Polk County Mo Plat 1903 Greene County Archives Bulletin #3
Plat Book of Polk County, Missouri, 1903

from the Greene County Archives and Records Center, Springfield, Missouri
with the kind permission of Robert Neumann, Archives Supervisor.

Transcribed from the original for the GCArchives by Carolyn Snider and Marian Demore Transcribed from print for the Greene County USGW website by Megan Zurawicz, 1998 and 1999.

This data has been split into multiple pages for quick loading. These links are to html pages for easy reading; please see the USGW Archives link below for text pages for easier printing.

There has been some confusion about the meaning of township here. The listings here are for the township and range system of locating land, not for named political townships which are subject to change.

I have not been able to find a plat map for Polk County of reasonable scanning size (less than 9x12); if anyone has one they can scan or send a copy of, let me know.

Mc M N-O P-Q R S T-V W Y-Z*
* There are no names beginning with X listed

Geographical Index: Businesses, Towns, Post Offices and such.

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