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This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO. Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

Submitted by Kathy Welch Heidel




AKERS, RALPH VERNON 3/2/1907 - 3/23/1907

ANDERSON, INF. of Roy & Marie nee Vance(parents bur. Cedar Grove Cem.)

BANKS, LU "LUM" MORGAN 8/4/1851, Ohio - 4/5/1930, home of son, Ed, 5 miles S. of Rector; m. Sarah F. Summers, 9 ch., 8 sons 1dau.: Robert "Bob" Earl, (1878 - 1947, m. Nora Webb, lived Eminence), John Wesley, (1885 - 1947, m. Rada Patterson, bur. Eminence), George W.(m. Cora Wave Boyce, bur. Cedar Grove Cem.), W. Spence (m, Louvige Deatherage, to Eminence), Edward (m. Eva N. Lewis, bur. Rector Cem.), Andrew "Andy" Jackson (m. Meada Hines, m. Albennie McMullin, he bur. Short Cem.), Marion, Lum. & Sarah A. (Mrs. J. A. Ferguson); lived farm Shannon Co. near Current River

BANKS, SARAH FRANCES, w/o L. M., nee Summers 8/24/1851 - 4/18/1926

BANKS, MARION s/o L. M. & S. F. 4/20/1895 - 9/13/1917

BRIGGS, VESTER 7/1/1881 - 9/4/1903

BROWN, VIRGINIA FAYE d/o John, d. 10/1942, at home Lewis Hollow

DOOLEY, CLEMENT "CLEM", 1/27/1857, Shannon Co. - 6/3/1923, farm home near Akers, s/o Matthew & Nancy nee Massey, m. Josephine Boyce, 1884, Dent Co., 12 ch.: May E. (m. Joseph Doms, m. W. A. Hook, bur. Cedar Grove Cem.), Carrie (m. Tom Medlock, bur. North Lawn Cem.), Julia (b. 8/7/1897, Shannon Co. - c1970, Rolla, bur. Roach Cem.-Phelps Co., m. Wallace), Iva, Toney Ray, Hattie E. (m. Elmer M. Purcell), Jesse Clark (5/14/1909, Akeres - 5/16/1988, Springfield, bur. Rivermonte Mem. Gardens - Springfield, m. Wilma 6/1936, lived CA 30 yrs.), Charles, Essie Welch, (to Pilot Knob AR & Shell Knob MO), & Boyce Ednond, Lloyd E., & Clyde M.--all bur.Cedar Grove Cem.; Dooley (original Doully) is French; lived same farm 40 yrs. near mouth of Gladden Valley

DOOLEY, JOSEPHINE "JOSIE", w/o Clem 11/19/1864 AR - 5/14/1931, nee Boyce, d/o Alexander (d. Civil War) & Thankful nee Lewis (both bur. AR) who lived in Gladden Valley

DOOLEY, CHARLES ARTHUR, Inf. s/o Clem & Josie 1885

DOOLEY, TONEY RAY, Inf. s/o Clem & Josie 1909

DOOLEY, IVY d/o Clem & Josie 1/21/1905 - 6/1922

DOOLEY, Inf. s/o Lloyd E. & Nora E. nee Howell 10/3/1910

DOOLEY, HARRY B. s/o Lloyd E. & Nora E. 7/14/1913 - 10/26/1913

DOOLEY, IVA MAUDELINE, 8/10/1920, near Rector - 10/3/1942, d/o Boyce Ednond & Alta nee Banks; converted age 11


FERGUSON, J. A. d/ 1976 s/o John & Jane nee Brown, m. Sarah A. Banks, ch.: Nora Mae (Mrs. Johnnie Halbrook), Roy V., Willie E., Pearlie L.

FERGUSON, SARAH ADELINE, w/o J. A. , nee Banks, d/o L.. M. & Sarah nee Summers 3/13/1883 - 6/25/1940

FERGUSON, ROY VERNON, 1/5/1912 - 3/18/1929 (He was in the 8th Grade at Rector School)



HODGES, THOMAS R., 11/28/1855 - 3/5/1936, home, Rector, s/o Samuel & Tabitha Adeline ---Samuel also m. Lavina; m. Nora Emma Purcell, 7 ch.: Sam B. (bur. Rector Cem.), James "Jim" H. (bur. Cedar Grove Cem., Salem), Melissa (m. Akers & m. Norton, to Eminence), Oliver m., Nora Counts, & 2 sons d. young; bro. to Green, Polly, William Solomon (bur. Jadwin Cem.)., Sarah Hackworth, Martha Lewis, Fanny Rhodes, & rhoda Adeline Wilson Burrus (bur. Cage Cem.); member Akers Odd Fellows Lodge

HODGES, NANCY (NORA) EMMALINE, w/o T. R. 10/10/1858 - 12/12/1930, 8 p.m. home, Rector, d/o Aaron & Elizabeth Purcell; sis. to: Rebecca Medlock (bur. New Hope Cem.); converted early life, member of the Church of Christ 45 yrs.

HODGES, OLIVER M. 10/29/1882, Shannon Co. - 10/5/1969, Springfield, s/o Thomas and Emma nee Purcell, 1st. m. Dora Summers, 1906 (d. 1914), 2 ch.: Mont O. (bur. Jadwin Cem.) & Mabel Conway; m. Belle Welch (d. 1955, Rector Cem.), 1917, 2 ch.: Evangeline Smith & Toney Hodges

HODGES, SAMUEL GREEN, 1/27/1860, MO - 6.2.1944, home near Cedar Grove, s/o Samuel & Tabitha Adeline, m. Tryphana Emily Lewis, 1881, Salem Courthouse (drove ox team to Salem to get license), 6 ch.: Rose & Oscar (both d. inf.) Ida (m. James Steelman, bur. Summers Cem.- Dalrymple place), Arthur L. & William Franklin (both bur. Cedar Grove Cem.- Salem), Ellis (Live Oak, CA), inf Son; life spent farmer, Dent & Shannon Co.s; baptized 1919, joined Rector Church of Christ

HODGES, TRYPHANA "PHANEY" EMILY, w/o S. Green 2/27/1860, Shannon Co. - 1950, home of granddau., Geraldine Stephens near Montauk, d/o Wm. & Mary Boyce Lewis; member Church of Christ

HOWELL, MINNIE B. 7/26/1882, Menden MO -- 9/12/1911, typhoid fever, nee Cutright; m. James F. Howell, 12/18/1901, 2 ch.: Ruby Miller & Herbert; J. F. 2m. Ella Hamilton, both bur. Jadwin Cem.

LEWIS, ALVIN JOSEPH, inf. s/o Alvin Josiah (bur. Summers Cem. -Dalrymple farm) & Kate nee East (bur. Miner Cem.)

MAGGARD, FERNANDO EMMITT 7/2/1872, IN- 11/27/1952, home of dau. Myrtle Hale, Ellis Prairie, s/o David & Deliah;m. Louisa Schmidt, 3/28/1895, 8 ch.: inf. dau., Dewey (d. young), Earl (m. Pearlie Jordan nee Purcell), Gaylord E. "Buck", Otto (m. Vance), Denver (bur. Cedar Grove Cem.), Myrtle Hale, & Beulah Smith; lived on Current River above Akers since 1930, joined Baptist Church early in life

MAGGARD, LOUISA w/o F. E. 12/21/1873 - 9/4/1942, d/o August & Magdaline Wyss Schmidt; sis to: Charley, John, August, Willie, Lizzie Bland, Calla Ellerman, Gusta Dark; joined Baptist Church in early life

MASCHER, LYLE THOMAS, 1/12/1929 - 6/27/1936, drowned Welch Cave, Current River, s/o Thurman (bur. Licking Cem.) & Fay; bro. to : Iona Miller & Eva Pappadato; family lived near Welch Cave at time

McENTIRE, J. W. 11/6/1868 - 10/14/1913

PANKEY, DOLLY FAYE inf. d/o Homer & Renia nee Freeze 7/18/1937 - 7/27/1937; parents bur. Jadwin Cem.

?PURCELL, THOMAS; d. 1/1891 at home of son, F. M., Akers, MO, aged 83 yrs.; m. Sarah, ch.: Francis M.,

?P. A.

PURCELL, FRANCIS "FRANK" M. 1/18/1843 - 8/24/1927, s/o Thomas & Sarah, m. Sarah M. Dooley, 12 ch.: John (to Hayden CO), Orin Gray (bur. Rector Cem.), George, Tommy, Marion, S. B., Nandy Charlotte "Lottie" (m. Frank Doms & Ike Cox, bur Cedar Grove Cem), Lena (m. George Martin Reary, b. 1/13/1890 - d. 1/25/1991, Denver CO)

PURCELL, SARAH M. w/o F. M. 12/5/1850, GA - 12/14/1928, nee Dooley, d/o Matthew & Nancy E. Massey of Nashville, TN

PURCELL, THOMAS W. s/o F. M. & Sarah 2/23/1869 - 3/20/1904, never married

PURCELL, MARION, s/o F. M. & Sarah 8/30/1874 - 11/14/1921, home near Montauk; m. a Jordan

PURCELL, SYLVENOUS "VENUS" BELFORD , s/o F. M. & Sarah 12/10/1882, north Sahnnon Co. 2/12/1940, Shannon Co.; m. Etta Shedd, 2/26/1908; lived just below Akers on Current River; baptized in Current River (home swimming hole) by Rev. Paul Wobus, helped build Mt. Zion Community Church near Akers

PURCELL, ETTA E. S. w/o S. B. 1882, Ink, - -1950, 6th child born to George & Sarah Shedd; sis. to: Anna Jewell, Will, Effie Lard, Charles, Sadie, Randolph, Bertha Stevens, Elsie Fuller; attended school at Ink, Summersville, & Birch Tree--taught at Ink, Boyds Creek, Bluff, Lewis Hollow, akers; bookkeeper, Summersville Bank; resident librarian at Shannondale since 1941

PURCELL, GEORGE C. s/o F. M. & Sarah 8/11/1871 - 6/28/1945, m. Jane M. Summers, ch.: Mamie Terrill, Bertha, Maisel (m. Darwin Medlock, d. 2/16/1977, bur. Oak Hill Cem. - St. Louis), & Cassie Arenia (Mrs Walter Welch), Pearlie Jordan Magg ard & Loren (Mrs. Buck Maggard) --all bur. Cedar Grove Cem.

PURCELL, JANE M. w/o G. C. 10/8/1873 - 10/8/1938, home near Akers, of Wm. & Martha Briggs Summers; member Evangelical Church

PURCELL, BERTHA d/o George & Jane 2/17/1898, Akers - 2/25/1964, Salem; attended Akers School; polio victim at early age; joined Church of Christ at early age

PURCELL, MOSES 9/11/1836 - 12/20/1901, m. Elizabeth 11/14/1887, ch.: Elmer M., Marion, Amos, Martha F. (Mrs. Willis Schafer)---bur. Green Forest Cem., Margaret Patton (Fremont, MO)

PURCELL, ELMER MOSES, s/o Moses & Elizabeth 11/14/1887, Shannon Co.- 3/1/1962, Jefferson City; m. Hattie E. Dooley, 2/4/1912, 8 ch.: Arch V., Clem D., Vancel, Jim, Max, Sam, Joseph & Wilma (m. Allen Chrisco); entire life spent Gladden Valley near Akers; joined Evangelical & Reformed Church c1932, baptized by Bro. Zen Yount

PURCELL, HATTIE ELLEN, w/o Elmer M., d.o Clem & Josephine Boyce Dooley 12/1/1889, Shannon Co., - 5/27/1968, Houston

PURCELL, ARCH V., s/o Elmer & Hattie 1912 - 1920

PURCELL, CLEM D., s/o Elmer & Hattie 1923 - 1924

PURCELL, DAPHENE ANN, Inf. d/o Vancel & Beulah nee Steelman 11/18/1960; sis to: Clarence, Richard

PURCELL, ROBERT VAN, s/o W. R. & Lucy nee Terrill 8/31/1895 - 8/10/1912; parents bur. Jadwin Cem.

RILEY, JAMES L. 1857 - 1933; m. Sarah Eudy, 9 ch.: Carter Wm. (bur. Cedar Grove Cem.), Cleatus, Ozro (bur. Jadwin Cem.), Hayden, Pearl (Mrs. Earl Campbell), Hester Gillett, Bess (m. Bill Null, she d. 11/1957, Cheyanne WY), Nora Stringer, & Claudia Tremble

RILEY, SARAH JANE, wife of James, 1875 - 1916, d/o James Franklin & Malinda Eudy (bur. Short Cem.)

STRAIN, BEN, d. 1912, aged 50 yrs.

STRINGER, DELLA A. 1871 - 1934, nee Summers, d/o Wm. & 1st wife, Martha nee Briggs

SUMMERS, WILLIAM 7/2/1852, Gladden Valley - 2/21/1928, m. Martha Briggs, ch.: Della Stringer, Jane (Mrs. George Purcell), James, Josie Townsend, Emma Frazier (to Kansas City); m. Caroline, 1 son: Earl Lorenzo 11/14/1904, Akers - 12/1953, auto accident near Akers, bur. Summersville Cem.); Caroline is also mother of: Jayson Boyet; lived entire life Shannon Co.

TERRILL, MAMIE, w/o E. 1894 - 5/19/1934, d/o George & Jane Summers Purcell; m. Besford Terrill, ch.: Besford "Red", George (m. Billie), Victor (bur. Cedar Grove Cem.), Marie (Mrs. Ward Smith), inf. Virginia

WELCH, JOHN "JACK" CALVIN, 11/8/1840, Dent Co. - 9/6/1914, Akers, Shannon Co., s/o Thomas & Ann Eliza nee reddick (bur. round Pond Cem.); m. Martha E. Wofford, 12/20/1866, Dent Co., 7 ch.--- 5 boys & 2 girls, James Calvin (bur. Wofford Cem.), Thomas Smith (m. Nettie Elnora McCrea bur. Walker Cem), William Jefferson "Jeff" (b. c1872, m. Kate), Joseph Morgan. (b. c.1872, m. Stella, no children ), Hester Iona Anna "Annie" Elizabeth (11/4/1877, Dent Co. - 11/21/1943, San Bernardino CA, m. Andrew Burr Johns, 2/24/1895), Mary Bertha E. (b.c1879, disappeared in St. Louis, m. Edward Marks), & Walter Herman (b. after 1880 - d. c1919, m. MT girl), in Civil War, enlisted 1861 freeman's Co. Mo. State Militia 1st., later Sgt. Co. F 9th Mo. Inf. Confederate Army; served as Collector of Dent Co., member Odd Fellow Lodge; Welch Cave on Current River named for this family

WELCH, MARTHA ELLENDER, w/o J. C. 1846 - 1918, d/o John Smith & Hester "Easter" Ann Causey Wofford (bur. Wofford Cem.)

WELCH, R. EARL, s/o James Calvin & Lucy nee Casteel 9/9/1898 - 12/31/1922, parents bur. Wofford Cem.


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