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(Thanks to Charla Edmiston Manica for providing this.)

[A very old ledger book which is the original record of the beginning of the Pleasant Grove Church (Union Baptist) in December 1869 is in the possession of a descendant of Samuel and Jane Edmiston who moved to Harrison County in 1843. I have transcribed the ledger book verbatim with all incorrect spelling. There are names of members, which I have transcribed to the best of my ability to read the names. Charla Edmiston Manica]

Pleasant Grove Church Book
Bought at Bethany MO, December 23, 1869
Price 80 cents
Pleasant Grove Church was organized July the 12, 1869 by Elds WB and CS Williamson on the Articles of faith of the Cooperstown Association of Union Baptists. There was eleven arose in the organization whose names occur on the following pages at her regular meeting in August following. She proceeded to elect the following Breathren as delegates to the convention when convened with the Bethill Church near Chillicothi on Friday before the third Lord's day in Sept. 1869. John J. Jones, Jacob Creger and John Jones, Jr. Said convention at her meting after organizing the several churches into an Association by motion and second adopted the name of the North Missouri Baptist Association which was mutualy agreed upon by the delegates from the several different churches. The Church therefore shall nesforward be known as the Pleasant Grove Church of North Missouri Baptist.
List of name that are ...[page torn]
1. John J. Jones dismiss by ...[page torn]
2. Jacob Creger
3. John Jones, Jr. ...excluded [page torn]
4. Cristine Jones
5. Margret Creger
6. Frances Jones
7. Barbry Timder [spelling?]
8. Jane Briant
9. Jane Barnhart
10. Electa Pogenter
11. Elisa Bruer..excluded from the church
12. Harrit Thiddhel
13. William Dodd dismissed by letter
Elizabeth Dodd by letter
13. Philip Crown excluded for immoral conduct
14. Hariet Crown Excluded for immoral conduct
15. Cileas Barnhart...died
16. Mary Barnhard...died
17. John Parkinson
18. Sarah Parkinson
19. James Jouron
20. Warran J. Jones
21. S.J. Jones
22. Jane Barlow
23. Lucinda Barlow
24. Robert F. Noah
25. Hannach Noah
26. George Michel...excluded Saturday Oct. 1870
Wm. L. Burgard
27. Martha E. Burgard
Elisabeth Creger..Excluded Saturday Dec. 24, 1890
28. Elisabeth Poyntie ..excluded March 28....
Several names [about 7 are missing due to torn corner of page as described at first of list.]
34. [page torn] Balard
35. ...Corbin ..excluded from church March 28, 1875
36. David F. Boman
37. Edward C. Mitchel
38. Mariah Price....died June 1873
39. Marian Whitacer
40. Eliza A. Price
41. Emy Price
42. Serena Price
43. Joey Jackson
44. Victoria Francis
45. Charles M. Barker
46. Mary M. Barker
47. Ancet Tary...excluded from church
48. Lucinda Tarry
49. Cordelia Arnat
50. Ann Whitacer
51. Leotta Arnold
52. John W. Henry...excluded for immoral conduct
53. Mary Whitacer
54. Mary Jane Henry...failing to be baptized
55. Mariah Mitchel....failing to be baptized
56. Hate Walton...dismissed by letter
57. John Whitaker
58. Feander H. Price
59. Mary J. Barker
60. Sarah Clark
61. Matilda Madison
62. Mary Haney
63. Jane Lervis
64. Millie Allen
65. Evaline Allen
66. Elizabeth Meranda
67. Eliza Hall
68. Leida Allen
69. Philip Smith
70. Thomas Meranda
71. Flavins T. Harris...excluded from church
72. .....Williams
73. Frank Jones
74. John Mitchell
75. ....Mindell
76. Scott Bryant
77. A. Allen
78. James W. Wrhay...excluded from church May 23, 1875
79. George Kidney
80. Susan Whitlow
81. John Edmonson [Edmiston]
82. Matilda Arnold
83. Ella Rhay
84. Nancy Madison
85. Margret Francis
86. Amy Dooly
87. Adda Parkinson
88. Anna Henderson
89. Mary E. Marifield
90. Martha Madison
91. Jane James
92. Linda Arnold
93. Mary Briant
[Again, the top of the page is torn off.. About 8 names missing.]
101. ....Francis
102. ....Francis
103. John Endly...addition to the church 1874
104. Martha Hall
105. Martha Mitchell
106. Mary Williamson...dismissed by letter
107. Ann Jones
108. Welth Jones
109. Margret Dailey
110. Sarah Briant
111. Pam Gardon
112. Pruno Bolenleather[?]
113. Hutey Miles
114. Ida Jane Marshall
Saturday Aug. 26, 1871, association called to order by the moderator Eld Humer on motion the moderator appointed a clerk protem T.J. Taylor cloek. On motion of Elder Leek a committee on religious .....Elder W.B. Williamson, Jane Barlow, J. Jones, F. Bowman, J. Barkerson on motion called for the reading of the rules of by the moderator called for letter from different churches Bethel Shiloah F... Union Pleasant Grove called for churches ....membership with the body when Pleasant Hill and Philladelphia churches came forward by letter and delegates and was received......................Proceeded to elect moderator and clerk of the association Elder Hilliam Keek elected moderator, T.J. Taylor elected clerk. The moderator being in the chair be ...
[follows another page of writing I cannot read, similar to above text.]
Here is a new secretary!
Church met for business Saturday for the second Lord's day in September. Moderater absent on account of sickness. Proceeded to business and by voice of it's members called as pastor Elder W.B. Williamson for the ensuing year.
Church met at her regular meeting for business in October. Paster absent on account of sickness.
Church met at her regular meeting for business Saturday before the second sabeth in November. Pastor still absent on account of sickness.
Church visited by our missionary Elder James Hummer in November who labored with us four days under the blessing of God two were added to our number.
Church met at her regular meeting for business in December preaching by our missionary. Church organized for business. First called for peace of church all in peace and after a series of meetings there was 24 added to our numbers when a meeting was called for business and the following business transacted: First by aclaimation brother John J. Jones was elected to act as deacon on motion by brother Philip Crowse was elected Stewert. On motion the following breathren were elected as building committee to superintend the erection of a church. Elder James Hummer, moderator, Philip Crowse, Clerk.
Church met at her regular meeting for business on Saturday before the second sabath in February. Our paster was with us ane called for the peace of the church. All in peace. We had a good meeting.
Church met at her regular meeting for Saturday before the second sabath in March. Our paster was present with us and called for the peace of the church. All in peace during the meeting. There was two more added to our number.

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