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Researcher:   Brenda Houston   b.houston86@yahoo.com

Surnames:  McGinty, Buckley, Bailey

Posted:  30 Sep 2012

Can any one tell me if they have ANY info on a ( Laura F, Buckley Bailey)  and Mike McGInty? John McGinty Son? 
 Laura was born around 1882-85 M.McGinty 1873 -74. Dent Co Mo.
Please email me at   b.houston86@yahoo.com


Researcher:  Brenda  brendaraney@hotmail.com

Surnames:   Masters, Long, Conger

Posted:  8 Sep 2012

We are looking for information on family that was living in the area around 1958.
My great grandmother was, martha E. Masters and she married alexander long,as far as I know no children from that marriage.
she had children from a previous marriage, mildred masters was just one and she married walter conger, my grandfather.
Mildred and walter had 2 children, bob and martha jeannette conger.
Martha jeannette conger was my mother, she kept in contact with the conger and masters family until 1965 when she died from burns
she suffered in a house fire in st louis mo. Before she moved to st louis she may have had some children and she was also pregnant with my half sister, born in november 1958. Not sure what happened to the other children or for sure if she had any other, But according to my half sisters birth record there were two children born before her and she was born november 1958 in st louis mo. My sister would also like to know who her father is.
Martha jeannette Conger- wrote a letter to a Mrs. Alberta Conger RT#3 Salem,mo in july 1958. I'm including some of the sentences from the letter,
Does joanie like to baby sit with the kids?
How is Lyman and all the boys?
When is Cecil and Nancy getting married?
Do you think she is pregnant?
Well you know salem is good for that, this will be the last one for me.
She also mentions, asking if she can come down to pick berries and can them,
she also mentions selling christmas cards to make extra money.
If anyone has any information or pictures that would be great.
Contact me at brendaraney@hotmail.com


Researcher:   Linda Turner

Surnames:   Jacobs

Posted:   14 Jul 2012

Searching for obituary for Martha Mabe Jacobs, buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Salem, MO, Dent County. 
Not sure of date but approx 1980 - 1995.
Any information would be appreciated.


Researcher:   Becky Eastman becky.eastman@hotmail.com

Surnames:   Condray

Posted:  8 Jun  2012

Looking for a 1877 birth, not sure where I can look. The child would have been Rhoda Emma Condray (Condrey) (Condra) born on March 9 1877 to John Condray and Amanda (no known maiden name) in Dent County.
Any suggestions as to where I might look would be appreciated.
Becky Eastman


Researcher: Brenda Houston  b.houston86@yahoo.com

Surnames: Buckley, Godbey

Posted: 21 Mar  2012

I am trying to find my Ggrandmother MARY JANIE BUCKLEY in Dent CO Mo. I know she married my Ggrandfather George W. Godbey in 1894  in Dent Co Mo.  She was born 1877. father John Buckley.  I found she had a sister LAURA Buckley who was a servant to the Jones family 1900 at age 17.  I can't find them on the census any were in MO not even on the list of the JOHN BUCKLEY . till they were either married or older. WHO and were can I look? I am at Brick wall...



Researcher:  LaDonna.Blair@mspd.mo.gov

Surnames:  Dotson, Dyer, Jamison

Posted:   March 2012

I am looking to find the grave of my great grandmother. Ora Dotson her parents were James Thomas Dotson and Katherine Dyer.  She is suppose to have been buried at Boss but I cannot locate her tombstone.  Ken told me that she died young and was buried by her mother and father.  Her husband William Jamison traveled to the Leadbelt with their children and remarried.  My grandfather was Curtis Jamison.  I cannot find out much about the Jamison or Dotson line other than what I found on this website.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Researcher:   Bill Rowe

Surnames:   Rowe

Posted: March 2012

I am looking for information on Peter and Susan Shane Rowe who lived in Meramec, Dent County, MO during the 1860s and 1870s.  Peter died in 1877.

Bill Rowe






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