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The cemetery is located 6 miles southeast of Strafford in Greene County, MO. The cemetery was originally on the Samuel Martin homestead. Samuel’s son Samuel Gilbert Martin inherited the farm where he raised his family. The best I can determine the next owner was Jonathan Pickel then Thomas Sayers. I don’t know who the current owner is.

Samuel Martin, the first Presiding Justice of Greene County upon it’s formation in 1833, settled on the land shortly after arriving in the Ozark’s in 1829.

CLOUSE, Wm. H., b. 6 Apr 1851, d. 28 May 1919. Husband of Ruth.
CLOUSE, Ruth S., b. 09 Nov 1850, d. 7 Apr 1909, 58 yr. 4 mo. 29 days.
MARTIN, Alice, b. 29 May, d. 08 May 1889, 16 yr, 11 mo, 10 days. Wife of Thomas.
MARTIN, Rosy E., b. 01 May 1889. Parents were Thos. & Alice
MARTIN, Samuel G., b. 01 Feb 1809, d. 20 Oct 1874.
MARTIN, Margaret M., b. 20 Feb 1848, d. 21 Sep 1859. Daughter of S.G. & C.
MARTIN, Wesley, b. 08 May 1878, d. 07 Dec 1917.
MARTIN, Wm. C., b. 06 Jan 1851, d. 13 Nov 1909.
MARTIN, Nancy E., 15 May 1854, d. 26 Feb 1921.
MARTIN, Samuel A., b. 17 Jul 1872, d. 30 Nov 1874. Son of W.C. & N.E. Martin
MARTIN, Thos. C., 27 Jun 1874, d. 18 Feb 1875. Son of W.C. & N.E. Martin.
PICKEL, Jonathan, b. 16 Jan 1817, d. 04 Dec 1883.
PICKEL, Sarah, b. 22 Mar 1819, d. 06 Mar 1870.
SAYERS, A. Borden, b. 19 Aug 1840, d. 07 Feb 1929.
SAYERS, Virginia, b. 14 Feb 1843, d. 05 Jan 1928.
SAYERS, Susannah, b. 04 Oct 1845, d. 18 Jun 1936.
SAYERS, Margaret, b. 09 April 1848, d. 16 May 1933.
SAYERS, Catherine, b. 15 May 1853, d. 16 Aug 1915.
SAYERS, Gordon C., b. 07 Aug 1858, d. 05 Jun 1904.
SAYERS, Thomas W., b. 26 Jun 1814, d. 21 Mar 1906. Husband of Margaret.
SAYERS, Margaret, b. 18 Oct 1818, d. 09 Oct 1889.
I don’t know if this is all of the graves. These are all I have a record of. There were a few graves marked with “field-stones”.

Submitted by: Glain Martin

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