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Located 2 miles W. of Anutt on Co. Road 212 --- T. 35N,R.8W., Sec 24

This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO. Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

Submitted by Kathy Welch Heidel

ARNOLD, CHARLEY s/o Thomas A. & Fannie nee Young; Bro to: Mollie, Oliver, John James, Flora Matlock, Susie

ATKINS, little girl 1901

BRADLEY, WILLIAM A. SR.; m. Susan Kitchen, ch.: Willam A.

BRADLEY, SUSAN w/o W. A. 8/8/1815 - 3/19/1899, nee Kitchen, d/o William Anthony

BRADLEY, WILLIAM A. 11/10/1852 - 4/14/1932

BRADLEY, MILDRED w/o William A. 3/10/1878 - 2/27/1956

CARMACK, SOPHIA "FIDE" w/o James, nee Peterson; Mother of : James Edward (m. Sarah Jane Ragan) & Joseph -- both bur. Rhea Cem., Mrs. J. L. Campbell

CASE, JOSEPH WARREN 8/2/1838, Edgar Springs - 11/9/1880, s/o Squire Littleton & Martha McCloud Case (both d. Pulaski Co.,MO); m. Eliza L. Malone, Pulaski Co., 7 ch.: Martha Jane (6/1/1858 - 7/20/1860), James Thomas(4/12/1861, Phelps Co - 12/1/1951, bur. Anaconda MT, m. Emma Herod, 2/15/1883, Tarrant Co. TX, she bur. Anutt Cem.) Alexander L. (m. Minnie Melton) & Squire Newton (m. Maggie Null)--both bur. Anutt Cem., Allen Bartley 3/2/1867 4/6/1863, m. Lena "Lennie" Melton, both bur. Summersville), Missouri Belle (m. Francis J. Dunham, both bur. Anutt Cem.) & Ira P.; Confederate Army, Civil War

CASE, ELIZA LOUVISA w/o Joseph W. 3/24/1838 Yancy Mills, Phelps Co.-1/1/1914, Lecoma, Watkins Twn., Dent Co., d/o John Jackson Malone & Jane C. Rhea (Ray) Malone who were born TN & moved to Salem-Rolla area

CASE, IRA PATTERSON s/o J. W. & E. L. 9/21/1880 - 11/5/1885

COLLIER, S. DORRIS, m. Jennie C. Harris, 1896, Dent Co.

COLLIER, JENNIE C. w/o Dorris 2/27/1878 - 4/6/1899, TB, d/o Robert L. & Nancy Riley Harris

COLLIER, BESSIE E. w/o L. J. 8/15/1882 - 1/31/1910, nee Marsh, d/o James & Rhoda; mother of Tartan W. (c1909 - 9/16/1988, bur Ozark Mem. Gardens - Rolla, m. Ella, lived Rolla), Mary Case

FIPPS, JOHN QUINCY 4/12/1848 - 1/16/1916, s/o Jacob S. (bur. Dover OK) & Anna nee Busch (bur. Phelps Co.); John Q. m. Mary Motsinger, bur. Mt. Herman Cem.), Dent Co., 1870---Mary d. OK, ch.: Lelland, Ella, George (to OK, m. Susie Reed of Edgar Springs), William, David Frederick "Fred" (m. Grace Heavin, to ?OK), Betty Bledsoe (to CA), America Hires, Eliza L. (1888 - 1966, m. Edward Gordon, 1908, bur. Rolla Cem.)

FIPPS, LELLAND s/o John & Mary nee Motsinger c1888 - 1904

FIPPS, DAISY ELLA d/o John & Mary nee Motsinger 1895 - 1900

FOUST, DANIEL R. (Father) 1834 - 1871)


FOUST, FRANCES (Daughter) 1866 - 1867

GRIDER, ELIZA A. w/o J. M. 10/27/1842 - 4/11/1904

GRIDER, HARRIET E. d/o J. M. & E. A.;d. 3/8/1882, aged 18 yrs. 6mos. 29das.; (Edna Grider m. James Spoon, 1895, Dent Co.)

HARRIS, ROBERT L. "UNCLE LETCHIE" 10/19/1826 - 1/20/1909; m. 3 times, 1., ch: Hiram; m. Nancy E. Riley, 1866, Dent Co.; Father of: Martha I. (Mrs. Lewis Heavin), Jennie C. (Mrs. Dorris Collier), Susie E., Mary F., Daisy, Carter (d. Edgar Springs, ?bur. Mitchell Cem., m. Cynthia Ann Mitchell), Nancy Ellen (m. Gust Schmiedeke), Henry C. (m. Mary E. Weber), & Julia (Mrs. Eli Heavin)--all bur. Anutt Cem.), William H. (m. Mary Jane Longgear, goth bur Renaud Cem.), Henrietta "Sis" (?bur. Baker-Wright Cem. near Anutt, m. Louis Monroe Campbell, 1882, Dent Co.

HARRIS, NANCY E. w/o Robert L., nee Riley

HARRIS, MARY F. 11/11/1871 - 11/4/1899, TB, d/o Robert L. & Nancy

HARRIS, SUSIE E. 2/14/1880 - 9/14/1898, TB, d/o Robert L. & Nancy

HARRIS, DAISY 4/19/1882 - 1/7/1900, TB, d/o Robert L. & Nancy

HEAVIN, MARTHA I. w/o Lewis N. (d. OK) 8/12/1873 - 3/6/1911, nee Harris, d/o Robert L. & Nancy

MARSH, JAMES B. m. Rhoda Baker, 1878, Dent Co.; Father of: Keziah Elizabeth "Bessie" (Mrs. L. J. Collier), Rhoda E., John M.

MARSH, RHODA C. w/o J. B. 1854 - 12/1932, nee Baker

MARSH, RHODA E. d/o J. B. & M. F. 2/17/1877 - 3/13/1877

MARSH, JOHN M. s/o John B. & Rhoda 1/29/1889 - 12/12/1957

PETERSON, MR. Father of: Sophia "Fide" Carmack, Abraham, Matilda, Hester Ann; moved to area c1865


PETERSON, ABRAHAM 2/2/1850 OH - 3/26/1935, Lecoma; lived c70 yrs. on homeplace near Lacoma


PETERSON, MATILDA 12/7/1856 - 7/4/1936

RATLIFF, ROSS E. 1/11/1883 - 4/15/1883, s/o Samuel J. & Susan N.M.S. nee Weber (m. 1882, Dent Co.)


SCHMIEDEKE, CARL F. & wife SOPHIA nee MILLER ; parents of 7 ch.: Frederika (m. Frederick Edward Bates), Henry, Fred, Andrew, Mary L. (bur. Sunset Hills Cem., Edwardsville IL, m. George Warden - bur. Warden Cem.) Annie Stites, Charles Frederick * see Anutt Cem.

TATE, Inf. d/o William J. & Julia Ann nee Young

TATE, Inf. d/o William J. & Julia Ann nee Young

WEBER, SOLOMON; m. Sarah Humphries, Ch.: Rosannah, Nancy, Mary, Casper, Elizabeth S., Margary & John H. (twins), William W., Susan, Rebecca, Rachel, Isaac L. (?m. Sophia Jones)

WEBER, SARAH w/o Solomon, nee Humphries

WEBER, WILLIAM WELLINGTON s/o Solomon & Sarah; b. 3/23/1826 - d. after 1860

WEBER, CASPER 4/12/1819 Rutherford Co. NC - 2/2/1898, Anutt; m. Percy Dykes, 2/1841, Anderson Co. TN, 10 ch., 1st 8 b. Anderson Co. TN. last 2 Dent Co.; Archibald D., Minerva Jane (b. 10/7/1843, m. James Bradley, 2/21/1861, Dent Co.), John W., William Bradford (b. 7/29/1847), Charles Riley (bur. Anutt Cem.), James Isaac (bur. Anutt Cem. m. Ersley Corder), Susan N. M. S. (Mrs. S. J. Ratliff), 2 sons d. infancy

WEBER, PERCEY "PERCY" w/o Casper 1/14/1823, Anderson Co. TN - 8/13/1866, Anutt, nee Dykes

WEBER, CASPER CRATON FOSTER s/o C. & P. 7/30/1856 - 10/29/1860

WEBER, RUFUS MOSSIE LONGMIRE s/o C. & P. 12/27/1858 - 6/18/1863

WEBER, ARCHIBALD DOWLIN s/o Casper & Percy, 5/26/1842, Anderson Co.TN - 10/27/1862, Dent Co

WEBER, JOHN WESLEY s/o Casper & Percy; m. Sarah R. Dennis, 10/23/1868, Dent Co., ch.: Gussie (m. T. J. Yorke, 1895, Dent Co.), Mary Catherine (m. Robert Collier, 1895, Dent Co.

WEBER, CORA MAY d/o James I & Ersley (Corder) 2/1/1874, Dent Co. - 7/28/1890, parents bur. Anutt Cem.

WEBER, SUSAN ALPHA d/o James I & Ersley 8/6/1886, Dent Co. 7/20/1891, Dent Co.

WEBER, WILLIAM CASPER s/o James I. & Ersley 3/1/1889, Dent Co. - 7/7/1890, Dent Co.

WEBER, ARTHUR E. 10/25/1876 near Wesco, Crawford Co. - 9/7/1935, home, Davisville, w/o C. Riley & Elizabeth H. nee Arthur (b. Anutt Cem.); m. teaching Davisville School when he became ill, he had taught 35 yrs.; member Sligo Methodist; Bro. to: R. E., Otto, Charles, Agnes, Effie, & 2 sis d. before him; nephew of Mrs H. C. Vaughn & Eliza Laney

YOUNG, ELIZA w/o William (elderly); sister-in-law to Mrs. Coonard Kitchen of Lenox


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