1903 Polk Co MO plats Greene County Archives Bulletin #37
1903 Plat Book of Polk County, Missouri

from the Greene County Archives and Records Center, Springfield, Missouri
with the kind permission of Robert Neumann, Archives Supervisor.

Transcribed from the original for the GCArchives by Carolyn Snider and Marian Demore Transcribed from print for the Greene County USGW website by Megan Zurawicz, 1999.

Surnames beginning with Mc

Any data with an asterisk (*) at the end means that the original transcribers weren't certain of their reading.

If the person lived in town, the name of the town is listed rather than township/range/section.

Please note: business names are mixed in among individuals.
Last NameFirst NameTRSec
McAchranE. J.33234
McAchranM. E.332231, 32, 33
McAchranM. E.33244, 5
McAchranS. G.33243
McAchranS. G.342330
McAchranS. G. & T. L.342311
McAchranT. L.34236
McAchrenS. G. & T. L.32235, 6, 7, 8
McAchrenThos.342411, 12
McAchrenT. L.342413, 14
McAllisterA. A.352436
McBrideM. W.352219
McBrideN. M.352230
McClellanP. C.322430
McClendonJ. F.352420
McColmE. E.33223
McColmE. F.342234
McColmP. N.342234, 35
McConnellI. J.34211
McConnellJ. B.332329
McCoyT. C.322128
McCoyT. E.322121, 28
McCrackenC. C.352310, 12, 14, 24
McCrackenD. T.352311, 12
McCrackenG. W.352311, 12
McCrackenH. C.342215
McCrackenH. C.Bolivar
McCrackenJ. C.352311, 13, 14, 24
McCrackenJ. T.352310
McCrackenT. P.352219
McCrackenW. T. S.352218, 19
McCrackenW. T. S.352313
McCroryI. J.332411
McCroryI. J.33237
McCroryS. E.332413
McCulleyI. F.322427, 33, 34
McCulleyJ. F.322421, 22
McCulleyW. H.342231
McCurdyA. P.31214
McCurryJ. W.31212, 3
McDonaldH. C.322415, 22
McDonaldJ. A.322422
McDonaldJ. R.322416, 21
McDonaldL. C.322422
McDonaldW. A.322422
McFallJ. T.342114
McGeeJno.342433, 34
McGeeW. E.342426
McGillJ. S.31237
McGillM. H.31216
McGowanW. J.342210
McGuireJ. K.322228, 34
McGuireM.322227, 34
McGuireT. J.322219, 30
McGuireW. H.31224, 6
McGuireW. H.322227, 34
McKinneyA. M.33217
McKinneyC. C.352215
McKinneyG. F.332212
McKinneyJ. G.33221
McKinneyJ. H.332234
McKinneyJ. H.332333
McKinneyW. F.33221
McKinzieJ. K.322415
McKinzieM. A.312410
McKnightG. D.322317, 20
McKnightM. F.31225
McKnightW. M.322316, 20, 21
McKnightW. R.322316
McKoinJ. C.31222, 11, 12
McLinJ. A.342328
McLinnW. W.332216
McMahanH. D.342432
McMichaelM. E.332136
McMillinN. H.312112
McMillinW. B.332420, 21
McNattWm.31211, 2
McPheeterA. J.34221
McPheeterA. J.34216
McPheeterA. J.352131
McQuaryJ. H.352215
McReynoldsJ. B.33223
McReynoldsJ. P.342234
McReynoldsS. E.322328, 32, 33, 34
McReynoldsS. E.31233

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uploaded 26 april 1999 by megan zurawicz