St. Mary's Cemetery Tombstone Photo's

St. Mary's Cemetery
Tombstone Photo's

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Entrance 1

Entrance 2


Martin A. Hocker

Francis Elizabeth Higginson

Mrs. B. San Paclo

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Katherine D.

Nicholas & Hannah Kelly

Lilly M. & Nicholas T.

Nicholas Kelly

J. T. Hardman

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Charles Brady

Enoch Plummer

Minnie Plummer Doran

Lara Gladis Burns

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Hugh C. Otto Nicholson

Hubert O. & Georgia W. LeBlanc

John & Anna M. Thies

Ellen & James J. O'Connor

Mary O'Connor

Lt. William T. Merriman, Jr.

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Josefa Dobsza

Raymond Edward Davis

Eugenia V. Ford

Charles Edwin Wheeler


Walter E. Nelligan

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Konrad and Christina Fassnacht

Thomas K. O'Day

Stephen D. Hayes

Ralph A. & Mary M. Beatty

Sister Mary Burns Grace V. Burns

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Robert Burns

James Burns

Helen M. Burns Laura G. Burns

James William Burns

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Thomas F. Burns

Fred D. Wrightsman

Eliz. B. Wrightsman

Photo's submitted by: Tom Burns, Clint Crocker

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