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A Success Beyond Anticipation Mammoth Crowd in attendance

   To Be Held at the Same Place Next Year,

 The Ex-Confederate re-union held at Barnitz lake in Dent county Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week was a grand and successful affair--even beyond the anticipation of the most expectant.

As early as Tuesday the crowd began to gather and tents were placed in position, and by Wednesday evening the great body of campers had arrived and for a mile or more along the creek the woods were dotted with a vast array of tents and the pleasure of camping out was being enjoyed in almost every manner conceivable from the well regulated, tastefully arranged, carpeted and cushioned tent to the more army-like wisp of straw for a head rest and the beautiful moon-lit heavens for a covering.

The place selected by the committee is undoubtedly the best anywhere in this section--- plenty of room, shady groves of trees, an abundance of pure, cold spring water, and easy of access from all directions – an ideal place, ‘tis no wonder that it was the unanimous choice for next years meeting.

The crowd in attendance was largest Thursday and Friday, estimated at from 5,000 to 6,000 and by far the largest that has ever attended the encampments. No particular disturbance of any importance occurred during the entire meeting, but the crowd was remarkably jovial, friendly, sober and orderly.

The greatest disappointment of the encampment was the failure of three of the prominent speakers to arrive--- "Hon. D. A. Batt, Hon. A. M. Deckery and Judge Gann. This was no fault of the committees, for they had secured direct promises form these gentlemen to be in attendance, but urgent campaign work in other sections kept them away. Those who spoke were Hon. W. A. Via, of Phelps county, Hon. Robt. Lamar of Houston and Congressman Ed Robb, of Perryville, and their remarks were well received by the crowd.

On Friday morning the members of the Camp formed in line and, headed by the Salem band, marched around the open field and back to the speaker’s stand where the roll was called and the business meeting held. One appreciated feature of this procession was the number of ex-union soldiers who joined in the march.

(Please keep in mind the print is very bad and in places unreadable, kwh)

                                ROLL OF THE CAMP.

Co. A 1st Ark. Inft. Vol., John A Love

" D 2nd Ark. Mount. Rifler, T. J. Balow

" A 3rd Mo. St. Grd. S. A. Brookshire

" D 58 N. C. Inft. S. D. Hoffman

" D 10 Mo. Inft. Tom Frank

" D 10 Mo. " M. L. Cox

Co. C 8th Mo. D. M. Thomas

" I 3rd Mo. Cav., J. W. Asbridge

Lt. Col. 24th Miss. Vol., W. L. Lylce (?)

Co. K 2- Tenn. Inft., J. F. Kitchens

" E 4 Mo. Cav., J. D. Pharris

" A Jackman’s Reg., J—Crowell

" D 10 Mo. Inft. W. A. Via

" C 22 Reg. N. C. troops, R. T. Foard

- - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - -- - W. B. Watkins

Co. I 16 Tenn. Inft., L. A. Priest

" D 10 Mo. Inft., A. H. Bald

Frazier’s Reg. Mo. Vol., Wm. Harmon

Co. D 16 Mo. Inft., N. P. Riley

" C 8 Mo. Inft. S. A. Harrison

" D 8 Mo. Inft. J. P. Williams

" C 9 Mo. Inft. S. B. Hood (?)

Burbridge’s Cav., C. W. Hobson

Co. H Fristoe’s Cav., S. M. Razor

" C 4 Tenn. ---- L. C. Simmons

" D 1 Reg. 7 Div. St. Cr--- Jas. Wilson

" F 3 Mo. Cav., T. J. Welch

" D 10 Mo. Inft. W. R. King

" D 8 Mo. Inft. D. M. Melton

" D 10 Mo. Inft. S. L. Agee

" E 10 Mo. Inft. J. M. Fleming

" E 8 Mo. Inft. J. F. McCrea

" K 1 Mo. Cav. H. W. King

" E 1 Mo. Cav. F. M. King

" D 8 Mo. Inft. H. D. Melton

" D McBride’s Brig., C. W. Hobson

" B 37 Va. Cav., Jess Williams

" C. Freeman’s Cav., F. M. Brown

" D 8 Mo. Inft. Wm. Brown

" H Coleman’s Mo. Cav., Chas. Adams

" F 9 Mo. Inft., J. C. Welch

" D 4 Mo. Cav., Cage Malone

" E 17 Tenn. Inft H. C. Causey

" E Freeman’s Mo. Cav. – W. Pewitt

Ass’t. Com. 7 Div. McBride’s Brig., E. W. Wilson

Co. D Slayback’s Mo. Cav. P. D. Mitchell

Major, Coleman’s Cav., Silas Headrick

Co. D 10 Mo. Inft., T. A. Arnold

" D 4 Mo. Cav., J. H. Watkins

Capt. Co. E 8 Mo. Inft., Jas. McClure

Crisp’s Mo. Reg., Wade Hickland

Cook’s Cav. Freeman’s Reg. - - Chambers

Co. E 8 Mo. Inft J. E. Organ

" D 10 Mo. Inft. Alex Headrick

" A Duke’s Reg. Morgan’s Cav., R. M. Johnson

" E Mitchell’s Reg. R. Reddick

" A Coleman’s Reg., J. R. Fox

Capt. Schyle’s Co., Mitchell’s Reg., A. J. Freeman

Frazier’s Command, A. B. Hill

Slayback’s Reg., C. W. H. Foard

Co. H 21 N. C. J. E. Libbins

" E 44 Tenn. D. Wittenburg

" B 1 Mo. St. Grd Andy Mitchell

" F Love’s Reg., S. S. Rourk

13 Mo. Cav. Col. W. M. Douglas

Co. K 1 Cav. Col. J. Q. Bevdge, Henry White

" D 10 Mo. Inft., E. F. Floyd

" C McBride’s Reg., C. C. Young

Reg. Surgeon, Dr. J. E. Thompson

Co. F 9 Mo., Wm. Barksdale

" E 8 Mo., A. J. Pettigrew

Schnavel’s Reg., Antna Kitchens

Co. I Green’s Mo. Reg., John Hagler

" C 8 Mo., J. K. Warf—

" F Shelby’s Com., Wm. Inman

" C Mitchell’s Reg., S. W. williams

" 8 Mo. Inft. J. C. Hargus

" A Freeman’s St. Grd. J. H. Mace

" E 8 Mo., J. S. Warford

" B 1 " Wingo’s W. H. Mann

" I 8 Ark., J. M. Berry

" D 10 Mo. Inft. Wm. Fore
" D 10 Mo. Inft. J. B. Coppdge

" K 4 Mo. Inft. J. S. Cooley

" D 10 Mo. Inft. W. T. Kepla

" B Wingo’s Reg. Ely Mitchell

" C 3 Mo., E. B. Jones

" C 21 Va. Inft., J. F. Dalton

" E. 8 Mo., W. J. Wofford

Potter’s Reg. W. H. Bowles

Co. D 25 Tenn. Inft., J. W. Mullen

Ord. Dept., J. H. Moran

Co. A. Coleman’s Cav., W. S. Nichol

The new general executive committee is as follows:

Dent county —J. E. Organ, Salem, J. W. Asbridge, Darien

Texas county ---L. C. Simmons, Raymondville, J. D. Pharris, Licking.

Phelps county --- W. A. Via, Norman, W. T. Kepla, Edgars Prairie.

Crawford county --- H. White, Sligo, L. B. Paul, Bourbon.

Barnitz lake, Dent county was again selected as the place for holding the encampment next year.

A committee was appointed to express suitable resolutions on the death of Comrade Kitchens, which made the following report:

"Whereas, it has pleased our Divine Creator to remove from this life, since our last annual encampment, Zachariah Kitchens, a member of this ex-Confederate Association, therefore:

Resolved, That we knew Mr. Kitchens to be a true and brave soldier and an honorable, and worthy citizen; and that we feel sincere sorrow and regret on account of his death.

Resolved, That we extend sympathy to all relatives and friends of the deceased ex-Confederate soldier and citizen’ and that these resolutions be made a part of the minutes of this association

                                   J. E. Organ,

                                  A. J. Freeman,

                                  J. W. Asbridge


                   The retiring general committee adopted the following resouluions:

We the retiring Committee express our good wishes, and kind regards to the ex-Union soldiers who came among us and so cheerfully assisted us un our entertainments: and desire that our fraternal relations may be close till all obstacles are removed."

                                                                W. A. Via, Chairman


The following resolutions were adopted by the Camp:

Whereas, we, the ex-Confederate veterans in encampment assembled at Barnitz lake, Dent county, Mo., learn with sadness of the death of many of our members, conspicuous among whom is Miss Winnie Davis, "Daughter of the Confederacy;" be it

Resolved, That we extend, to the bereaved mother our sympathy and join with the entire organization of Confederate Veterans in condolence and regrets.

Resolved, That we assure the aged members and friends of our organization who have attended this and other associations of our organization, of our lasting and sincere sympathies.

Resolved, That we thank the kind ladies for their bright presence and cheerful support of this, our organization.

Resolved, That we tender our hearty thanks to F. H. Barnitz for his large and liberal support, in offering us the use of his --- property for encampment purposes."

Saturday the tents began to fall, wagon load after wagon load rolled away, old friends and comrades exchanged the parting salute, hoping to meet again next year, and with a last, long ------

The encampment was at an end.

From the "Houston Herald", Houston, Texas County, Missouri 1899

Submitted by: Jerry Holland,

Copied by: Kathy Welch Heidel


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