Cardwell, Cemetery Dunklin County Missouri

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Cardwell, Cemetery
is on the West Side of
Cardwell, Missouri

Cardwell Cemetery Association
PO Box 488
Cardwell, MO 63829-0488.

    Cardwell, Cemetery
    is on the West Side of
    Cardwell, Missouri

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    HOLT, John K. b-Feb 19, 1833 d-Sept 23, 1865
    (PVT Coast ARty Corps WWII)
    ROGERS John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
    married Jan 05, 1825
    To Martha Ellen Thomas
    ROGERS, Martha Ellen (Thomas) b-July 5, 1801 d-June 6, 1856
    wife of John R. Rodgers
    WRIGHT, Ruby L. b-Feb 19, 1900 d-Sept 23, 1953

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Cardwell, Cemetery
Dunklin County Cemetery

"History of Cardwell Cemetery"

    "On May 30, 1916, the city board closed the deal with Mr. John Franklin Summitt for the old Parcel Cemetery sight [sic]. 'The city is to get three (3) acres of land and the old Percell Cemetery sight [sic] for the sum of $400...' In 1941. ..the Cardwell Cemetery was cleaned and restaked and the Cardwell Cemetery was formed."

    from pg. 161 of "History and Genealogy of Buffalo Township, Cardwell, Missouri," by Mrs. Miles [Rose Sissom] Horner, 1973.


  • NOTE : This is a list of surnames that I found for the CARDWELL CEMETERY. there are many others that are not listed below.If you know some please send them to me and I will post them.

    Don E. Wright

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