This very interesting daily journal kept by Joseph DeGolia of Harrison County has been transcribed and provided by Karen Griffin, whose great-great grandmother, Elinor, was Joseph's older sister. Karen was able to acquire the journal and other family items through an estate sale. Entries in brackets are Karen's.

[These are extracts from a journal kept by Joseph DeGolia from June 1893 to June 1906. He and his wife Sarah lived on a farm in Sugar Creek Township for over 30 years. On 9 March 1901 they rented out the farm and moved to Gallatin, and on 5 May 1904 they moved from Gallatin to Bancroft. Most of the entries seem to deal with people they knew while living in Sugar Creek township.]


13 August    Attend meeting at Grove    Newman Preach Old Father McCamron Reported dead

28 September    Put potatoes in cellar.    Mrs Peter Dorney dies 6 am

30 September    Go to Bancroft    Pleasant.    Attend funeral Mrs. D.

10 December    At home    flurry of snow    Loyd Roy [Ray?] dies 6 am

16 December    Grange Election.    Rileys child very sick 23 December    Post Meeting.    Rileys child dies    Warm    Shower at night

20 January    Foggy and warm    No grange    Patti Nutter dies

19 February    Cold and froze solid.    Go to Bancroft Father Tuthill very poorly.    Palsy.    insensible

27 February    Bro. G. B. Tuthill dies with paralicis

28 February    Attend burial of Bro. G. B. Tuthill.    Bad roads.    Warm

20 March    Lydia Ray dies 9 a m    Plant potatoes.    rains

21 March    Funeral Pilot Grove church.    Sermon by R. O. Newman.    Subject Faith Hope and the resurrection.    1st Corinthians Chapt 15

29,30 March    Warmer.    Death of Jas Land

31 March    Burial of Land by G.A.R. at Scotland.

6 May    Mrs Esther Pratt dies aged 73

7 May    Funeral Mrs E. P.    Sermon Jas Wood.    Text. For I Know my Redeemer liveth.

26 May    Go to B. R. [probably Blue Ridge]    Mary Kelley dead    quite warm.

27 May    Burial Mary Kelley.   Sunday School afternoon.

23 September   Attend funeral of D. B. Hill at Pilot Grove Ch.

10 January    Real warm.    Pratt & wife Green & Fanny attend S C Grange.    Reported death of Mrs Ellie Lowe of Denver

18 January    John Payne burried.

4 March    Funeral of Miss Bell Fair.    Snow 1 inch deep & cold.

12 March    Haul manure.    Go to Shaffers.    Ford's boy died

20 March    Mrs Higgins dies

    March we may record as unusual in events. Much sickness with grippe accompanied with fevers and other complications--of death--Miss Bell Fair   Old Mrs Higgins   Henry Fords boy   Mrs Terry   Mrs Geo. Lierly    Mrs Griffeth   Mrs Provance   John Terry's child

27 April    Mrs Puckett buried.    Post meeting.

3 May    Divide meadow for pasture.    Heavy rain at night    James Hendricks buried at Hill G.Y.

6 May    Heavy rain before day.    Go to Jamesport.    Mrs Gibson dies.

17 May    Go to B. R.    Much replanting    Hear of Wm Taggarts death

2 January    Mrs Ray dies 4 P.M.    Kidney complaint

3 January    Mrs Ray buried at B.R.    very cold

4 January    Cosey dies 10 P.M.    LaGrippe & Scroffula

7 January    To Bethany annual insurance meeting.    Cosy buried

1 February    Go to Bancroft.    Roads bad.    Effort at Black to get right of way.    Andrus calls.    Hear of Elsina Hills death at Denver.

4 February    Boy of Carter buried at Pilot Grove

30 November    Fair & cold    Mrs John Dorney dies.

3 December    Attend funeral of Mrs John Dorney

9 March    J W King of Trenton dies 4 am.    Bad roads

16 May    Sup. absent    J. Welden buried at B.R. cemetery    G. W. Maryfield preaches

2 June    McCulloch dies in morning.    Get coffin.

3 June    Burial at Koon Creek    J. G. Miller officiating

8 June    Attend burial of Mrs John Markey

20 June    Motes girl buried    G. W. Hill Spends day.    S.S. poor attendance    Good interest

14 August    Kelley sick.    Oram better.    Rec. letter E. Doughty [Joseph's sister].

19 August    E. C. Kelley dies 4 am.

21 March    Mrs Nelson Wiley buried    J. G. Miller preaches good discourse.

7 June    Mrs Julia Towns operated on for tumor

8 June    Mrs Towns dies 7 am.    Very warm and rainy

10 June    Mrs Towns buried    Rev James Poe conducting service    Text Rev. 14-13.    BR Bap Church

12 February    Go to P.O.    Not so cold.    Prices child dies

17 February    Mrs Ford & Miss Nicholson die & Mrs Stookey

19 February    Funerals of deaths of 17th    Revd Willis preach night

9 March    Damp and dries Slowly    Chas. Christopher dies

11 March    Heavy rain.    Go to Gilman.    Christopher buried.    Colder

17 May    Wife goes to Coffey    John Hendrick burried

18 July    Netherton baby dies.    Extremely warm

24-25 July    Hay.    Moses Browns baby buried

20 August    S.S.    Funeral Services of Mary Conner by Rev. Poe

11 September    Attend funeral Mrs Kowen Blue Ridge

2 October    Julia Christipher dies 1 AM

4 October    Funeral Julia Christopher.    Fanny leaves [daughter-in-law].

3 January    L M Bush brought from Oklahoma and buried at B.R.

9 April    Thomas Neal dies 3 am.    Wind E & cold

10 April    Attend funeral.    Catholic church   Cold E wind

22 April    Lierly dies from drink & buried

5 December   Tag lambs    Hear of death of Mrs Bush

6 December    Attend funeral Mrs L M Bush    Rev Poe    2d Timy 3-7

4 April    Fair and warm     Carrar Kicked & Killed by horse

6 April    Attend funeral.    Cold north wind

15 April    Rev Maryfield & Gore dinner.    Funeral Mrs Sage 2 PM

30 April    Hear C. D. Knight's death.

1 May    Letter of Condolence to Mrs Knight.    Mrs Terry & Mrs M Haines dinner

31 May    Bell tolls for Mrs Witt.    Comd foundation for house

1 June    Mrs Witt buried at Union Grove

15 June    Death of Lou Stevens    Mercury 92

16 June    S.S. & preaching.    Stevens buried

18 June    Caraway Killed by train.    Write Green & Poe

9 July    Heat 106    Mrs Harris dies.    Hot    wind SW

28 July    88 [probably the temperature]    Good rain night & morng    Steve McCrae drowned.

16 August    Go to Harrison Co.    Hot & dusty.    Mrs Lynn dies.    reasonable good crops considering drouth.

27 August    funeral Mrs Sheets

16 September    Drizzly rain & cooler    Doct McFarland dead

17 September    48 [probably the temperature]    Cold    McFarland buried.    Court continues

4 January    Moderating    Mrs Day dies.

15 February    Number of callers.    Miss Harris dies

16 February    Funeral Miss Harris    Bro Gore officiating

28 February    Mrs Man buried.    Snow 4 PM    Roads in town muddy

28 July    Attend funeral M. G. Netherton Gson    big rain last night

12 August    Cool.    Cloudy    Hear of Mrs Crockets death

15 August    Rain 3 am    Old Mrs Adams dies

30 December    Fair & Warmer    Mr Roberts dies

6 January    Cloudy to fair.    Flora Mills dies this morning

10 January    Cold NW wind    Snow at night.    G Weld dies

29 January    Turns cold W NW    Mr Roney dies Sudenly 10 am

30 January    Fair & pleasant.    Attend funeral.    Fisher dies

31 January    Fair and warmer    Mr Henry dies 2-30 PM

2 February    Fair & cold.    Mr Henry buried.    Storm brewing

15 March Funeral Mr Mead McManaway & Smith officiating

19 March    Cold N W rain    Muddy again    Mrs Hamilton buried - Donation to Pastor McManaway

26 March    Cloudy.    South wind    Ex Sheriff Johnson dies 4 PM

28 March    Funeral Bro Johnson    Text Gal 6-1-2    McManaway

19 April    S.S. & Preaching    Mrs Brown died last night

20 April    Attend funeral Mrs Brown.    Cold north wind

29 September    Hamilton dies.    Rain.    last mess of green beans

23 October    Heavy frost.    Mrs Darneal funeral

11 November    Venable Kills Mrs Ida Aston.    Whiskey & jealousy

12 November   Venable Kills himself - Riot in Saloon

17 February    Sleating.    Dark.    Hanna burial.

28 March    Mrs Gates dies.    Cloudy to fair and cool

30 March   Heavy rain morning.    Mrs Gates buried.

20 April    Funeral W. E. Harbaugh.

8 May    Lewis Ward buried.    Rain & bad roads.

15 May    Saulsbery dead.    Forson and family come

29 June    Paint yard fence    Harris dies 9 am

5 August    Frank B Weldon dies in hay field.    Warm

7 August    No meetings    Funeral of Weldon at B Ridge

1 October    Luella Haines dies 1 P.M.    Isaac Haines mother.

2 October    Judson & wife comes    Attend burial.    Fair day

14 November    Go to Gilman & Forsons.    Miss Gibson buried.

22 March    [Mr.] Gwinn dies 8-30 PM.    Move hen house

23 March    Gwinn funeral.    Rev Kerry    Prayer & Song

2 April    All day rain    Mrs Thompson dies

4 April    Funeral Mrs Thompson    Jaspr Netherton officiates

11 August    Attend funeral Mrs Jourden    Gilman

2 October    To Gilman with Brown    Young Duncans death

5 October    Dunkin buried the 5    Fair and warm

16 October    To Gil.    Stove flue committe    Mrs Tom Scott buried

5 January    Cary Hendricks dies    Warm     Snow packing

19 January    Wes Gililan dies 10 AM    Snow melting

14 February    At home 12 M    Froze Solid    Mrs Sullivan dies 12 M

15   16 February    Miss Witt Burried at Union Grove

20 May    Mary Haines dies 11-40 AM    Meeting at G

21 May    Funeral Mary Haines    Rev Jas Poe officiating    Text Rev 14-13    many attending


19 May    Walter Davison & Hattie Haines married at night.

25 September    Judson [DeGolia] married to Miss West [Fannie Ethel West]    40 present

5 February    John Oram married to Jesse Shaffer

26 February    M. E. Haines married to Stelly E. Terry.

10 September    Marriage of R. E. Harbaugh & Fanny E. DeGolia    12.30 PM.    James Poe officiating & leave for Jamesport & Liberty Mo.

25 October    W. O. Black & Miss Pain married at night    house packed    G. W. Marifield officiating.


8 September    Cut wood in morning    Mercury 97 1 PM    Grand Son born [Eugene DeGolia Forson]

2 December    Born Grand Son.    Son of J. U. DeGolia at Salem Mo. [Judson West DeGolia]

25 December    Dinner at E. B. Pratts    Geoa [Georgiana DeGolia Forson] & Fanny [Fanny DeGolia Harbaugh] go to Judsons.    Judsons baby dies 9 P.M., buried 26th 10 am at AHAMGyard.

4 February    Grand daughter Harbaugh born 4th 5 P.M. [Juanita Ethel Harbaugh]

10 August    Wife goes to Judsons.    Daughter born.

12 August    Haul blocks.    Wife returns.    Child dies 9.30 PM

11 December    Heavy wind & snow from N.W.    Daughter born to Wm Green.

27 November    Rec letter from Harbaugh    birth of son morning of 26th [David Newton Harbaugh]

3 October    Warm.    Birth of boy of R. L. & Fanny Harbaugh. [Robert Earl Harbaugh]

13 June    Wife goes to Forsons    Twins born    Boy & Girl [Earl A. & Pearl E. Forson]

7 January    Son born to J. U. DeGolia 7 AM. [Joseph Franklin DeGolia]

30 March    Organize Missionary Baptist Church at School house.    Charter members -- Rosana Parker, Della Parker, Rose Parker, Cappie Parker, George Maryfield & wife Laura Maryfield, Joseph DeGolia and wife Sarah DeGolia, W. P. Haines & wife Luela Haines, Hattie Haines, Osie Haines, Charles Brown & wife Julia Brown, Lellia Kern.

31 March    Ellis Harper preaches at School house    preaching by Rev Harper    Text 3d Chapt John 5th Verse.


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