Dunklin County Census

1920 Dunklin County Census Exerpts

1920 Dunklin Cty Census, Holcomb MO

Transcribed from Microfilm By Sherri Sontag 4-1-02
( 1920 is very difficult to read, Some Errors may Occur in spelling or transcription)

# 84
Dye, Earnest 22 W M MO TN TN (son of Charles H Dye
& Lucy Sutton)
Ettie 19 MO ILL MO
Ralph 1-1/2 MO MO MO

# 85
Floyd, Fannie E W F 68 Head TN SC TN
Dye, Luvina Dau 45 TN NCTN
Floyd , Mattie Dau 38 TN NC TN
Sam Son 28 MO NC TN
Dye, Dee Grandson 17 MO TN TN

# 94-194
Dye, Chas 27 W M TN MO MO ( Son of James Dye)
Nina 23 TN TN TN
Harlan T Son 5 MO TN TN
Vane Son 4 MO TN TN
Thomas Son 1 MO TN TN

# 95
Watson, Thomas G W M Head 26 MO MO MO Barber
( Son of Smith Watson)
Myrtle L Wife 23 9 ( Dau of
Napoleon Boswell
& Lizzy Dye)
William C Son 4 MO MO MO
Yevon C Dau 8 mons MO MO MO

# 95A
Willhite, Ulysses E 24, MO MO MO
Ida E Wife 21 TN TN TN
Eabon C Son 5 MO MO MO
Eunic Son 3 MO MOMO
# 95B
Dye, Thomas H Head W M TN NC TN ( Son of A B & Sallie Dye)
Ida B 46 MO TN MO
Virgil T Son 21 MO TN MO
Kellie J Dau 19 MO TN MO
James A Son14 MO TN MO
Genevie E Dau12 MO TN MO
William T Son 8 MO TN MO
Fannie B Dau 6MO TN MO

Philip O Watson- Living in the home of Noble Fitzgerald
as a Boarder age 27 Philip is the son of Smith Watson, brother
of Thomas G Watson.

97 A
Dye, David T W M Head 35 TN TN TN ( Son of John Dye
& Sarah A Rice)
Minnie 29 MO TN TN ( Dau of Napoleon
Boswell & Lizzy Dye)
Pauline Dau 4 MO TN MO
Halloween Dau 1 MO TN MO
Boswell, Henry J Nephew 22 MO TN MO

65, 65
Watson, Jim 58 TN TN TN ( Son of Smith Watson)
Laula 36
Bessie dau 12
Marion son 10
Marie dau 5
Jim Jr son 2

68, 68
Wayne , Noah C Head 44 W M MO MO MO ( Son of Samuel Wayne)
Minnie P 35 TN TN TN
Verna L dau 6
Finias son 3

# 100
Bryant ( Briant) Louis W M Head 34 MO AR AR
Cora Wife 43 MO MO MO ( Dau of J W Sutton,
Former Wife of
Henry Dye son of
A B Dye)
Maudie dau 23 MO AR MO
Georgia dau 20 MO AR MO
Ada dau 18 MOAR MO
Dye, Edgar son 14 MO AR MO
Briant, Edna dau 6 MO AR MO

# 102B
Dye, Obe 49 W M head TN TN TN ( son of Perry G Dye-
1st wife was Sarah L
25, 135, 135
Lizzie 48 TN TN TN
Smith Mary L 24 Widow Niece AR TN TN

# 103B
Dye, Alfred B WM Head 36 MO TN TN ( Son of John Dye
& Sarah A Rice)
41, 151,151
Lelar A 27 MO TN MO ( Dau of Obe Dye &
Sarah L Crittenden)
Opal 11
Edgar 9
Edith 6
Ethel 6
Syble A 4
Hazel M 2
Sarah AWidow Mother60 TN TN TN

# 105
Dye, Jasper 39 Head W M MO TN TN (Son of John Dye
& Sarah A Rice-
1st Wife Lena Dye
Dau of Obe Dye)
Virgie 40 Wife AR AR AR
Sallie 13 TN TN TN
Owen 10 TN TN TN
Barney V 6 TN TN TN
Lillie M 2 TN TN TN
Drope, Mary J 13 Dau AR AR AR
Buill 9 son AR AR AR
Loraine9 Dau AR AR AR
Willie 4Son AR AR AR
Hart, Thomas L3 son MO ILL AR

# 105B
76, 185,186
Dye, Riley V W M Head 28 MO TN MO
Dolly 21 AR AR AR
Nadine dau 4 MO MO AR
Lucille dau 3 MO MO AR
John T son 1 mon MO MO AR

# 107
105, 214, 215
Dye, James M W M head TN NC NC (Son of Thomas
& Judy Dye)
Myrty F 53 ILL ILL ILL (nee: Watson)
Dallas S dau 14 MO TN ILL
Thelma dau 14 MO TN ILL
Burton son 12 MO TN ILL

# 109
135, 245,246
Dye, Clarence Head25, W M MO TN MO
Audra Wife22 MO MO MO
Glen Son 3mons MO MO MO

1920 Independence TWP Kennett City

# 123B
Wayne, Samuel C Head48 M W MO MO MO Lumber Mill Logging
232, 237
Mary Wife 42 TN TN TN
Walker son 19 MO MO TN
Willie son 17
Flora dau 12
Raymond son 10
Hester dau 8
Ruby dau 5
Rachel dau 2

# 165
Jones, James M Head W M 67 TN NC TN Common Laborer
Alie Wife 66 TN TN TN ( Dau of
Thomas & Judy Dye)
Albert C son 22 MO TN TN
McMahan, Tom M W 21 ILL, USA, ILLBoarder

Boswell, Nick Head W M 46 TN TN TN Restaurant Proprietor
(Son of Charles Boswell
& Rosann Avery- Nephew
to Napoleon Boswell)
Ella Wife 34 ILL ILL ILL ( nee: Boswell)
Lola Dau 12
Georgia Dau 10 ( Actually George L)
Erna Dau 7

Location South Jackson Street

# 176 B
29, 305
Boswell, William R W M Head 36 Salesman Grocery Store
( Son of Napoleon & Lizzy Dye)
Annie 26
Mildred Dau6
Willard Son 4
Griffin, Luther Bro in law 31 Janitor at Hospital

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