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Mt. Pleasant Christian Church - NE Howard County, Missouri

Below is a transcription of the 85th Anniversary booklet contributed by Craig Asbury that lists some of it's history and the members in 1854, 1866 and 1939. Items in [ ] are Craig's additions.


Mt Pleasant Union Church - 85th Anniversary Celebration - 1854-1939
Sunday, Sept 17, 1939

Exact Copy of the Old Record ---

2 September, 1854

The Mount Pleasant Disciples of Christ was constituted in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, with the member’s names as follows:

First, John McCune, Evangelist;   Edward S. Davis, Elder;   Minter H. Bailey, Elder;   Thomas Ancell, Deacon;     Anderson Johnson, Deacon.

John Evans,   Moses Cleeton,   Samuel Moody,   A. D. Jones,   Joseph McCune,   Elijah Ancell,   John Asbury,   Thomas Asbury,   Washington Asbury,   James Ancell,   John Peacher,   Elias Slaughter,   John Bailey,   Edward Slaughter,   Elijah Asbury,   David Wilson,   Manitva Davis,   Sarah J. Fisher,   Nancy Bailey,   Elizabeth Ancell,   Rutha Estes,   Jane Bailey,   Sarah A. McCune,   Sarah A. Jones,   Mariah Cleeton,   Polly Asbury,   Agness Asbury,   Mary Moning [Manning],   Lucenda Moody,   Sarah Ann Gilvin,   Sarah Jane Johnson,   Catharine Asbury,   Perniecia [Pernitia] Asbury,   Permelia Asbury,   Permelia Peacher, Anna Slaughter,   Rachael Pitney,   Hariet (a slave, a colored girl),   Malvina Evans,   Sintha Slaughter,   Sarah Ancell.

Reorganized After the Civil War ---

On the Saturday before the fourth Lord’s day in July, 1866, certain members of the Christian Church who formally met at Mount Pleasant meeting house to worship, met at the meeting house aforesaid and by mutual consent dissolved the church organization constituted here in 1854 as the Mount Pleasant Church of Christ.

On the same day and other succeeding church meeting days including the fourth Lord’s Day in July, 1866, the following persons united to constitute a church to be known as the Christian Church, to-wit:

Minter H. Bailey,   John Fisher,   Samuel Bailey,   David Wilson,   Samuel Moody,   Elizabeth Hargis,   Sarah Wilson,   Sarah F. Ancell,   Nancy Bailey,   Sally Ann Gilvin,   Mariam Gatewood,   Angeline Gatewood,   Ann Guerin,   Rachael Bailey,   Mary Ann Ancell,   Martha Jane Williams,   Sarah Jane Johnson,   Mary Perkins,   Sarah Johnson,   James Ancell,   John Asbury,   Thomas Ancell,   Cintha Fisher,   Lucinda Moody,   Elijah Ancell,   Sarah Agness Bailey.

On the fourth Lord’s Day in July last above named Minter H. Bailey and David Wilson were elected Elders; Thos. Ancell and John Fisher were elected deacons.

Ministers ---

A list of ministers who have preached for the church includes the following:

Talton Johnson,   M. Meyers,   T. Martin,   John McCune,   Minter H. Bailey,   Thomas Campbell,   S. B. Naylor,   Wm. Anderson,   L. L. Norton,   Bro. McByson,   W. S. St. Clair,   Bro. Stephenson,   Thomas Long,   James Rosell,   J. E. Cropp,   Bro L. H. West,   Bro. Thomas,   Paris Dougherty,   Thos. C. Hargis,   Bro. Walker,   Bro. Fry,   Bro. Dick,   Amos Barnes

Ministers whom the Church has given to preach the Gospel are:

Mort Meyers,   Minter H. Bailey,   Paris Dougherty,   Thos. C. Hargis

Present Membership --- [1939]

James Ancell,   Rosie McKinzie,   Cora Gulick,   Mollie Avery,   Clara Tucker,   Odis Ancell,   Elmer Bruce,   Myrtle Evans,   Orpha Perfater,   Mrs. P. A. Dougherty,   Mrs. Chas. Fisher,   Mattie Harris,   Lillie Tisdale,   Mrs. Abner Lewis,   Grace Sword,   Ethel Bruce,   Lena St. Clair,   Robert Taylor,   Mrs. Robert Taylor,   H. M. Walker,   Mrs. H. M. Walker,   Barney Walker,   Milton Walker,   Violet White,   Clara Asbury,   Jewell Duren,   Gladdus Dougherty,   Chas. Palmatory,   Edna Fisher,   Jas. T. Dougherty,   Moss Grigsby,   Joe Frank Grigsby,   Eugene Bailey,   Mrs. Eugene Bailey,   Mary Alice Bailey,   Mrs. Guy Long,   Mary and Martha Long,   Junior Long,   Ava Bailey,   Melvin Avery,   Thelma Avery,   Thomas Bailey, Jr.,   Mrs. Thomas Bailey, Jr.,    J. B. Wilhite,   Zeeta Freeman,   Susie Freeman,   Vivian Freeman,   Mrs. Virgil Palmer,   Harry McConnel,   Mrs. Harry McConnel,   Mamie Watson,   Susie Bailey,   Thos. C. Hargis

Present Officers --- [1939]

James Ancell – Elder,   Thos. C. Hargis – Elder,   Odis Ancell – Deacon,   Henry Avery – Deacon,   Minter Bailey – Deacon,   Mrs. Minter Bailey – Deaconess,   Mrs. Henry Avery (also Pres) – Deaconess,   Mrs. Odis Ancell – Deaconess,   Mrs. Paul Taylor (Also Clerk) - Deaconess

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