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Howard County Cemeteries

Sulfur Springs Cemetery does not show up on the GNIS site, but Jim Yell has been kind enough to provide us with a census and images of this African-American cemetery. Thank you, Jim, for all your hard work!

Sulfur Springs Cemetery

The information for the list below came from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). If you are interested in seeing the location of a cemetery on a map, you can search their site for these cemeteries, then click on the cemetery name. The coordinates and elevation of the cemetery will appear. Select the "GNIS in Google Map" link on the right hand of the screen. Other types of maps can be viewed by selecting the other mapping services available to the right of the screen. To go to that GNIS site, click here.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Ancell Cemetery 391055N 0923006W Burton
Atkins Cemetery 391227N 0923241W Burton
Barnes Cemetery 390737N 0923034W Burton
Brooks Cemetery 391234N 0923948W Fayette
Burnam Cemetery 391141N 0923549W Burton
City Cemetery 390828N 0924042W Fayette
Davis Cemetery 390951N 0924108W Fayette
Drake Cemetery 390151N 0923901W New Franklin
Freedom Cemetery 390833N 0923708W Burton
Givens Cemetery 390824N 0923216W Burton
Guren Cemetery 391410N 0923041W Burton
Hackley Cemetery 391241N 0924348W Fayette
Hill Cemetery 391049N 0924210W Fayette
Hourigan Cemetery 390321N 0923344W Hilldale
Jackson Cemetery 391334N 0923614W Burton
Jackson Cemetery 390752N 0924215W Fayette
Lay Cemetery 391242N 0923813W Fayette
Linn Cemetery 391130N 0923132W Burton
Manion Cemetery 390819N 0923714W Burton
Mount Nebo Cemetery 390942N 0923544W Burton
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 390205N 0924420W New Franklin
Nichols Cemetery 391259N 0924331W Fayette
Old Cemetery 390835N 0923606W Burton
Patterson Cemetery 391056N 0923839W Fayette
Pleasant Green Cemetery 391109N 0924743W Glasgow
Price Cemetery 391519N 0924902W Forest Green
Pritchett Cemetery 391017N 0924236W Fayette
Pulliam Cemetery 391050N 0924353W Fayette
Ricketts Cemetery 390617N 0923603W Hilldale
Robinson Cemetery 390135N 0923935W New Franklin
Rose Hill Cemetery 390634N 0925352W Arrow Rock
Shifflett Cemetery 391446N 0924321W Fayette
Simmons Cemetery 391439N 0924157W Fayette
Smith Cemetery 391058N 0923540W Burton
Snell Cemetery 390948N 0923920W Fayette
Stevenson Cemetery 391405N 0924257W Fayette
Sugar Grove Cemetery 391223N 0924547W Glasgow
Thompson Cemetery 391221N 0923522W Burton
Todd Cemetery 390906N 0923608W Burton
Walnut Ridge Cemetery 390945N 0924106W Fayette
Walnut Ridge Cemetery 391500N 0924359W Fayette
Watts Cemetery 390754N 0924038W Fayette
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 391545N 0924102W Armstrong
Williams Cemetery 391347N 0923727W Burton
Woods Cemetery 391129N 0923327W Burton
Woods Cemetery 391335N 0924430W Fayette

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