Greene County MO Obituary Index

Greene County
Cemetery Name Born Died Notes
Galbraith Galbraith, Allen Amelia ? ? One year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Galbraith
Galbraith Galbraith, Doss ? ? Husband of Flora Galbraith, Age 41 years
Galbraith Galbraith, James Wilson ? ? Eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Galbraith
Gallbraith Gallbraith, Nettie ? ? Daughter of J.V. Galbraith
Mount Comfort Church Ragan, Susan M. 9 May 1849 8 Aug 1930 Not given
Green Lawn Crocker, R. F. 1854 4 Jan 1919 Not given
Hazelwood M. H. Mack 4 May 1831 17 Mar 1888  
Hazelwood Lucy A. Mack 18 Apr 1837 11 Jun 1911 Maiden name Herndon, Marshall's wife 
Hazelwood Clyde B. Mack Not Given Not Given Murdered
Hazelwood William L. Mack 1832 1900 Heart Attack - Cakked Sunday Mack
Hazelwood cemetery J. A. Mack 31 Jan 1844 30 Oct 1913 Marshall's brother
Not Given Bailey Eli Crocker 1866 1957 Apparent Heart Attack
Patterson William McCroskey 10 Aug 1845 24 Oct 1910 Killed By Horse's Hoffs
Patterson Emily E. McCroskey 27 Nov 1850 13 Jun 1925 wife of William M. McCroskey
Greenlawn W.T. Crocker Not Given Not Given  
Greelawn Mrs. Cornelia R. Crocker Not Given not given wife of W. T. Crocker
Greenlawn Memorial Glen Brockus Crocker      
New Hope Infant Crocker      
Greenlawn Crocker Child       daughter of Samuel Edman Crocker and Ida
Greenlawn Mrs. Martha P. Crocker Not Given Not Given  
Greenlawn Rev. Marvin A. Crocker      
Greenlawn Mrs. Maud Della Crocker      
not given M.G. Crocker     Klingner Undertaking company
Greenlawn Mrs. Nellie J. Crocker Not Given Not Given widow of the Rev. James H. Crocker
Mount Comfort  Olin E. Crocker      
New Hope Lester Grant Crocker Not Given Not Given  
Not Given Larron (Red) Mapes not given not given under direction of Klingner
National Mrs. Olive G. Mapes      
Greenlawn Mrs. Frank Ream      
Ross Hill William H. Rook Not Given Not Given Veteran of the Civil War
St. Mary's Sarah Sweeney 1859 5 Jul 1938 unmarked grave
East Lawn Mrs. Sarah Willis      
East Lawn John W. Willis      
  Rossie M. Claypole      
  Oscar G. Baker      
  Melvin Fenley      
arrangements will be announced by Klingner
  James Edward Allen      
  Mrs. Mabel Williams      
Hazelwood Cemetery James BROWN Jan. 22, 1861 Feb. 22, 1913 Information is from certified copy of the death certificate, James is my maternal grandfather.

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