Daviess Co. Missouri Tax Delinquents (1865-1873)

Daviess County, Missouri
Land Tax Delinquent List (1865-1873)

The Gallatin Democrat, June 25, 1874.

Notice is hereby given to all persons interested that Hadley Brown, Treasurer and Ex-Officio Collector of Daviess County, Missouri, will make application to the County Court at the July term, to be begun and held in the city of Gallatin on the 19th day of July A. D. 1874, at the Court House, for an order to sell so much of the real property as shall be sufficient to satisfy the amount of taxes, penalties, interest and costs due for the year 1873 and all delinquent taxes from 1865 to 1871 inclusive.

Allen, Isaac estateMonroe
Allen, WilliamSheridan
Bacon, GuySheridan
Bacon, IraColfax
Ballinger, J.Town of Winston
Ballinger, JohnCity of Gallatin
Ballinger, JohnColfax
Barnes, O. P.Monroe
Barnum, E. estateCity of Gallatin
Barrett, AdelineSheridan
Benham, IvansSheridan
Bennett, HensenHarrison
Bickwith, CharlesTown of Jamesport
Billings, N. M.Sheridan
Bird, JoshuaSalem
Black, Wm. J.Town of Victoria
Black, Wm. P.Union
Blizzard, SarahTown of Jamesport
Bolton, HenryCity of Gallatin
Bostaph,  Washington
Brady, RobertSheridan
Britton, J. H.Jackson
Britton, James H.Town of Jameson
Brown, Chas. A.Jackson
Brown, Jno. A.Grand River
Brown, SarahTown of Salem
Brown, T. J.Washington
Brundige, J. N.Sheridan
Callahan, A. W.City of Gallatin
Callahan, DanielJackson
Campbell, Mary J.Liberty
Cantine, CharlesMonroe
Carter, SalathielJackson
Cathcart, JohnMonroe
Chapman, J. L.Town of Salem
Clark, SilasMarion
Cochran, ClarkSalem
Cole, WilliamColfax
Comer, John estateCity of Gallatin
Conkling, RichardTown of Jamesport
Connor, SallieHarrison
Conway, AmosLiberty
Cooper, F. M.Jackson
Cox, S. P.Colfax
Crawford, NancyMarion
Creekmore,  Washington
Creekmore, JenetteSheridan
Crow, Alex estateSheridan
Daniels, RichardUnion
Davis, A. B.Salem
Davis, D. HarfieldCity of Gallatin
Davis, Jas. L.City of Gallatin
Davis, Jas. L.Union
Denison, StanleyMonroe
Dickerson, JamesJackson
Dodge, R. L.Sheridan
Doll, Lewis J.Sheridan
Doll, WilliamGrand River
Doll, WilliamSalem
Donnelly, Geo. K.Sheridan
Drake, JohnTown of Winston
Drew, Charles IIColfax
Ellis, FranklinSalem
Ellis, JosehTown of Jameson
Ellis, NancyGrand River
Emery, Reason estateMonroe
Emery, RobertColfax
Enyart, DavidHarrison
Ewing, RebeccaCity of Gallatin
Farry, ThomasLiberty
Feurt, JamesGrand River
Flint, Thomas J.City of Gallatin
Flint, Thomas J.Union
Folmsbee, Wm. H.Union
Ford, E. B.City of Gallatin
Fuert, Jno.Grand River
Galpin, AlbertSheridan
Goble, A. J.Salem
Grant, WilliamGrand River
Greene, RichardWashington
Grimes, John J.Marion
Hainline, F. T.Colfax
Hall,  Jefferson
Hargis,  Washington
Harmon, NathanLiberty
Harrison, UriahColfax
Hawley, James A.Jackson
Haynes, EzekielTown of Jamesport
Hazelrig, WilliamJackson
Hedrick, IsaacGrand River
Henderson, Geo. W.Sheridan
Herndon, Joseph H.Washington
Hickman, ThadeusSheridan
Hickman, ThadeusSheridan
Hilbish, JacobColfax
Hill, I. P.Jefferson
Hillman, JohnCity of Gallatin
Hoage, JesseTown of Lock Springs
Holloway, JeffUnion
Hubbard, E.Washington
Irwin, W. M.City of Gallatin
Johnson, JamesMarion
Johnson, LeanderJefferson
Johnston, LeviWashington
Joiner, J. M.Colfax
Judson, JohnColfax
Kelley, JeffersonJackson
Kelsey, OliverSheridan
Kelsey, PerrySheridan
Kelso, E. C.Sheridan
Kinney, P. S.Sheridan
Lankford, Dr. estateMonroe
Lawson, RobertCity of Gallatin
Leard, B. J.Jefferson
Lebo, W. W.Sheridan
Leonard, Francis A.Washington
Lindsay, GeorgeTown of Winston
Lindsay, R. C.City of Gallatin
Macy, DanielTown of Jamesport
Mallory, J. H.Colfax
Mann, RobertTown of Jamesport
Mansfield, JamesJackson
Manuel, C. A.Grand River
Manuel, C. A.Grand River
Marksberry, L. R.Liberty
Martin, George W.Jackson
Mason, Wm. B.Colfax
McBrayer, H. M. estateMonroe
McBrayer, John A.Sheridan
McCain, G. W.Jackson
McClurg, EdwardTown of Jamesport
McCrary, CharlesColfax
McCue, JohnTown of Jamesport
McGee, Wm. V.Union
McNeal, George estateJackson
McPherson, HoraceSheridan
Megill, DavidTown of Bancroft
Miller,  Sheridan
Miller, Mary A.Town of Jamesport
Mitcheit, H.Lincoln
Mitchell, John D.Liberty
Moore, JamesJefferson
Morgan, John O.Salem
Mullins, Levi M.Sheridan
Murphy, L. D.Salem
Murray, LeviJackson
Murray, R. P.City of Gallatin
Myers, C.Sheridan
Navins, ThomasJefferson
Newton, IvanMarion
Nichols, SamuelJackson
Norton, JosephSheridan
Osborn, R. S.Colfax
Owens, JamesTown of Altovista
Price, John A.Jackson
Pritchard, A. J.Colfax
Ray, Geo. W.Union
Richardson, NathanMonroe
Richardson, S. A.City of Gallatin
Richardson, S. A.Liberty
Richardson, S. A.Monroe
Richardson, S. A.Sheridan
Richardson, S. A.Union
Roberts, HenryMarion
Rogers, J. H.Jefferson
Rowland, J. B.Jefferson
Sackett, Mary D.Colfax
Sanders, WilliamTown of Winston
Sandige, DabneyJackson
Schonover, L. B.Harrison
Scott, A. C.Grand River
Scott, L. P.Grand River
Scoville, William F.Monroe
Shaw, AmaziahColfax
Sheets, Henry estateCity of Gallatin
Shintaffer, J. W.Grand River
Small, E.Union
Smalley, S. H.Liberty
Smith, JohnTown of Jamesport
Snyder, SamuelJackson
Speaker, JosephWashington
Spiers, HenryColfax
Stapp, JoeMarion
Stark, J. CarrolCity of Gallatin
Stean, Ben IICity of Gallatin
Steele, BenjaminSheridan
Story, MountsJackson
Stout, HiramMarion
Stout, James O.Marion
Stout, JohnJackson
Stout, LafayetteJackson
Stout, Robert M.Town of Jamesport
Strong, Maynard W.Colfax
Summers, L. V.Town of Jamesport
Surface, SamuelSheridan
Sutton, John H.Town of Jameson
Tapscott, JohnSheridan
Terry, R. J.Grand River
Thomas, Martha A.Sheridan
Thompson, A. B.Jefferson
Trice, Charles Y.Colfax
Truitt, JohnTown of Winston
Tye, Henry H.Jackson
Vandyke, John W.Jackson
Vandyke, WilliamJackson
Venable, AlbertCity of Gallatin
Walker, JohnColfax
Walter, Sarah AnnColfax
Walworth, Chas. W.Sheridan
Ward, James W.Union
Weldon, J. B. estateHarrison
Weldon, Joseph J.Harrison
Weldon, MartinHarrison
West, R. T.Town of Victoria
Westphall, HamsonSheridan
White, ErnestMarion
White, WelcomeJefferson
Whittaker, JohnJackson
Wicham, J. A.City of Gallatin
Wiley, JohnLiberty
Williams, Chas. B. estateCity of Gallatin
Williamson, D.Marion
Wilson, JamesSheridan
Wineland, WilliamTown of Jamesport
Wirt, P. R. estateCity of Gallatin
Wirt, William E.City of Gallatin
Witten, Charles F.Lincoln
Wooderson, Joseph G.Sheridan
Wright, CampbellSheridan
Wynn, HenryGrand River
Wynn, P. W.Washington
Wynn, R. A. B.Washington
Yarbrough, D. B.Town of Salem
Youtsey, JacobMarion
Zentz, Geo. W.Sheridan