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I am doing research into the games and past times of the Ozarks. After looking into the games that my own family played in the early days of the Ozarks in Dent and Crawford counties, I became interested in the origins and backgrounds of Ozark activities. I would like to collect all of the information that I can on the subject and do a study of it. If you have family stories to tell or other information that might be useful in my study please mail me at.

kesslerg@medicine.wustl.edu or at : 436 west union #2 Edwardsville, IL 62025


Researcher: Billy Wingo    wingoworld@earthlink.net

Surnames: Wingo

Posted: 19 September 2004

I am looking for the burial places of Edmund T. Wingo, and the
grave of his son Jacob William Wingo. Also I am looking for the Grave's
of their wives Mary Jane Fizer, Wingo and Laura Frances Wingo. Thank
you to all who read this post. I hope someone can help me. Thank you
for your time and consideration.


Researcher:  Orville W. Sewell        cottontop1@msn.com

Surnames: Schafer, Nelson, Goicher ( not sure of spelling)

Posted: 19 September 2004

I am trying to find my ancestors and locate the Schafer family farm. My
mother was Ora Schafer Sewell daughter of John Schafer and Anna Lee Nelson.
She was born and raised on theSchafer farm on or near the Upper Parker
School. Her grandparents were Chris and Jane Goicher Schafer. There was a
civil war soldier buried behind the school on the farm. John Schafer's
brother's were Andy and Folteen. According to my mother, they farmed as
well as ran a saw mill and thrashing business. They had a sister Didema.
My grandparents on the Nelson side were John Nelson and Caroline Nelson. I
believe they were from around Ashley ( I don't know if Ashley was a creek,
community,etc.) On my birth certificate it states that I was born in
Current Community in rural Dent County. I would appreciate any information
any one may have on my ancestors or the location of the farm. Thanks
Orville cottontop1@msn.com


Researcher: Cindy Becker     labecker@sbcglobal.net

Surname: Jamison

Posted: 19 September 2004

Looking for any info on James J & Malissa ? Jamison.
They were living in Dent Co., Watkins Twnshp in the 1860 Census.
Their children would have been:
Elizabeth A...Ellen (Elenore) married William Dudley Mahurin
Sarah L..married Dorris Green Mahurin
James H and William S
I then find JJ & Malissa along with J.H. & W.S. in the 1870 Dent Co, Norman Twnshp census.
I need ANY info you might have on these two. They were my gg grandparents.
Contact Cindy Becker at labecker@sbcglobal.net


Researcher: Mahlon Erickson    mahlone@hotmail.com

Surnames: Berry

Posted: 19 September 2004

Seek information on Civil War unit in which John Hambleton Berry fought. He was the son of John and Elizabeth Berry. His family lived in Texas County, Dent Co. MO in 1860-1870-1880. By 1900 James H. berry was living in Stillwater, Payne Co. OK.

I need to determine his Civil War unit in order to place his name on a monument to Civil War soldiers buried in Fairlawn Cemetery in Stillwater OK that should be erected in Stillwater within the next year.

Mahlon Erickson

Graves Registration Officer

Capt. David L. Payne Camp #2, SUVCW

Stillwater OK


Researcher: Charles Mills   chmills@cox.net

Surnames: Hall

Posted: 19 September 2004

I'm looking for any information on John or Thomas C. HALL from Tn.
Living in Dent Co. in the 1860 and 1870 census
Thanks in advance
Charles Mills


Researcher: Aleita King Huguenin      aleita@aol.com

Surnames: Benton

Posted: 13 June 2004


Based on the following:
"Nancy T. Benton, widow of Henry Benton, died at the home of her son, Henry, in Salem, July 8, 1900 at the age of 87. She leaves four sons and one daughter, James S. and Elijah P. of Steelville, Thomas and Henry of Salem and Julia Blanton of St. Louis. Mrs. Benton was the daughter of a minister named King (Joseph) who came to Missouri in 1825. She was buried beside her husband on the Lick Creek Cemetery."
"Crawford County Missouri Obituaries" Vol. 1, Page 112
I cannot find Lick Creek in Crawford County- is it in Dent?


Researcher: Lisa Kaiser

Surnames: Colbert, Allen

Posted: 15 May 2004

I am looking for information about the families of Roy Pendleton Colbert and his wife, Lena "Noema" Allen, who lived in Salem until Noema's death on 5/6/34. She was born 12/7/07, they were married 12/31/31. Lena Noema is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetary.
Roy's parents: James Buchanan Colbert and Rachel Groce
siblings: Floyd H., Harry E., Katherine E.
Noema's parents: Edward R. and Ella
Siblings: Mrs. Lily Kemp, Mrs. Millie Harper, Mrs. Hazel Trollinger, Mrs. Ida Mason, Miss Leo Allen, Mr. Julian Allen, plus 3 siblings that preceeded her in death.
Lisa Kaiser


Researcher: Robert Cope       rob@teamdavid.com

Surname: Cope

Posted: 15 May 2004

I am looking for any information on my great grand-father Ira Cope, who was
born in Dent County around 1890. He lived in Nebraska for a short time
around 1910, then moved back to the Salem area, where he lived out his life.
My best guess is that he died in the late 1940s or early 1950s He is buried
in one of the surrounding cemeteries. Any information you could provide
would be appreciated. Thank You!
Robert Cope


Researcher: Cheri Gray     dewey@fidnet.com

Surname: Copeland

Posted: 18 April 2004

I need information on George Andrew Jackson Copeland. He was in Dent County
somewhere between 1875-1885. Does any one know whether or not he had a son
named Thomas born around 1861. It would be on the census if any one does
lookups. Thank you in advance for your help.
Cheri Gray


Researcher: Kaye Haughee     cehaugee@aol.com

Surname: Pace

Posted: 18 April 2004

I am looking for the farm my mother and family lived on when she was 4-8 years old.  The farm bordered the John Wesley Allan Pace farm.  One of her older sisters Iva Ruth McCann married Willis Earl Pace.  I know that she went to the Methvam School and have a picture of the school with her standing in front in 1969 before it burned down.  I found a piece of paper with this written in her hand.  Missouri--East of town. about 3 miles. Young School-moved to Addleman place Metham School. I wonder if Addleman place is the name of the farm that they lived on.  The family at that time was John H. McCann, Amanda, Iva Ruth, Lillian, Lawrence, Evelyn, and Vernon.  John died at Flat River while working at the Lead Mine.  He had gone there with a Willis Pace but he was not his son-in-law.  I have a picture of him and two other men, one of which is a Willis Pace. John Westley Allan Pace and others of this family are buried at Warden Cemetery, Methven School District. John H. McCann in the winters would weave oak striped clothes baskets to sell.  He striped the wood himself.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Kaye Haughee at cehaughee@aol.com


Researcher: Kaye Haughee     cehaugee@aol.com

Surname: Pace

Posted: 18 April 2004

I am looking for the farm that my grandparents lived on just out of Salem. It bordered the farm of the John Wesley Allen Pace family. My aunt married their son Willis Earl Pace in 1912. I have found a paper in my mothers handwriting with this information. Missouri--East of town. about 3 miles. Young School- Moved to Addleman place Metham School. I know she went to Metham school and I have a picture of her before the school taken in 1969 before the school burned. This family was John H. McCann, Amanda, Iva Ruth who married Willis Earl Pace, Lillian, Lawrence, Evelyn and Vernon. John worked in the winter at Flat River Lead Mine and he died there. There may have been two different farms but know she went to the Metham School when her dad died. Any help would be appreciated. Kaye Haughee


Researcher: Joyce Welch   thewelch@fidnet.com

Surnames: Edmondson

Posted: 18 April 2004

Looking for info on John Quince Edmondson
wife Mary Day
Laura A. born 1851
Julie E. born 1853
Richard DeCalt born Nov 1856 NC
Walter Gwinn born 1857
William Arthur born Mar 4, 1866 Died Oct 1, 1925 Dent Co,Mo
Lula born July 17, 1868 died Sept 16, 1962 married John Batson Welch . I have info on her she is my husband
Would appreciate any info you can give me .
Joyce Welch



Surnames: Shaw, Rogers

Posted: 13 June 2004



Researcher: Cheri Gray        dewey@fidnet.com

Surnames: Copeland, Farrar

Posted: 28 March 2004

I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother and her family. Her
name was Lula Ann Copeland. That was the name she married by at least. Lula
may have been a nick name, I am sure the Ann, is correct. She was married in
Crawford County in 1903, to Jasper Newton Farrar. After going through the
State Archived Births, I only found one girl I cannot rule out. She was born
to a William and Minnie, on January 8, 1884. And she was unnamed at birth.
So if anyone has a name on this unnamed daughter. I have checked all
Crawford county records for her birth, and the Census after her birth and
haven't found anything. Your help would be greatly appreciated. You may
e-mail me back at dewey@fidnet.com. Thank You.
Cheri Gray


Researcher: Lee Murray        leem@versataloans.com

Surnames: Murray, Nelson, Tippett, Hamby, Biggs, Farmer

Posted: 8 March 2004

Hi, my name is Leland Murray. I am just beginning my search and am excited, yet frustrated, over the results. My father was Clyde Murray(2/26/1921) died 02-1980 His father is Lester H. Murray and mother is Anna Lee Nelson. He married my mother Juanita J. Tippett (08/26/1929) died 02/16/2000. I have information on my fathers side back toGeorge Cliency Murray and his wife Rebecca Caroline Hamby(both born in 1819) My mother Juanita is the daughter of Edmond Tippett and Dora M. Biggs (both from Salem.) I know that Effie Biggs and Herman are related. I also know that my aunts name was Mabel Farmer. I am trying to tie up loose ends on both sides of my family. My mother and father had eight children (8). We are all still living and have many children of our own. If anyone is working on the other end and would like more information on this end I will be glad to share History from the Murray's that are living. My mothers brother is Earl Tippett. Any help is appreciated. Thanks lmurraysr@aol.com Lee Murray



Researcher: Jan Stice Bush           CBush82566@aol.com

Surnames: Wofford

Posted: 14 February 2004

Searching for a valid document (i.e. will, deed, baptism, etc) that lists the children of William Layfayette "Billy" WOFFORD and Sarah Yerkes. I am trying to locate a document that establishes James Monroe "Roe" WOFFORD as a son. "Roe" was the father of my great grandfather Richard Jackson WOFFORD. Would be happy to share information if desired.
Jan Stice Bush


Researcher: Carol S. (Lawson) Ray    patcarol 2000@yahoo.com

Surnames: Powell

Posted: February 8, 2004

From the book "History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas,
Pulaski, Phelps & Dent Counties, Missouri, Published 1889, Goodspeed
Publishing Company.", there is a line that reads, "In September, 1888, Blackwell Bros. bought the livery and feed stable from Powell Bros.,". DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAMES OF THE POWELL BROS., OR ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. I was told my gpa had horses that were the "pride of the county", and his name was William Joshua Powell. Please forward any info. thank you. Carol S. (Lawson) Ray


Researcher: Roaten E. Henson, JR     roaten@prodigy.net

Surnames: Drennan', Hampton

Posted:  27 November 2003

I came across a 'Hinson Drennan' b abt 1818 TN (see 1850 Macoupin Co
Illinois Census) married to Hester (last name Hampton?). I am curious about
Hinson Drennan (was he a Reverend of the Christian Church?). Hinson Drennan
had sons 'Hampton Drennan' b abt 1845, married to an Eliza Unknown and
'Hiram Drennan' b abt 1848. Were any/all of these Drennans Reverends in the
Christian Church ... maybe of Webster, Camden, Laclede, Dent Co's MO? I
have come across a Rev 'H' Drennan, but I don't know what the 'H' stands
for. Also a Reverend Charles Drennan of the Christian Church in Dent Co MO
abt 1854 and of the Union Church of Dent Co MO. It appears many Drennans
were members of the Christian Church and many were Reverends. Can anybody
help with these Rev. Drennans? Thanks for sharing. 'R.E.'


Researcher: LuAna Drake Craig    tutu.lu@characterlink.net

Surnames: Wood, Nichols, Young

Posted: 22 November 2003

Henry C. Wood was living in Watkins Twp, Dent Co, MO when the 1910 census was taken. He was born in Missouri February 1857. His parents were Thomas Wood and Frances Nichols. Henry C. Wood was married twice, first wife married before 1882, name unknown. He had four children with his first wife all born in Missouri: Hugh Wood born July, 1882; Mary Wood born about 1894; John Wood born about 1897; and Mildred born about 1898. He married his second wife about 1904, Florence (LNU-may have been Young), born about 1864 in Missouri.
Any information, please.  Submitted by: LuAna Drake Craig, tutu.lu@characterlink.net


Researcher: LuAna Drake Craig    tutu.lu@characterlink.net

Surnames: Drake, Wood, Waller

Posted: 22 November 2003

Justin A. Drake was in the 1870 census for Salem, Watkins Twp, Dent County, Missouri. He was born in NY August 2, 1821. His first wife was Ann M. Waller born in Illinois in 1831. His second wife was Nancy J. Wood born in Kentucky October 1842 or 1843. Children listed with Justin and Nancy in the Dent County, Missouri census were: Delila Drake born in Illinois in 1856 and Annie M. Drake born in Missouri in 1864. Other children born in Missouri were: Gertrude Beverly Drake 1870; Oscar Drake 1872; Otis Drake 1874; Emma Drake 1877; and Henry Drake 1879. They were all on the 1880 census.

After 1880 census, not a trace of Delila Drake, Annie M. Drake, Oscar Drake, Emma Drake, and Justin Drake. Any information on these 5, please.
Submitted by: LuAna Drake Craig, tutu.lu@characterlink.net


Researcher:  Patricia Fryman    jandpfry@frontiernet.net

Surnames: Fryman, Kees

Posted: 08 November 2003

I was wondering if anyone knew where to look for an obituary from 1953. I am looking for Hattie FRYMAN's obituary. She died April 27, 1953 in Salem, MO. She was living with her daughter, Lula B. Kees at the time of her death. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Researcher: Jane (Barton) Caywood     Mrshdc@aol.com

Surnames: Harper, Widger, Church

Posted: 10 October 2003

I am trying to find family that has descended from Noah Harper. I specificaly am trying to find the family of Lucy E. (Harper)  Widger and Denver C. Harper. From what information I have, Denver died in 2002 and his sister Lucy, a resident of Salem, died in 2002 as well. I have been told that there was a family relationship to Dagonia Church near Coridon in Reynolds Co and that the extended family resided in Shannon, Reynolds and Dent Counties as well as neighboring counties. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Researcher: Sue Cooley    scooley@yhti.net

Surnames: Van Leer, Ashaman

Posted: 15 August 2003

I am seeking an obituary or any biographical information on Rev. Marshall B. Van Leer, a Methodist minister who bought a home at Salem when he retired. He was born at Jeffriesburg in Franklin County June 28, 1881. He grew up at St. Clair, also in Franklin County. He married Daisy Helen Ashman June 22, 1904. They had three children: John, Margaret and Blanche. He wrote a book The Call of the Hills about 1913. Perhaps someone has an obituary or knows a descendant. If someone would check Dent County telephone books for the surname, I would appreciate it. We are re-publishing his book and would like more biographical information on him. We don't know his death date. Perhaps he is buried in Dent County. Thank you. Sue Cooley (Franklin County Coordinator MoGenWeb Coordinator


Researcher:  BRENDA RANEY   raney@centurytel.net

Surnames: Conger, Masters, Smothers

Posted: 02 August 2003



Researcher: Larry Prier   guntercrik@gbronline.com

Surnames: Hobson, Johns

Posted:  20 July 2003

I am looking for information on Joab Hobson, of Dent County, a minister, and he served in the Missouri Milita 1863 as a pvt. thank you   ,Larry D. Prier Sr,    guntercrik@gbronline.com, he was my G grandfather, married  to elizabeth Johns, 


Researcher: Marie Russell

Surnames: Miner   Sanjacintortose@aol.com

Posted: 20 July 2003

Looking for solid proof that Woodson Miner was son of Henry B. Miner.  Am told that a Jordan Miner was administrator of Woodson Miner's estate in Dent County.  Woodson died about 1856-7.  His father Henry B. Miner, died about 1849.  Old letters, family journals, deeds, etc. Gladly exchange info, and pay postage & copying fees.

Marie Russell
La Porte, Texas


Researcher: Benita    bellerbe@bayou.com

Surnames: Craddock, Stites

Posted: 18 June 2003

I am looking for family information for Mary Ann Craddock who married Milas/Miles A. Stites in 1863 in Dent Co., Missouri. Any help will be appreciated. I have not been able to find any connection to Craddock families in Dent Co. so far.


Researcher: Donna Bartholow    donna.bartholow@owenscorning.com

Surname Robnett, Lambeth

Posted: 18 June 2003

Look up request for an obituary for Buelah E. Robnett, maiden name Lambeth. Husband Vernon Robnett. She was born 29 Nov 1906 and died 8 Dec 2002 in Dent County.
Would also like to correspond with any descendants.


Researcher:  Bob & Ethel White    quail@jcn.net

Surnames: Larkin, McHenry

Posted: 17 May 2003

Larkin-McHenry-Odelia Larkin married David McHenry in Dent Co.,MO.
1889. Does anyone have access to the 1900 Dent Co. Census?
Would appreciate any information found on them in 1900-even 1910
census. Mainly age-what state they were born in and the state their
parents were born in and if there were any children from this marriage.

Trying to determine if this Odelia is a daughter of my gr. gr. grandfather
or his widow.

Thanks in advance for any help. ELW


Researcher: Joyce Welch    jjwelch@fidnet.com

Surnames: Cooley, Reddick, Ratliff

Posted: 17 May 2003

Looking for information on Andrew H. Cooley.Born Abt 1865 In Dent Co,Mo.He married Nancy Reddick April 14, 1887 in Dent Co, Mo.His father was James Burchett Cooley and mother was Elizabeth Ratliff

Looking for information On Louise Cooley .She married David W. Lenox Aug 13, 1863 In Dent Co,Mo. Her father was
James Burchett Cooley and mother was Elizabeth Ralliff.
Thank for any information.
Joyce Welch



Researcher: Jim & Kathy    jckcpv@kc.rr.com

Surnames: Morrison, Lindsey, Harris

Posted: 17 May 2003

I am looking for anyone with information on the Samuel Morrison line:
"After the war he resided for 2 years in Coshocton, OH and then went to Salem, MO. In 1869 he was appointed deputy sheriff of Dent County, MO and served 4 years. While filling that office, he became a partner of Rufus Kenworthy in a hardware and tin shop named "Morrison and Kenworthy" for 13 years. In 1883, Mr. Kenworthy sold his interest to Mr. Morrison."
Samuel married Eliza R. Lindsey who had a sister, Sadie Lindsey. Does anyone know of the Lindsey family in Dent Co.?

Also information on the family of Edgar Poe Harris ...he worked at the Midland Blast furnace until 1894, then worked at the Sligo Furnace. I would love information on the blast furnace and families.
Thank you, Kathi


Researcher: Iris Goucher     Igoucher@aol.com

Surnames: Campbell

Posted: 15 April 2003

I need info on William and Caroline Campbell who are in the 1880 Dent County
Census. The children were Henry,David and Mattie. William worked in the iron
mines. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Iris Goucher



Researcher: Dianne Spitzer Famdigger@aol.com

Surnames: Brickey, Odle, Odell, Toadvine, Welch, Wilson

Posted: 11 April 2003

I finally have new information (and documentation) about Mary Minerva Wilson that married William J. Welch, son of Fountain and Margaret (Hendricks) Welchand raised nine children in Franklin Twp., Dent County, Missouri. Minervy's mother was Lucinda Brickey that married three times: 1) Aquilla Wilson, 2) Tompkins Odle, 3) Henry Morris Toadvine and is known to have these children:

1. William Wilson married Louisa Dunlap
2. Elizabeth Wilson married John Wesley Webb
3. Frances Rebecca Wilson married Jarrett Brickey
4. Lydia Wilson died young
5. Jeremiah Wilson died young
6. Mary Minerva married Wm. James Welch
7. Ann Wilson died young
8. Silas Harrison Wilson married Margaret Compton & Ann Mercer Montgomery
9. John B. Wilson
10. Emily Louisa Odle married Marshall Martin
11. Peter Tompkins Odle/Odell married Sarah Stottler
12. Julia A. Odle married James Halbert Skaggs/Scaggs

At least William & Louisa Wilson, Mary Minerva & William Welch, and Peter & Sarah Odell are known to have lived and raised children in Dent County, MO. I'd love to exchange information with anyone researching these families.

Thank you,
Dianne Spitzer


Researcher: Janice Price   price510@rcrnet.net

Surnames: Harris, Mace

Posted: 22 March 2003

I am looking for any information on the James Madison Harris family . He was my great grandfather and was married to two Mace sisters. I have hit a stand still to finding out anything about his mother or father. any info would be appreciated. Janice Price


Researcher: Janet Taylor  jamata_65483@yahoo.com


Posted: 13 March 2003

Would Like to have information on William Issac White who married Matilda Jane Reynolds before 1885 and Martela Akers in 1895.


Researcher: Mary Alice Blaylock  mabccs@jcn1.com

Surnames: CROW, PEWITT

Posted:  13 March 2003

Looking for any information on CHARLES CROW and wife LUCY MURRAY CROW. They had a child Verna Virginia Crow born 31 Aug 1899 who married Seaton Leo Pewitt and lived in Dent County Mo.
Mary Alice Blaylock


Researcher: Sandra Rowell     sandrarowell@surfmk.com

Surnames:  Ellis

Posted:  07 March 2003

Looking for information regarding JS Ellis... Doctor at Sligo Furnace in 1870s...

Sandra Rowell


Researcher: Carrie Edgar    cedgar73@yahoo.com

Surnames: Davidson, McKinney, Sturgeon

Posted: 28 February 2003

Looking for information on the children of J. A. (Jacob Allen) and Martha DAVIDSON. Both J. A. and Martha died between 1863 and 1870 both are buried in Beaver Creek Cemetery in Phelps Co. MO. J. A. was killed by bushwackers during the Civil War. Their children were taken in by families in Dent and Texas County. It is believed one of the families was Dr. Eckles MCKINNEY in Texas Co. MO. Also a STURGEON family in Dent Co. MO. Children were: Jefferson 6/2/1853 in IL or IN, Jerome born 8/2/1855 in MO or IN, Mary Jane born 5/8/1858 in Dent Co. MO and Samuel born 1861 in MO. Also looking for the 1870 Census of Texas Co. MO.
Carrie Edgar - cedgar73@hotmail.com


Researcher: Betty beegem@mc.net


Posted: 30 October 2002    

Seeking info on Logan LYNCH and wife, Sophia TURNER LYNCH who moved into Dent County ca 1855 from Overton County, TN.  They had five daughters and two sons. Logan LYNCH died in Dent County 19 Sep 1858 of typhoid fever, Sophia died in Cuba, Crawford County 28 Mar 1880.  One daughter m James KITCHELL , one m Joseph E SCOTT, two m TIBBS .  One son m Sarah WEBB. Any descendants anywhere?


Researcher: Barbara Dudley Brown  blbblb@fidnet.com

Surnames: CATES

Posted: 27 October 2002

Can anyone identify parents/siblings/ of the Thomas Jefferson Cates who married Lucinda Allie Fox 10/27/1878 in Dent Co?
1900 Census Dent Co (Franklin township): Thomas J. Cates and wife Lucinda A. living in the household of James Fox who was Lucinda's father. Lucinda mother of two children: one child, Etta B. age 16, living in household.
1920 Census Dent Co.(Franklin township): Thomas J. Cates and Ales L.
living in household of Logan L. Fox.
OR can anyone identify any Dent Co. Cates families who are not kin to this man?


Researcher: Deborah Oneal deboneal@familytreemail.com

Surname: Webber, Weber

Posted: 27 October 2002

Looking for info on Solomon Weber and Sarah Humphreys Weber who moved to Dent County, Missouri from East TN sometime mid-1850's. Sarah is believed to have died July 1858 and Solomon in October 1863. They are buried at the Weber Cemetery in the county. Some of their children also moved to the county around the same time--Casper, William and Isaac among them. Would love to hear from anyone who knows anything of these Webber/Weber's in Dent County. I have info of these and the others who remained in East TN that I would be happy to share. Thank You.


Researcher:  Kendall Abbott  kabbot@bellsouth.net

Surname: KAYLOR

Posted: 29 September 2002

I am looking for any and all information on William Mason KAYLOR b: 1812 that supposedly was born and/or lived in Salem, Dent, MO. Any assitance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Kendall Abbott




Researcher: Rhonda  bjharrhon@msn.com

Surname:  Boon

Posted:  21 September 2002

Can you please give me info. on JAMES A. BOON who was living in Dent Co. in 1910 when he entered the Vet's Home in St. James for a short time.
Do you have him in Dent Co., 1900, and 1920? Thanks for any info.!
I am Rhonda at bjharrhon@msn.com


Researcher: Shirley Dickens  Zane727@aol.com

Surnames:  Capps, Marsh

Posted: 14 September 2002

my ggf, William Harvey Guynn b 1848 in Knox Co., TN m Matilda Emaline Capps 1874 in Texas Co., MO, daughter of Elisha Capps and Mary Stout.

their son, my gf, Andrew Alexander Guynn, b 1885 Texas Co., MO m Mabel Marsh 1906 in Coweta, Wagoner Co., OK.

their daughter, my mother, Louise Evelyn Guynn b 1918 in Coweta, Wagoner Co., OK m James Pickering Dickens 1946 in Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, NM.

have no further info regarding Capps/Marsh ancestors. my mother is in frail health and is extremely excited about info received to date and this future project. thank you for your consideration.


Researcher:  Barbara Dudley Brown    blbblb@fidnet.com

Posted:  19 August 2002

Can anyone tell me the present township name of township 33. I am getting this from two deeds: 1877 and 1882.
Barbara Dudley Brown


Researcher: Linda Paszkiewicz     Lindapasz@aol.com

Surnames: Bowers, Mc Donald, Hollingshead

Posted:  09 August 2002

Searching for info on William Bowers born Apr. 18, 1829 died June 20, 1909, married to Elizabeth Jane born Dec. 17, 1832 died June 18, 1901 buried in Seaton, MO.
Children were Franklin Bowers born Feb. 15, 1870 married to Clarissa Troxell and Mary Elizabeth Bowers born January 20, 1872 married to John Mc Donald.

My grandfather was the son of Franklin Bowers and I know they have a history in Dent Co., but I'm not sure where father William originated form and I have no maiden name for his wife Elizabeth.

Franklin and Clarissa were married in Dent Co. and lived on a farm at Hawkins Bank next to Morrison Cemetery. This farm was later given to Mary and John Mc Donald.

Thanks for your time reading this message.



Researcher:  Barbara Dudley Brown   blbblb@fidnet.com

Surname: Cates

Posted: 07 August 2002

Seeking info about the William Cates families listed on 1880 census of Dent Co. There appear to be 3 William Cates. Particularly interested in Line 22, #97-104 William Cates and wife Levesta. Also seeking info on the Thomas J. Cates and wife Alice Fox whose daughter born Dent county 1884. No name given for child. Thomas J. Cates not yet found on 1880 census.

Barbara Dudley Brown




Researcher: Pat Copeland   copey@sbcglobal.net

Surnames: Moser, Mooney

Posted: 13 June 2002

To anyone researching the Moser family in Dent Co., my sister and I have a large number of photographs and albums from Irene Moser Mooney. She was born in the early 1900s and died around 1988-90. She was married to my mother's brother, Ezra Mooney. They had no children and when we went to get some things she willed my mother, we got the pictures. They are pre-WWI and would be of much importance to a Dent Co. Moser researcher. Please email me at copey@sbcglobal.net and we will be happy to send them to you.

Researcher: Nancy Gerlock  ngerlok@trib.com


Posted: 23 May 2002

Searching for James HEROD (carpenter) b 1792 in Virginia. Married Elizabeth_____ who was b in Virginia c 1806-10. Nine known children; most born in TN. In 1850 family is listed in Obion Co, TN. Known  children: Carrol Henderson HEROD, Elijah HEROD, Smith HEROD, James W.  HEROD, Melinda Harriet Herod m WATKINS, John HEROD, Eliza HEROD, Geroge  HEROD, Mary Elizabeth Herod m Thomas BELEW. These children were born  between 1827 - 1849. Located families in Dent Co, MO for census years 1860, 1870, 1880. James HEROD died after 1860 prob in MO and Elizabeth  ______ HEROD died after 1870 prob in MO. Need verification of death dates, and parents for James & Elizabeth. Family lore states James was of French lineage and Elizabeth of Cherokee lineage. The two oldest sons (Carroll & Elijah) served in the Civil War & those documents have been received. We are up against a brick wall in seeking further information on these parents. Please send suggestions or information to: Nancy Gerlock at ngerlok@trib.com


Researcher: Helen Henderson  helen162@webtv.net

Surnames: Ivy, Ivey, Green

Posted: 15 May 2002

Looking for information, on margrett ivy warren who married a john green in mo.also any info, on my gt. aunt tennessee ivey in dent co,,who was rhere in 1860. thanks


Researcher: Denise   DeniseK711@aol.com

Surnames: Howk, Robinson, Gilbert

Posted: 15 May 2002

 I am looking for information on Jacob Howk, his wife Olive Robinson Howk and their family. Olive is the daughter of Robert Ezekiel Robinson and Lois Nancy Gilbert. I don't have much information on Jacob and Olive's family. I found Jacob and Olive in the 1900 census living in Spring Creek Twp, Dent County, Missouri. I believe they had 3 children, Vern, born 1897, Oren and Ermil.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much,


Researcher:  Carol Baker  crkthowell@worldnet.att.net

Surnames: Baker, Harris

Posted: 16 April 2002

I am searching for any information on Clara Baker, married to Fitzhugh L. Harris, who was also born in Dent County Mo.
They had a daughter Ethel Mildred Harris, born August 30, 1917 in Anutt, Dent Co., Mo.



Researcher: Faith Reichert  Buster9491@hotmail.com

Surnames: Priest, Shrum, Carty

Posted:  04 April 2002

I am looking for information on Angelina Priest, I was told her parents were Solomon Priest and Mary Shrum. She had a sister Susan E. Priest who married a John Carty and they had 3 Children names Alvah Carty, Clara Carty, Lucy Carty, if any one knows what happened to this family or how to get in touch with them please have them contact Faith Reichert


Researcher: Dan Perry   d_perry@email.msn.com

Surnames: Anderson, Collins

Posted: 12 March 2002

Can anyone shed light on the family of Robert Franklin Anderson and Margaret (Collins) Anderson, both born in Tennessee, who farmed near Salem with their 5 children and who appear in the 1900 census with oldest child Robert, age about 20, and youngest, Ada L., about 7 years old. the couple died soon after, and oldest son Robert took over the farm. Does anyone know about this family and what happened to the children?


Researcher: Jim Dotson  shijam2@hotmail.com

Surname: Dotson

Posted: 28 February 2002

Anyone researching the DOTSON line please contact me.


Researcher: Andrea Gross Andrea.Gross@schwab.com

Surname: Bennett, Miner

Posted: 03 February 2002

I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Helen Bennett. Here's what I know:

b. 11/13/1904

d. 4/27/1979

Both in Dent County...

Married Cleo Rex Miner on 12/6/1924. I can find plenty on the Miners but nothing about the Bennetts.

Thank you very much!

Researcher: Paula Schuler  schuler@olemac.net

Surnames: Roques, Detwiler

Posted: January 24, 2002

I'm looking for any info. regarding Benjamin Franklin Roques.  He was born Nov 12 1894 in Jefferson City, Cole Co., MO and died Feb 26 1946 in Dent County.

He married Cora Ida Detwiler who died Jan 1 1944 in Dent County.

I would appreciate any info. that might help verify them being buried in Dent County. Thank You.


Researcher: Elaine Haggard   flyernw@hotmail.com

Surname: Ferrell, Cunningham, Porter, Zimmerman

Posted: January 20, 2002

Christopher Ferrell/Pharrow/Farrow is on the Veterans Index in Short Bend
for 1890.  Christopher Ferrell married Linnie Mae Porter around 1870.  1877
Linnie Porter married James Abner Cunningham in Howell Co., Missouri.


Researcher: Bill Pinto   pintowa@gvtc.com

Surname: Pinto

Posted: January 13, 2002

I am curious about the Pinto-Watson Cemetery. Located on the Meramec River [Martin Hart Farm]. The names of the Pintos and the dates are interesting to me. Is there anyone working to index this cemetery?
     My  G.Grandfather ran away from his home  [age 14]  in 1874and went directly to Missouri. We don't know why he went there.  He then joined up with some cattle drovers and came on to Texas.  I suspect he may of have had some relatives in Mo. ,but can not verify it. He was from Pennsylvania.
       I would appreciate any info. regarding this Cemetery or the Pinto name in Missouri.



Researcher: Otto K. Land NLand75042@aol.com

Surname: Ramsey

Posted: December 13, 2001

Would appreciate help in locating the author of " Our Storehouses of Missouri Place Names" by Robert Ramsey. I would like to purchase a copy and any help would be most appreciated. Otto K. Land, NLand75042@aol.com



Researcher: Karla Staudt  staudt@cptelco.net

Surnames: Schuckman

Posted:  October 18, 2001

I am looking for information on Christ SCHUCKMAN b. 16 Aug 1903, d. Dec 1974 in Lenox, Dent Co., MO.   Who were his parents?  Is he the son of Christ(ian) Schuckman b.ca 1863 in Richland Co., Wisconsin?   I would appreciate any information, to prove or disprove the family connection between these two men.  Thank-you for any help you are able to offer!         


Researcher: Dave Boylan  boylande@cafes.net

Surnames: Boylan, Reich

Posted: October 1, 2001

Looking for information on my gf Tom Boylan, born to John and Mary Reich Boylan in Denton County in 1870. Left at the age of 5 for Kansas.


Researcher: Russ Waegelin  waeglin@home.com

Surnames: Andrews, Plank

Posted: 27 September 2001

William Louis ANDREWS was my great great grandfather.  He married Nancy Plank around 1860 in Dent County, Missouri. He was in the Civil war and died during it, but I don't know when or where, I don't know about his birth or parents either.  Can anyone help me? 


Researcher: Nancy Dennis  NANCYSCRNR@aol.com

Surnames: Dennis, Dawson

Posted:  19 September 2001

Looking for descendants of Albert Valentine DENNIS, b. February 14, 1870 Lenox Dent Co, MO, d. September 02, 1947 Rolla, Phelps Co, MO, buried Mt. Hermon Cemetery, Dent Co, MO. Married Bertha Alice DAWSON, b.  1882 Dent Co, MO.

Father:  Unknown
Mother:   Nancy Catherine DENNIS, b. September 12, 1846, TN, d. June 04, 1938, Lenox, Dent Co, MO, b. Mt. Hermon Cem.

Bertha's father:  James Raleigh DAWSON, b. October 24, 1856, Lecoma, Dent Co, MO, d. November 15, 1939, Lenox, Dent Co, MO

Bertha's mother:   Anne Elizabeth JOHNSON, b. 1866 IL, d. 1940, Lenox, Dent Co, MO

Please contact me at NANCYSCRNR@aol.com if you have any information on my family.
Nancy Dennis   




Researcher: Robert Wilson n9lzk1@msn.com


Posted:  18 September 2001

I'm looking for information on Henry WILSON and his wife Amanda (COOK) WILSON they were married in Dent County in 1882 near Montauk. Amanda was the youngest daughter of Samuel and Jane M.(WOOLIVER) COOK. Amanda is suppose to have a "Native American" connection in this family although not proven. Henry was suppose to have been of Scot-Irish heritage. I would love to find information on his line before 1882. I'm willing to share info with anyone searching these lines


Researcher: Dianne Jenkins Spitzer  FamDigger@aol.com

Surnames:  Welch, Wilson, Hendricks, Vance

Posted: 17 September 2001

I'm continuing my research into the families of Margaret [Welch, dau. of Billy & Mary Minerva (Wilson?) Welch and granddaughter of Margaret (Hendricks) & Fountain Welch] and Benjamin Franklin Wilson. The couple had at least 12 children and after living many years in Dent County, Missouri, most of the family moved to Yuma Co, Colorado. Benjamin's mother was Lucinda Vance Wilson, first wife of Bazil Wilson , that I believe may be linked to the Vance families of Dent Co. I'll gladly share information with anyone researching these same families

Researcher: Bill Herder  ksquail@kricket.net

Surnames: O'Dell (Odil, Odel)

Posted: 16 September 2001

Looking for any source of information on the parents of one Caleb O'Dell (Odil, Odel) born in Tennessee but living in or near Dent County, Missouri in 1850-1870 period.


Researcher:  Jerry Holland   jholland@centurytel.net


Posted: 16 September 2001

I am searching for information on the following surnames who lived in Dent, County from the mid 1800's to present. They are HOLLAND, RASOR, HOODENPYLE,  LEONARD, and CRABTREE. Will share information. Thank You!


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