Old Salem Cemetery
Springfield, Greene County, MO
Photographed and transcribed by Johnna Quick and Heather Gilbert on 10 July 2004.
     Melissa R  6-14-1836  6-14-1901  Wife of DA Headlee, GW Huff & 
            BW Appleby  “A beautiful life ends not in death”
     David  4 Dragoons Rev War  (newer marker)
     David  4-17-1761  3-24-1840  Age 79yr 11mo 7da (original marker, 
           now gone)
     Emory  4-1777  3-18—
     David H  12-16-1796  4-7-1860  Aged 63yr 3mo 22da  (Stone broken 
           and mostly unreadable)
     Marina  5-11-1805  9-3-1863  Our mother  Consort of David H 
           Bedell  Aged 58yr 3mo 22da  “Even to the latest breath Hark 
           to that the savior Be thou faithful unto death And take the 
           crown of life.”
     Fanny  8-19-1797  11-15-1856  Born in NC
     DC  7-10-1801  6-28-1870
     No first name  born 1821
     Henry  2-10-1865  1-19-1917
     Nancy  8-11-1871  (buried in another cemetery)
     Elisha  5-18-1760  10-8-1845  Pvt NJ Militia Rev War  (new marker)
     Elisha  5-18-1760  10-8-1845  (old marker)
     DA  d. 10-25-1862  Aged 31yr 2mo 4da
     Joseph  4-17-1798  9-28-1862  Our father
     Martha  11-26-1800  6-16-1881  Our mother
     Caleb  11-5-1788  8-8-1847
     George W  2-22-1837  11-30-1888
     Sarah  7-8-1842  11-27-1892
     SJ  3-15-1827  6-15-1890
     Infant son of AP and SE  10-21-1894
     Mary E  11-6-1836  11-16-1918  Wife of JD Spencer
     Matuda or Matilda  7-11-1807  4-2-1872  Our Aunt  Aged 64yr 9mo 
          10da  Daughter of Mathew and Sara Wallis
     Sarah  2-15-1762  7-31-1847  Aged 83yr 5mo 20da  Consort of 
          Mathew Wallis
     Jeptha  4-26-1800  8-13-1879  Aged 79yr 3mo 17da
     Nancy A  12-18-1799  1-25-1890  Wife of Jeptha Wallis  “In memory 
          of thy generous worth, this monument is given, by those 
          whome thou hast left on earth but trust will meet in heaven.”
     Robert L  9-12-1852  11-11-1856  Son of M and Sarah J Wallis
     Nancy A  8-28-1863  9-7-1865  Daughter of M and Sarah J Wallis
     Lenard M  2-22-1855  11-9-1856  Son of M and Sarah J Wallis
     Matthew  10-26-1827  10-28-1895  Died as he lived a Devoted 
          Christian  “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from 
          henceforth, Yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from 
          their labors and their works do follow them.”
     Sarah J  11-24-1830  7-15-1889  Wife of Matthew Wallis  “Gone 
          home to God”
     Sallie  died 10-10-1911  Age 39 years  At rest
     RF  1866  1944
According to the property owner, several of the stones have been 
stolen.  These stones were noted in previous transcriptions, newspaper 
abstracts, and word of mouth:
ROGERS  __ne  5-20-1829  10-28-1874
ROGERS  ___  4-1-1860  -
MARTIN  Johnson  died 10-8-1899  Age 61
SMALL  Lucy  1831  7-18-1877  Wife of Sony Small
BAKER  Silas  6-25-1816  11-23-1840
ANDREW  Emily E  11-20-1814  2-10-1884  Aged 26yr 2mo 20da Consort of 
    W. Andrew
ANDREW  Lanora  9-20-1842  2-16-1843  Daughter of W and EJ Andrew