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Researcher: Dr. Nelson Weller

Surnames: Schafer, Childres

Posted: 16 Dec 2008

I am researching the Schafer/Childres familys of Dent Co., MO as part of a medical study. Would be pleased to hear from anyone connected to either line.

Dr. Nelson Weller
WFU Medical SchoolWinston-Salem, NC


Researcher: Judy  view query answer

Surnames: Park, Nash, Hendricks, Faulk

Posted: 16 Dec 2008

Looking for family of Jesse Lee Park b. 11-7-1886 Shaddron, Nebraska, d. 11-23-1905 Missouri, buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem, Dent Co., Missouri, m. Lula Nash b. 4-29-1887 Shannon Co., Missouri, d. 10-5-1960 Salem, Dent Co., Missouri
They had children (this is where I need the information)

Alice Park b. 1907 Missouri, m. ? Hendricks
Cletus Park b. 1910 Missouri, d. 1-31-1942 Scotland
Sanford Park b. 1915 Missouri
Lucille Park b. 1919 Missouri m. ? Faulk

Thank you


Researcher: Sharon Robinson  xcowgirltoo48@msn.com

Surnames: Malcolm /Malcom /Malcomb, Molesdale, Hicks

Posted: 17 Nov 2008

I am looking for family history information for John Garner Malcolm (sometimes has been spelled Malcom, Malcomb). He was born in Illinois I believe, but was married to Mary Molesdale in Salem, Dent County, Missouri on 10/19/1882. Then he married a second time in Dent County to Hattie Hicks on 5/17/1887. I would like to find a death/cemetery record for John Malcom.


Researcher: Janelda Davis zwdavis@snydertex.com

Surnames: Jarrell

Posted: 27 Oct 2008

I need info. on William Valentine Jarrell B.1791 Madison Co. Va. d. Feb. 16, 1867 Dent Co. Mo. Buried in Walker family cemetery. Occ. farmer Wife was Mary Jarrell B. 1819 NC died Mr. 1878 Ellis Co, Tex. Buried Midlothian, Tex. cemetery.

Janelda Davis.
I will send what I have to those interested.


Researcher: Marisa Richardson risakaye@sbcglobal.net

Surnames: Brooks, Mull, Richardson, Weible

Posted: 27 Oct 2008

Can someone please give me directions to the Brooks Family Cemetery on Barney Creek Road near Boss, Missouri? All the county roads are numbered, and I have been unable to locate it. Thanks for your assistance!


Researcher: B. HOUSTON b.houston86@yahoo.com 


Posted: 27 Oct 2008




Researcher: Tammy tamm915@yahoo.com

Surnames: Davis

Posted: 27 Oct 2008

I am searching for any information relating to James A Davis who passed away in Dent county. At the time he was with a woman and twin daughters that could possibly be his children. He was said to have committed suicide in 1952


Researcher: Brenda Houston b.b.houston86@yahoo.com

Surnames: Long, Bailey

Posted: 21 Sep 2008

I am looking for info. on the long family. LAURA LONG born 1883. she lived with the JONES family as their servant. 1900. 1907 she married William Bailey in 1920 they lived in Sullivan Mo. then moved to Redding CAL.

Email me at b.houston86@yahoo.com


Researcher: Wanda Holt   countrygirl266@hotmail.com

Surnames: Day, Hicks

Posted: 19 Sep 2008

I am Andrew C Day's, M. GLADYS bERNICE hICKS, grand daughter and I am looking for his burial, death notice, obituary or anything else.
He was born 1924 and died in 1999 in dent co but I can not find anything on him. His father was Harry Monroe Day m. Virgie UNKNOWN.
I was adopted and lost touch with him and in 1994 I received a letter from him. At that time I was in Germany, where my husband was stationed with the United States Army. By the time i got back to the states and found him again he had passed away.
If some one could send me any of the above, I would sooo greatly appreciate it.
I have more info if it is needed.

thank you,
Wanda Holt



Researcher: Cassandra Martin cgmartin54@sbcglobal.net

Surnames: Freeze, Mooney, Morton

Posted: 28 Aug 2008

I am looking for any information concerning the heritage of James R and Amanda (Freeze) Mooney and Walter O. and Allie (Morton) Mooney. Please let me know if you can help.

Cassandra Martin (Heitman)


Researcher: Jim Cope  im_cope@sbcglobal.net

Surnames: Cope

Posted: 28 Aug 2008

Hello, I am a g-g-grandson of Rubin Cope who is listed on the 1870 census for Dent County . My great-grandfather is listed as his son John (age 10) on the 1870 census. I am interested if anyone knows where my g-g-grandparents are buried, Rubin and Jane Cope, and am interested in any information from cousins.

My name is Jim Cope.

Thanks for any help.


Researcher:Angharod Brown-Bair angharod@cebridge.net


Posted: 28 Aug 2008

I would be interested in any information available about a small 'mass' migration of Dent County families to Montana, that occurred in 1882. In excess of 100 people packed up and followed one John W. Patrick up the Missouri River to Fort Benton. There were at least two steamboats used by these families, most of them booked as 'deck passengers'... In the Fort Benton River Press this exodus was called 'the Patrick Colony'. The Far West and the Rosebud steamers carried most of the passengers, and both arrived in Fort Benton early June of 1882. Patrick himself apparently followed on the General Meade. One would think a group this large leaving a specific area would have received some attention/notice. I'd like to know more about this emigration.

Thanks, Angharod Brown-Bair
North Idaho resident
Montana native


Researcher: Karen knewell@gorge.net

Surnames: Underwood, price, Catherin, Sullivan, Copley, Swanson

Posted: 31 Jul 2008

Looking for anyone who might have or had a connection to a Sarah Ann Underwood who was married to Isaac L. Underwood. Sarah died in Dent co. November 18, 1918.

Sarah had a son Thomas Price and a daughter Martha Angeline.

Sarah is linked to other surnames: her parents were: last name - Thom Catherin (sp). Sarah married a Irvin Price, Thornton Sullivan and Isaac Underwood. Martha is linked by marriage or children by the following names: Copley, Wallace, Sullivan (also married Thorn L. Sullivan), Swanson.



Researcher: Jo Ann Clark snoopygram@sbcglobal.net

Surnames: Asher, Clark, Grant, Heavin, Jackson, Nichols

Posted: 28 Jun 2008

 I am looking for ANY information about the following people:
William A. Clark, B. 1825, KY
D. 1864, MO
Cynthia Christine (Bradley) Clark Heavin (2nd husband: William Heavin)
B. 1828, TN
D. 1885, Phelps Co.

William Thomas Jefferson Clark (Lovinia Ellen Grant)
Martha Jane Clark (Richard Nichols)
Ransom Amos Clark (Nancy Adeline Jackson) - My grandfather
Lewis Franklin Clark (Unmarried)
Leonidas Lee Clark (Sarah Mariah Asher)
Susan Elizabeth Clark (Thomas Marion Asher)
John Beauregard Clark (Rachel Elizabeth Heavin)

William owned land in both Phelps and Dent Counties between the years 1850-1864.

Any information on William, Cynthia, or any of their children will be greatly appreciated.

Jo Ann Clark snoopygram@sbcglobal.net


Researcher: pjskanen@aol.com 


Posted: 23 Jun 2008

Can someone please give me directions to Jadwin Cemetery.

I am also trying to find a nice hotel near Jadwin, Salem or somewhere in the vicinity to stay for 2 days. I am not having very good luck on the internet.

I will be coming from St. Louis but you can give me directions from Salem if that is easier. Thank you for any help you can give me. My email address is pjskanen@aol.com 


Researcher: pjskanen@aol.com


Posted: 30 Apr 2008

I am trying to get directions to GREEN FOREST CEMETERY. I have not been able to locate it on the internet. If anyone could give me directions from St. Louis please email me at pjskanen@aol.com.
Thank you for any help.


Researcher: Gavin Walsh gavinwalsh@ireland.com


Posted: 25 Apr 2008

RE: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~modent/newsgeneral.htm

I am trying to conntact Ms. Lisa Perry.

I have had emails returned from both addresses:

Can you assist me in getting in contact with her as I am doing research
on Sligo, MO

Gavin Walsh


Researcher: Joyce Snell snell64@earthlink.net

Surnames: Breen, Murfin, Powell

Posted: 16 Apr 2008

I'm seeking info on Lola Ethel Murfin. She married Ollie Richard Powell in 1904. Their daughter, Myrtle married Coe Breen. I am related to Mr. Breen through marriage. Would like any info on Lola, her family, etc. Thank you.

Joyce Snell


Researcher: Pjskanen@aol.com

Surnames: Hubbs, Haines, Holloway, Cope, Maze, Curtain

Posted: 21 Mar 2008

I am related to the Mark Hubbs family. He was married to Delina Haines and possibly Nancy Holloway after that. My grandfather and Grandmother were both from the area. I am looking for a few things. I have relatives that are Hubbs, Cope, Maze and Curtain from the area. I am trying to get in touch with anyone who may have info for are family tree.

\I am also trying to find Green Forest Cemetery where a lot of my relatives are buried. The only info I can find on it is that it is in Darien Community. I am not familar with the Dent County area and would like to visit this cemetery this summer. If anyone can help me with directions to the cemetery I would be grateful. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. Also if any distant cousin has any info they can email me.


Researcher: Jeanine Wood  nwood38@msn.com

Surnames: Welch

Posted: 5 Mar 2008


I am the great granddaughter of Current River Welch, I am trying to find where he is buried, and a little more about his life. I am coming to that area for a couple of days this month and want to visit it. I know that his half sister "Sarah Jane Welch" is buried at Round Pond cemetery. I also understand that my ggg grandfather was John III Welch and he and his wife Elizabeth died in Dent county and are buried on their farm. There was a tombstone placed by the side of the road near his farm. Can anyone give me more info?

Jeanine Wood


Researcher: Larry Roden Luttrell sanders@mtnhome.com

Surnames: Edwards, Luttrell

Posted: 5 Mar 2008

Martha Frances (nee Edwards) Luttrell Married William McDonald Luttrell 23 May 1875 in Dent County, MO
Died 20 Oct 1888? in Salem, Dent, Missouri

Is there any record of her death and burial location?
thank you,
Larry Roden Luttrell


Researcher: query answer read the query


Posted: 5 Mar 2008

Yes Luella, that school was called Empire School , just west of Gladden. There is indeed a cemetary behind it. I went there in the1956-57 school year, after going to South Crossroads the previous 6 years. I have some pictures that I have taken through the years. I sent some to the address in your query, but I dont know if you received them. Hope this helps.
Bill   Mtn_wm@san.rr.com


Researcher: Bill   Mtn_wm@san.rr.com


Posted: 5 Mar 2008


I have been trying to find school records from the South Crossroads school from the 30s and on, until it was consolidated. I went there from the fall of 1950 through the spring of 1957. It was located west of Gladden toward Jadwin, near the Glen Belew homeplace. Some of the teachers I had were Glenna Enlow, Edward Pace, Ethel Briggs and her husband (Morris?)

In 1957, I attended Empire School at Gladden. If anyone has any information, I would dearly appreciate your sharing. I know there are records in the courthouse in Salem , and I was able to find some a few years ago, such as attendees and such. I would love to know if there are any school photos from the 30s 40s and 50s.

Thanks for reading,
Bill   Mtn_wm@san.rr.com


Researcher: Jack Edwin Duckworth

Surnames: Duckworth

Posted: 22 Feb 2008

I have a question on the Bonnie Rhodes entry regarding Edwin Duckworth.
He is my grandfather and I am looking for more information.

Jack Edwin Duckworth   jackduckworthmn@aol.com


Researcher: Jeff Pierce   nehemiah57@yahoo.com

Surnames: Brower, Hite

Posted: 19 Feb 2008

I'm looking for information on my gg-grandmother, Barbary WARD BROWER HITE. We think she may be buried in Dent County. She came to Missouri with several of her children (all last name BROWER) from Tennessee by way of Kentucky. We have a death date of 4 December 1882 for Barbary. Is there an index of burials in existance?


Jeff Pierce, IBSSG
Irving, Texas


Researcher: Brenda

Surnames: Leonard, Shults, Whiteaker

Posted: 11 Feb 2008

 I have a question. My Grandfather James Calvin Whiteaker was suppose to have had been married to a Dica T Shults on 08/20/1893 in Dent Co MO. James is my grandfather and I guess no one in the family ever knew he was married to this lady or just didn't say anything about it .If so what happen to Dica Shults. All of us knew he was married to Lettie Leonard. And there are suppose to be documents of this in the marriage license book in Salem. Does anyone know anything about this. This is such news to me

I would like to know more about this please if anyone would have any info please email me at kamiah2005@yahoo.com


Researcher: Luella Rigg Ostonal  pretenda1948@hotmail.com  read a reply

Surnames: Hodges

Posted: 31 Jan 2008

Does anyone remember a one room school house near Gladden, Dent Co., Mo. There was a graveyard nearby, the older girls used to go there and take the flowers and ribbons from the graves. It had an outhouse and an outside water pump. The teachers name around 1953 was Denver Hodges.
I started school there at 5yrs old. Would love to know if it is still standing and would really like a picture of it, if it is. Would pay postage and cost of film if not digital.
I used to live on a 395 acre farm near Gladden but can't remember exactly where. My folks sold farm, livestock, machinery and all for $11,000 in 1953/54 and moved us to Springfield. My Dad's health was bad. But I sure wish we could have stayed on the farm.  Dad had built a rock front porch on the house. We kids helped gather the rocks, seemed the farm grew them well. I bet 11k won't buy much now.
Appreciate any help you can give me, Thank you!

Luella Rigg Ostonal


Researcher: b.houston86@yahoo.com

Surnames: Godbey

Posted: 30 Jan 2008

Could anyone tell me were Spring Creek is in Salem Mo?
and were would I find the Godbey Farm.

Thank You


Researcher: Helen

Surnames: Ivy

Posted: 14 Jan 2008

looking for any info. on Isaiah Ivy, was in dent co, in 1860, was married to a Mary Polly ??????, not sure. He was b. in Virg. moved to Tenn.

will share info .  e-mail. jimmiehe@carnegie.com

Thanks. Helen


Researcher: kirkman14@yahoo.com

Surnames: Becker McDonough

Posted: 10 Jan 2008

I am looking for more information about Joseph R. McDonough
(born abt 1889) who married Dora Becker (born Feb. 1888).
They lived in Spring Creek in 1920 and 1930, at least.


Researcher: Brenda Houston

Surnames: Buckleys, Winchester

Posted: 10 Jan 2008

I am looking for Old Photos of Families that was living around Spring Creek.
I know Spring Creek runs across Salem, But I am pretty sure the place I am looking for is
on PP or 19 . ( PP highway goes out of Salem. There is a cemetery out in that area were my Grandmother Jane Winchester is Buried) . And Spring Creek runs on highway 19 going to St. James area, ''I thought maybe that's were Grandmother Jane lived.
I Hope some one out there has pictures of Jane Julan Winchester or Any of her family of Buckleys.

If so Please contact me   b.houston86@yahoo.com


Researcher: Brenda

Surnames: Godbey

Posted: 10 Jan 2008

I am looking for the Old Godbey Farm in Keysville, Mo.
can any one tell me were that is ??? I was told it was the old Dotson farm.
this was 1850 , I visit Keysville; My brother said he thought it was beside the Old Keysville Cemetery, but not sure.

Can any one help Me on the were abouts? It would be appreciated.
Thanks Brenda Godbey.







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