Dunklin County Census Census Exerpts

1900 Census: Dunklin Co.,Mo. Independence Twp...City of Kennett.

  1. KIRBY, Louisa (Head)
    Lee-Minnie-Robert B.

  2. FLOYD, Marion A. (Head)

  3. BLAKELY,Susan (Head) and..
    FISHER: Susan-Louisa-Hattie-James-Gracie-Emily-John-America and...
    Emilene Fisher/HAWKINS & Nathaniel.

  4. BARNES, John (Head)
    Annie-Lucy-Reva(?) L.-Walter A.

  5. JONES, Steve (Head)
    Ellen and...Henry-Luther & Pearl BARNES

  6. LONG, Samuel (Head)
    John L.-William A.

  7. BLEDSOE, John A. (Head)
    Carrie-William-Addie M.-Henry-Samuel-Elmo-Annie.

  8. MATTHEWS, ? (Head)
    Hattie KELLY-Minnie L.-Norah(?)-Robert & Corbet(?)
    Henry BALLARD & Vanora (?)

    (Sorry, but I couldn't read some of the names even with a magnifying glass.)

Submitted by Susan Newell Poster-#-64-
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