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Nodaway Valley Bank graciously provides the Society with the Genealogy and Research Center building,116 State St., Mound City, free of charge.  Research opportunities are endless with obituaries and family files along with records from cemeteries, schools, churches, clubs, newspapers, and military. Volunteers are available every Wednesday, 9 am-3 pm, to assist.

For those unable to do their own research, queries can be mailed to HCHS, P.O.  Box 55, Mound City, MO  64470 or e-mailed to hchs1972@gmail.com. There is a $15 research fee along with the cost of copies and postage.  Holt County obituaries, school and church histories, school and church records, club and organization histories, newspapers and census, along with dozens of family histories and books have been donated help provide valuable research information.



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