Dade County Genealogical Society

The Dade County Genealogical Society (DCGS) has as some of its objectives the following:


(1)   To furnish mutual aid in genealogical research.

(2)   To foster and encourage the interest of members and others in genealogical research.

(3)   To acquire and/or prepare and place in the Dade County libraries publications and accurate records for the use of members and the public.

(4)   To provide assistance and/or support for the preservation and maintenance of any cemetery physically located in Dade County, MO.

 Membership is open to all individuals interested in promoting the objectives of the Society.  Yearly dues are currently $10.00
(due on January 1 of each calendar year) and includes
the DCGS quarterly newsletter “Diggin in Dade”.

 DCGS meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month (except December) and are open to everyone.

 All publications available for sale by the DCGS are available for anyone to browse free of charge at the Dade County library in Greenfield, MO.  In addition, the library houses an excellent collection of other genealogical materials for researchers.  Some of the available resources include Dade County census records on microfilm, genealogical material on nearly every Missouri county, family histories, family surname files, surname obituary card files, and many other research materials.  There are DCGS volunteers at the Dade County library to assist researchers on Thursday evenings from 5:00-7:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.

 The DCGS also has a volunteer research committee that will be happy to assist you with long-distance research.  The research committee is headed by Audrey Brown.  Requests for research should be addressed to her and mailed to the following address:

 Dade County Genealogical Society
Attn: Audrey Brown – Research Request
P.O. Box 155
Greenfield, MO  65661

Or you may email research requests to:  [email protected]

The DCGS also has  a new website you may visit at

 The research committee will reply to specific requests for information (within reason) as time permits.  There is no charge for the research, but copies of materials are 25 cents per page (this is the cost per copy that the library charges to use the copy machine) and the cost for postage may vary.   The following guidelines have been established with regard to volunteer research:

 (1)   Queries received through email must have the snail mail address of the person requesting the information because the reply will most likely be sent through conventional mail.

(2)   Queries should be as specific as possible and you should indicate any resources/information you already possess regarding the query so that duplicate information will not be sent to you.  If you want only to know if your ancestors name is in the index of specific reference materials, so that you may decide which materials to request copies of, please indicate that in your message to the DCGS.

(3)   If requested queries can be posted in the DCGS quarterly newsletter.  Queries are posted free for members and are $1 for non-members.   All queries are also included in our column in the local newspaper, the Greenfield Vedette.


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