MEMORY, by Rev. J. H. Burrows

Cainsville News 4 November 1915

(Thanks to Barbara Roberts for providing this.)

Memory is God's precious boon to man. It was my pleasure to visit the saints at Mt. Moriah last Sunday and try to preach for some of them. The memories of bygone years crowded upon me as 48 years ago last March, we began trying to preach the Gospel of Christ there. This church gave us an invitation to be their pastor at that service.

We accepted. There God owned our ministry and there were candidates for baptism before we were ordained regularly. That was in July of that year. Here we baptised our first person, Bro. M. B. Chambers, Deacon William Chambers, who was one of the two men with six sisters, who were the constituent members that formed or organized the Zoar, now First Baptist Church of Cainsville. That was 70 years ago last March. His home was ever opened to us and we owe him much. We have enjoyed the pastoral care of this church several times in the last 48 years. Had the great pleasure of dedicating their present beautiful churchhouse less than two years ago. Sister Thomas Coffman, nee Miss Rheue Chambers, was there last Sunday and we think, the only one present, who heard us preach our first sermon and saw us administer our first ordinance of baptism. It did us good to look into her dear old face again. Her parents are sleeping in the Cain Cemetery with a large number of others of that pioneer family, a part of the blood of which is mingled with that of our own. It was an occasion of precious memories.

Wife and I were the guests for dinner at the specious home of Bro. W. P. Chambers and wife, the third generation we have known and loved. God bless them and all the saints at Mt. Moriah, and let me assure you it is a cleaner, better place than ever before, and a much safer place in which to rear a family. We surely hope to visit them again in the near future.

J. H. Burrows


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