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Pleasantridge School

Submitted on 1 Dec 2006 by Beth Kunkel

This photo is labeled Pleasant Ridge School John E. Girault, president of school board, on the back.  He is in the middle standing with a circle drawn around him.  I don't know the date, but my great grandfather, Mr. Girault, died in 1943 and his obituary stated that he had lived in Cuba for 42 years.  So this might be 1901 or so.


Submitted on 17 July, 2009 by Anne Falkenrath

In the back row, left hand side, the gentleman with the white beard with the tiny woman standing in front and to the right of him is James Washington Windle (son of Samuel Washington Windle and Elizabeth "Betsy" Pyrtle) and his wife Sarah Ellen Windle nee Bray (daughter of William Riley Bray and Susan Margaret Speake).  Their daughter Myrtle Abigail Windle is seated in the second row and their son Raymond Douglas Windle is seated on the front row.

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