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These brief biographies appeared in Holt County Newspapers in August and September of 1882.


P. H. Chesney

Was born in Missouri, and principally raised in Holt co., resides on a farm of ninety acres on the Missouri river 1 ½ miles southeast of Forest City. Mr. Chesney has suffered from overflow of the Missouri river for the past two seasons. He has a good farm, but subject to damage caused by broken levee.

Thomas B. Curtis

Has been in Holt county since 1857. His father James Curtis came here when Thomas was quite a boy. Mr. Curtis owns and occupies a splendid farm of 80 acres all in cultivation, and beautifully located three miles north of Oregon; also a farm one mile north of home farm. Excellent location and residence buildings.

Elias Bender

Came to Holt county in 1860, formerly of Hagerstown, Maryland. He has a good farm of 120 acres. Mr. Bender lives 3 ½ miles NE of Oregon, and is a well to do farmer and stock raiser. He has the best stallion in Holt county of the Norman and English stock; also good stock of hogs and cattle. He has a good farmhouse, beautifully located, and premises in the best of repair.

Napoleon B. Irvin

Has grown up from boyhood to manhood in Holt county, and has become fully identified with Holt’s best interests. He owns a desirable little home farm of 40 acres situated north and east of Oregon on the north line of Lewis township.

John S. Curtis

Came, with the family of James Curtis, to this county in 1845. He, in the same neighborhood with his brother, and old home farm 8 miles north of Oregon, owns a splendid farm of 200 acres.

O. T. Curtis

Son of John S. Curtis, born and raised in Holt county, we found on a farm of 80 acres in the same neighborhood with his father. H

Charles Keller

One of Holt county’s old and reliable citizens, and for many years a carpenter in Oregon, but now a farmer, well located on his place, a farm of 240 acres in section 12, Lewis township, four miles north of Oregon.

Jonathan Culp

Has been in the county 35 years; lives on part of hill and timberland formerly owned by J. L. Allen.

John Bond

Lives on a home tract of two or three acres, 2 ½ miles se of Oregon, and also owns and farms a place of 27 acres near King’s and Culp’s. John thrives by industry and honesty.

J. B. Foster

Is a citizen of 12 years in the county, formerly of Indiana. Lives on a beautiful country home of three acres which he cultivates in peaches, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, etc. He has been on this place five years.

Peter Galbreath

Came to Holt county in 1865 and by his industry and economy has secured an excellent farm of mostly creek bottoms 1 ½ miles south of Oregon formerly known as the Keeny farm. Mr. Galbreath has for a number of years past been engaged in supplying the water tank on St. Joe and C. B. RR one mile below Forest City, with water.

Mrs. C. Stephenson

Formerly of Va., been in Holt Co. 28 years, owns farm of 160 acres. Mrs. Stephenson lost her husband 12 years ago, since which time she and her two sons carry on the business of the farm.

Jacob King

Has been in Holt County since 1867, lives on small fruit farm of 52 acres two miles south of Oregon. Mr. King is hard working and energetic man and will in time enjoy the results of his labors.

R. L. Moore

Son of G. W. Moore, came to Holt county from Nebraska in 1865. Mr. Moore has a farm of 40 acres, 3 ½ miles south of Oregon.

Mrs. A. S. Conn

Daughter of John Pollock, and old and early citizen of Holt County and who died several years go. Mrs. Conn owns and lives on a farm of 160 acres in E. Lewis Township, four miles se of Oregon. Beautiful woodland pastures are marked features of this place.

Sidney Willey

Has been in the county since 1864. Lives on Jacob Quick’s farm of 111 acres. Is one of the pioneers of Holt, and among its most respected citizens.

J. B. Waggoner

Has been in Holt Co. 30 years. Lives on the Claber farm of 80 acres.

William Potter

Came to Holt in 1842. Has a fine high laying bottom farm of 80 acres, well improved, all under fence and in cultivation. Mr. Potter entered the farm he now owns in ’49 at $1.25 per acre. He left Holt in 1851 and spent 9 years in Oregon and California, returned and has lived here ever since. He is a number one citizen.

Martin Meyer

An old settler and now wealthy farmer, came to this county in 1843. His farm is located 4 ½ miles north of Oregon, and contains 200 acres of corn, small grain and an excellent orchard of four or five acres of choice selections of apples, peaches, etc.

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