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This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO. Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

Submitted by Kathy Welch Heidel

BLACK, SARAH ANN w/o William 8/12/1822, Green Co TN - 12/6/1904, Craddock MO, nee Hurley, d/o Joe & wife both bur. Mohawk TN

BLACK, JAMES CARROLL 7/3/1846 -12/21/1919, s/o Wm. T. & Sarah A., m. Martha Jane Craddock; 1/14/1869, 12 ch.: James Carol, Silas C., Thomas E., William D., John Wiley (m. Sarah "Sally" C. Kitchen bur. Kitchen Cem.), Arthur Zachariah (b. 5/7/1886, m. Grace Long, lived Lebanon, d. AZ), Mary Catherine (10/26/1870 - 1/8/1959, m. Joe H. Mace), Lewis Bland (b.8/9/1894, m. Alice Marlow, to Commerce OK), Ida Cora (m. Robert Coonard Kitchen, bur. Anutt Cem.), Ruthie Jane (m. Brent Heironimus, bur. Mt. Herman Cem.) Sarah A. & Rutherford; J. C. 2nd m. Dora Hume 3/25/1909

BLACK, MARTHA JANE w/o J. C. 12/13/1848 - 3/13/1907, nee Craddock

BLACK, SARAH A. d/o J. C. & M. J. 6/19/1876 - 9/17/1877

BLACK, RUTHERFORD H. s/o J. C. & M. J. 6/19/1876 - 8/18/1878

BLACK, SILAS COLUMBUS s/o J. C. & M. J. 10/23/1880, Phelps Co - 3/25/1937, Longmont CO; at age 21 joined Enon Baptist, Lenox BLACK, Inf. s/o Bob & Pearl nee Johnson 2/13/1919 (parents bur. North Lawn Cem.)

BLACK, WILLIAM "BILLY" T. JR. 7/11/1860 - 1/31/1929, w/o Wm. T. & Sarah A., m. Anna L. Johnson, 11/12/1882, 8 ch.: 7 died young & Beulah Lee (12/13/1901 - 4/28/1977, m. Samuel W. Cox, lived St. James, bur. Odd Fellows Cem.-Sullivan, 2 ch.: Virginia Harmon & William Thomas Cox); foster father of Charles Edward Black; W. T. m.Tishabell Williams, 10/28/1928

BLACK, ANNA LEE w/o W. T. 3/5/1863 - 5/1/1926 nee Johnson

BLACK, Infant d/o W, T, & A. L. 8/8/1883

BLACK, ARTHUR C. s/o W. T. & A. L. 7/30/1886 - 5/21/1887

BLACK, ALICE d/o W. T. & A. L. 11/24/1884 - 9/25/1899

BLACK, WILLIAM L. s/o W. T. & A. L. 5/8/1888 - 6/23/1890

BLACK, ZACHARIAH C. s/o W. T. & A. L. 7/25/1891 - 9/9/1892

BLACK, JULIA A. d/o W. T.& A. L. 5/11/1895 - 4/11/1909

BLACK, MARY C. R. d/o W. T. & A. L. 10/5/1903 - 12/2/1904

BLACK, THOMAS "TOM" EVERETT 4/13/1879 - 1/12/1941, home near Craddock MO, s/o J. C. & Martha; m. Odelia B. Johnson, ch.: Wilburn, Eula E. (Mrs. Wm. H. Williams) --bur. Mt. Herman Cem., Logan; converted yrs ago, at Black Oak, Enon Baptist

BLACK, ODELIA "DELIA" B. w/o T. E. nee Johnson 4/9/1881, Beulah, MO - 5/13/1968, Rolla; lived Edgar Springs area most of life; Baptist

BLACK, WILBERN S. 11/23/1900, Craddock - 9/4/1976, Rolla, s/o Tom & Delia; m. Katie Sudheimer, 9/23/1927, ch.; William Silas "Junior" (m. Millie Totman Bowers) & Logan (m. Rosalie Pruett); lived Edgar Springs

BLACK, CATHERINE "KATIE" w/o wilburn 4/15/1907 - 10/6/1987, Salem, nee Sudheiner; sis to Bob & George Sudheimer, Ina Craig

BLACK, WILLIAM "WILLIE" DANIEL 1869 - 9/4/1942 near Lenox after being thrown from a hay wagon, s/o James C. & Martha, m.Ruth Twilley of Piggot AR, 8/24/1889, dh.: Joseph C. & Harrison (both bur. Roseberry Cem.), Silas, Sarah Tucker, Etha (m. Bernice Mitchell), Mary A. L. (m. Earl Parks & Ellis), Laura (m. Wilfred Mace), Pearl Johnson Hill (d. young)

BLACK, RUTH w/o W. D. 9/10/1873 - 3/8/1955 St. Louis; nee Twilley, d/o Joseph & Martha

BLACK, Inf. 1/14/1893

BLACK, LILLIE 2/12/1904 - 1/30/1911

BLACK, JAMES CARROLL JR. 9/8/1874 - 6/28/1955, s/o James Carol & Martha nee Craddock; m. Eva L. McKinney, 9/23/1897, ch.: Orville (bur. Mt. Herman Cem.), Wiley, Cora (m. Archie Eaves); entire life lived on homeplace near Lenox BLACK, EVA LENA w/o J. C. 12/19/1880. Somerset KY - 12/13/1961, Lenox; nee McKinney, d/o Daniel & Sally nee Ping.

BLACK, WILEY SHERMAN s/o James C. & Eva; m. Vernita Dooley, 6/25/1923, 3 ch.: James, Delois (m. Clarence Johns), & Lela (m. Delmar Harris); lived most of life Lenox, farmer & carpenter

BLACK, MARY VERNITA w/o Wiley 7/7/1907, Dent Co. - 1/5/1984, Lenox, d/o Phillip & Ora Turner Dooley (bur. Kissock Cem.); Pentecostal faith

BLACK, JAMES D. 9/23/1939 - 7/31/1967, s/o Wiley S. & Mary V.; m. Bonnie (J. D. & son, Dugles, drowned in Dallas, TX, lived St. Louis

BLACK, DUGLES W. s/o J. D. 3/11/1961 - 7/1/1967

BLACK, LUTHER E. 7/4/1879, Dent Co. - 3/27/1957, s/o Joseph & Margaret nee Craddock, never married; lived most of life Lenox

BLACK, MILLIE J. 1/6/1931 - 7

BLACK, SARAH ANN E. w/o Clark ( he later moved to TX) 4/27/1834 -9/21/1877, nee Fudge, m. 1854. Dent Co., ch.: Emaline (b. 1858), M. A. (female b. 1859), John L. , James C., W. C., J. D. (male), Nancy (b.1872), George (b.1875); Clark 2m. Retta Dooley (b. 1857), 1870, Dent Co., ch.: Clark & Clara

BLACK, JOHN LEWIS s/o C. & S. A.; d.7/9/1864, age 9 yrs

BLACK, JAMES CHRISTOPHER s/o C. & S. A.; d. 11/3/1867, 3 yrs, 2 mos, 21 das. BLACK, W. L. s/o C. & S. A. 7/18/1871 - 9/22/1871

BLAKE, ELIZABETH 5/9/1842 - 1/20/1911

BLAKE, DAVID NEWTON "NUTE" 5/21/1883 on Billie Black farm - 10/11/1940. Bro. to Allen, Ellen Asher Plank (lived entire life around Lenox)

CASE, Infant

CAVINESS, wife of Willard; d. 5/1949

CRADDOCK, WILEY A. 2/25/1886 - 6/16/1977, s/o William & Stacey; m. Martha A. Mace, ch.: Annie Edgar, Wilma Phelps

CRADDOCK, MARTHA E. w/o Wiley A. 4/4/1889, Edgar Springs - 10/9/1985, Rolla, d/o George A. & Anna Dean Mace; member Evening Shade Church of Christ

CROW, RICHARD Y. s/o Otto & Mary nee Coppedge (bur. Sample Cem.) b.1/15/1863, IL - d. 7/6/1952, Salem; m. L. C. Williams, 1895; m. Stella Johnson, 1920 (d. 1951); father of Ewing & Mary Crow; brother to Bob, Augusta (Mrs. W. D. Kitchen); converted age 20, joined Assembly of God, Flat MO

?CROW, DAVID (UNCLE DAVE), d. 4/1911 Lenox area

DAVIDSON, infant s/o E. R. & D. M. 1/5/1914

DENISON, WILLIAM C. 1877 - 1922, m.Cynthia A. Craddock, ch.: Inf., Mildred, Nellie Lamar

DENISON, CYNTHIA ANN w/o W. C., nee Craddock, d/o Wm. & Stacey 7/14/1882 - 3/5/1959; member of Church of Christ

DENISON, Infant d/o W.C. & C.A. 7/24/1902

DENISON, MILDRED F. d/o W.C. & C.A. 3/2/1916 - 3/17/1918

GRESHAM, CLAUDE W. 7/1/1894 - 9/27/1921 Pvt. 2 Co 164 Brigade WW I MO: ?s/o John & Betsy

GRESHAM, MINIE M. d/o J.W. & L.J. 2/23/1882 - 2/5/1883

HILL, PEARL D. 3/29/1891 - 1/22/1947, d/o William D. & Ruth Twilley Black

HUMES, ARTHUR SAMUEL 3/5/1901, Miller Co. - 1/22/1970, home near Lenox, w.o Thomas Edwin & Dera (Howard); uncle of Marilyn Otto & Ellen Hacker; teacher sev. yrs.

JOHNS, HAROLD LYNN 2/15/1954 - 9/24/1973, auromobile accident, 6 miles S. of Edgar Springs, s/o Clarence (s/o Lillie Johns Fox nee Flanders) & Deloris nee Black

MACE, GEORGE ANDREW 7/27/1861 - 5/27/1942, s/o Wm. & Margaret J. nee Kitchen, m. Anna L. Dean, 14 ch.:Richard, Anthony H. (1/2/1900 - 1/17/1990, bur. West Side Dest. Cem. -Taft CA, m. Berta) Taylor W. (d. 1/25/1980, Rolla, bur. Ozark Mem. Gardens, m. Margaret J. Kirk), Emma (Mrs. Carroll Roberts), Martha (Mrs. Wiley Craddock), Rebecca Smith, Janie Edgar & 5 who died in infancy

MACE, ANNIE LAURA w/o George 11/24/1866 near Edgar Springs - 5/3/1959, Edgar Springs, d/o Christopher & Rebecca Dean; half -sis to Lacy Dean & Ruth Fisher; member of Church of Christ

MACE, WILLIAM F 2/26/1888 - 8/3/1888

MACE, Infants - 4 children of George & Annie

MACE, CLYDE W. s/o J. A. & Beatrice 5/11/1919 - 2/26/1921

MACE, MACK E. 11/23/1938 - 1/12/1939

MACE, WANDA D. 12/14/1920 - 2/28/1921

MACE, WILLIAM 2/12/1837 TN - 7/20/1881, s/o Henry & Eleanor Black Mace --- Eleanor was sis to Joseph Black, father of Wm. T. Black; m. Margaret Jane Kitchen (d/o George P. & Elizabeth Adams Kitchen), 1/7/1858, 7 ch.: George A., Elizabeth F.(12/4/1858 - 7/12/1948 bur. Mitchell Cem., m. William Henry Baker). Mare E. (m. James Fore), Martha "Mattie" S. (m. Lem Campbell), Joseph Elias (m. Annie Hanrahan), Cynthia (m. Wm. Henry Heavin), ---all bur. Anutt Cem., & William Henry (6/14/1870, Phelps Co. - 9/1960 Roll, bur. Mitchell Cem. near Edgar Springs, m. Eliza Jane Karnes); Margaret J. later n. Samuel A. Harrison, both bur. Anutt Cem.)

MITCHELL, MAHALA 2/22/1829 - 9/3/1900



PHELPS, WALTER C. 3/12/1915 - 8/30/1976, Rolla, s/o - Cora; m. Wilma, ch.: Jack Phelps & Wanda Melton; Pvt. US Army WWII; farmer, member Edgar Springs Lions Club, RIII School Board; Baptist

ROBERTS, WILLIAM RILEY 6/24/1857. OM - 7/6/1939, m. Louvina E. Black, 7/21/1878, 4 ch.: Johnnie W. 8/21/1879 - 11/7/1970, Miami, OK, m. Bessie Jack), J. Carrol, Andrew, & Sarah; Bro. to Mathie Roseberry; lived near Maples, Dent Co. nost of life; member Baptist Church

ROBERTS, LOUVINA ELIZABETH w/o W. R. 4/18/1850, 5 miles SE of edgar Springs, Phelps Co. - 3/24/1919, home, 2 1/2 miles NE of Maples, Dent Co., d/o William & Sarah Ann Hurley Black

ROBERTS, ANDREW J. R. 3/5/1885 - 11/26/1920, s/o W. R. & Louvina E. nee Black

ROBERTS, SARAH ANN 12/4/1887 - 3/19/1923, d/o W. R. & Louvina E. nee Black

ROBERTS, J. CARROLL 6/24/1881 - 5/2/1966, s/o W. R. & Louvina, m. emma Mace, Ch.: inf. son & dau., William G., Elba Steward, Annie Grieve, Velma Wofford, Richard (1921 - 1960)

ROBERTS, EMMA M. w/o J. C. 7/21/1885 - 5/26/1966, nee Mace, d/o George & Annie nee Dean

ROBERTS, Infant s/o Carroll & Emma 1913 ROBERTS, Infant d/o Carroll & Emma 1924

ROBERTS, WILLIAM "WILLIE" GEORGE 1/20/1914, Maples - 9/28/1989, s/o Carroll & Emma; single; lived Licking; army WW II; member Rock Springs Baptist


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