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Harrison County Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers

If you own any Harrison County reference books or other materials, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please let me know. As you can see, volunteers are needed.

Please read the following before asking for a lookup:

USGenWeb does not wish to be party to any copyright violations. Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple. Information given will be minimal, for example if it is a cemetery lookup, the information will be the name of the cemetery and the dates on the headstone. Please do not ask for "everybody with X surname" or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed; the volunteers have been asked not to comply with such requests. If you feel there is enough material in the book to warrant it, you may ask the volunteer how you might purchase your own copy.

If you see a book or other materials listed for lookups for which you hold the copyright, and you do not want it used, please notify the county coordinator and it will be removed.


When requesting a lookup from one of our volunteers, please:
1. Include your name and 'snail mail' address in the inquiry.
2. Put "Harrison County, MO Lookup" in the subject line of your message.
3. Capitalize all surnames.


I will do lookups in the following books:
Known Burials in Harrison County, MO Volume I
Known Burials in Harrison County, MO Volume II
Marriage Records, Harrison County, 1845-1881
Marriage Records, Harrison County, 30 Jun 1881 to 25 Oct 1899
Marriage Records, Harrison County, 26 Oct 1899 to 17 Feb 1917

Penny R. (Eisenbarger) Harrell


I will do lookups in Descendants of Joseph Francis of Maryland and Virginia" written by Lura M. Dickson.. It deals with the Francis Family that settled in Harrison County around the Bethany area.

Barbara McGirr


Will check Harrison County newspapers for obituaries per request, but will do so only if supplied the name and date of death. Please remember that this will be done in my spare time (whatever that is) so it may take some time, and I make no guarantees that an individual's obit exists or will be found. All obits found will be forwarded to the H.C. administrator for posting on the county GenWeb site.

Phil Stewart


I have four volumes of Harrison County Marriages from 1845 through December 1, 1932. I would be willing to do lookups for records of marriages which are believed to have occurred in the County during that period.

Carlton Canaday


I have information on the VAN HOOZER/VAN HOOSER/VAN HOOSIER family of Harrison County and would gladly do lookups on that name.

Laurel Goforth


I will look up the surname CLINKINBEARD and its many spelling variants in various family resources.

Dave Robison

Visit Clinkinbeard Family Sources for more information about this surname and its many spelling variants.


I will look up for Harrison Co., MO., listings in:

  • History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, Missouri, 1975 edition
  • A History of the Gilman City Area, 1997 edition
  • Tom Talley


    I have these two books and am willing to do lookups:

  • Cainsville and Community History published in 1990 which contains biographical sketches.
  • Charles Boothe and Descendants by Evelyn Booth Massie, published in 1978. This book includes Harrison County pioneers Jonathan, Anderville and Evermont Booth and their descendants.
  • Cindy Foster


    I own the following and would be glad to do lookups:

  • Noble Mortuary Records 1916-1984 compiled by Harrison Co Genealogical Society
  • 125th History of New Hampton, MO
  • Kathy Cox


    I own a copy of the Goodspeed History of Harrison and Mercer Counties that has been in my family since it was published in 1888. I would do look ups in this reference. Please email me at larpra@aol.com.

    Prather in Middletown, MD


    I have the following and will do lookups:

  • Cainsville and Community History
  • Brimson History
  • History of Mt. Moriah
  • Pictorial Memories-Trail Creek Township, MO
  • Barbara Hudson-Robertson



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