room 1, 1910 to Howard County MOGenWeb. To view this photograph, click here.

The information for the list below came from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). If you are interested in seeing the location of one of these schools on a map, you can search their site for the school, then click on the name. The coordinates and elevation of the school will appear. Select the "GNIS in Google Map" link on the right hand of the screen. Other types of maps can be viewed by selecting the other mapping services available to the right of the screen. To go to that GNIS site, click here.

School Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Armstrong School 391600N 0924210W Armstrong
Arnett School (historical) 390557N 0923134W Hilldale
Ashland School (historical) 390617N 0924642W Franklin
Baldridge School 391055N 0923054W Burton
Bawker School (historical) 391900N 0924715W Forest Green
Blankenbaker School 390112N 0925138W Franklin
Bluffton School 385722N 0924047W Boonville
Boonsboro School (historical) 390430N 0925030W Franklin
Cedar Grove School 390140N 0924126W New Franklin
Central College 390856N 0924105W Fayette
Central Hill School 390325N 0923828W New Franklin
Cherry Grove School 390325N 0924120W New Franklin
Clarks Chapel School (historical) 390046N 0924720W Franklin
Coopers Chapel School 390324N 0925328W Arrow Rock
Cross Roads School (historical) 391105N 0925030W Glasgow
Deatherage School (historical) 390835N 0923800W Fayette
Dodson School (historical) 385930N 0923805W Boonville
Drake School (historical) 390200N 0923415W Hilldale
Dudgeon School 390624N 0923744W New Franklin
Fairview School (historical) 390227N 0924858W Franklin
Farmers Hill School (historical) 390530N 0924829W Franklin
Fayette School 390840N 0924107W Fayette
Glasgow School 391330N 0925040W Glasgow
Gold Dust School 391312N 0924308W Fayette
Gray School (historical) 390005N 0924118W New Franklin
Guthridge School 390855N 0924414W Fayette
Hail Ridge School 385622N 0924135W Boonville
Hocker School 391112N 0923423W Burton
Jackson School 390601N 0923430W Hilldale
Lebanon School (historical) 391140N 0924045W Fayette
Liberty School 391110N 0923741W Fayette
Linnridge School (historical) 390900N 0925330W Saline City
Lisbon School (historical) UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Arrow Rock
Locust Grove School 391359N 0923407W Burton
Mobley School 391340N 0923109W Burton
Mount Zion School 390608N 0924013W New Franklin
Myers High School 391231N 0923237W Burton
Naylor School (historical) 391345N 0922730W Harrisburg
New Franklin School 390105N 0924410W New Franklin
Okland School 390828N 0923444W Burton
Pemberton School 391614N 0923439W Higbee
Pleasant Green School (historical) 391110N 0924740W Glasgow
Possum School 391515N 0923127W Higbee
Rawlings School 390005N 0923539W Hilldale
Richland School (historical) 390901N 0925027W Glasgow
Roanoke School UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Armstrong
Rocksprings School (historical) 390852N 0924710W Glasgow
Rooker School (historical) 391657N 0924725W Forest Green
Rose Hill School (historical) 390648N 0925344W Arrow Rock
Saint Clair School (historical) 391118N 0922843W Harrisburg
Sharon School 391625N 0923805W Armstrong
Spanish Needles School 390616N 0924255W New Franklin
Steinmetz School (historical) 391415N 0924530W Glasgow
Sugar Grove School (historical) 391235N 0924550W Glasgow
Swetman School (historical) 391355N 0923735W Fayette
Tick Ridge School 391122N 0924445W Fayette
Turner School 390116N 0923809W New Franklin
Union School 390319N 0923256W Hilldale
Walnut Shade School 390315N 0923617W Hilldale
Washington School (historical) 391355N 0924055W Fayette
White Hall School 390337N 0924443W New Franklin
Woodland School 385638N 0923748W Boonville
Karen Levin also reports that there was once a school in Howard County named Wilson School where her ancestors once taught. Although Wilson School does not show up in the list of schools in the GNIS search, it does show up when doing a locale search. To see the location of Wilson School, go to the GNIS listing of Locales by clicking here.
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