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Stanfield, Cemetery
Clarkton, Missouri
Dunklin County

NOTE: "This is the list of known burials in Stanfield Cemetery. An inventory was Recorded
Melba Cronan & Donna Thornberry Poster-#-29-July 17, 1998 and used to create the basis of this list.

Corrections and additions are welcomed and should be directed to Don Wright. Instructions for submissions are on the list of cemeteries page."
Stanfield Cemetery, Hwy. 25 South Clarkton, MO. 63837


Stanfield Cemetery

Stanfield Cemetery


Name****Date of Birth****Date of Death****Family Notes

INGRAM, Thomas G. b- Apr. 13, 1887 d- May 7, 1967
Husband of Mnnie A. Ingram
Married- Mar. 14, 1909
INGRAM, Minnie A. b- Nov. 10, 1889 d- Nov. 28, 1978
Wife of Thomas G. Ingram
INGRAM, Joseph b- 1889 d- 1965
Husband of Sarah J. Ingram
INGRAM, Sarah J. b- 1900 d- 1993
Wife of Joseph Ingram
INGRAM, Joe H. b- Oct. 3, 1937 d- Nov. 10, 1959
Son of Joseph & Sarah J. Ingram
IRBY, Willie Houston ~ b- Feb. 5, 1905 d- July 20, 1975
IRWIN, J. B. b- Jan. 12, 1903 d- Nov. 1, 1985
Husband of Loretta Efinger ~ Irwin
US Army WW I I
IRWIN, Loretta Efinger ~ b- July 6, 1900 d- n/a
Wife of J. B. Irwin
ISAACS, Harvey b- Sept. 21, 1903 d- Apr. 14, 1970
Husband of Lucy Isaacs
ISAACS, Lucy b- May 1908 d- Mar. 1943
Wife of Harvey Isaacs
ISAACS, Odas C. b- Apr. 30, 1930 d- n/a
Husband of Mary E. Isaacs
Married- Sept. 4, 1950
ISAACS, Mary E. b- Feb. 20, 1930 d- July 21, 1994
Wife of Odas C. Isaacs
ISBELL, Lee b- Nov. 24, 1883 d- May 20, 1927

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