1903 Polk Co MO plats Greene County Archives Bulletin #37
1903 Plat Book of Polk County, Missouri

from the Greene County Archives and Records Center, Springfield, Missouri
with the kind permission of Robert Neumann, Archives Supervisor.

Transcribed from the original for the GCArchives by Carolyn Snider and Marian Demore Transcribed from print for the Greene County USGW website by Megan Zurawicz, 1999.

Geographical Index

Businesses, Towns, Post Offices
Any data with an asterisk (*) at the end means that the original transcribers weren't certain of their reading.

If the business was in town, the name of the town is listed rather than township/range/section.

Adonis PO35229
Aetna Loan & Trust Co322127
Agricultural College35247
Agricultural College352215, 21
Aldrich (city of)332434
Bank of Bolivar322318, 19
Bank of Bolivar332231, 32
Baptist CollegeBolivar
Baptist CollegeHumansville
Bohemian Catholic Church & CemeteryKarlin
Bolivar (city of)33231, 2, 11, 12
Brick PlantHumansville
Brick Yard352114
Brighton (city of)322233
Burns PO332211
Cliquot (city of)34238
College SchoolHumansville
County Farm332315
Dewey PO342120
Dunnegan Springs (city of)34245
Equitable Security Co.342111, 14
Erie PO34213
Eudora (city of)322426
Eudora Springs (city of)322413
Fair Play (city of)342432, 33
Fidelity Trust Co.34242
Flemmington (city of)35237, 8
Gold PO322136
Goodson PO34215
Graydon Spring PO322331
Gresham PO31227
Humansville (city of)35249, 10, 15, 16
Huron PO34224
Ingalls PO352114
International L. & T. Co.34211, 2
Johnson Land Co.352218
Karlin (city of)332326
M. E. S. CollegeMorrisville
Mill PO31213
Mission PO342114
M. L. & L. S. Co.31212, 6, 8, 10
M. L. & L. S. Co.31238
M. L. & L. S. Co.322122, 26, 34
M. L. & L. S. Co.332223
Mohawk PO352225
MO Land & Live Stock Co.312212
Morrisville (city of)322323, 26
Morrisville Milling Co.322323
Morrisville Milling Co.Morrisville
Mt. Pisgah Church332318
Nat'l Academy of Science342311
Nox PO322430
Pleasant Hope (city of)322129, 30, 31, 32
Polk (city of)34221
Polk & Cedar Land Co.342431, 32
Rex PO32214
Rimby PO352122
Robinson & Co.352230
Rogers Real Estate Co.332136
Rondo Inst.352314
Rondo PO352322
Schofield PO332126
Sentinal PO35217
Shady Grove PO332429
Slagle PO32225
Springfield Foundry352214
Stock Co.31222
Sulphur Springs (city of)352333
Sunset PO332235
Van PO332225
Van PO332130
Viles & Co.33227
Wishart (city of)322316

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uploaded 26 april 1999 by megan zurawicz