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George W. McAlister Family

Submitted on 3 Nov 1999 by Dorothy Ballenger

Mary Elizabeth McAlister (nee Pinnell), was the wife of George Washington McAlister.  From family history, the way I understand it, Elizabeth and George ran or owned the cafe in Leasburg.  One of the children of the daughter who always baked the pies was sick.  So, that day Elizabeth had to go to the cafe and bake the pies.  She was a short person, only about 4 feet tall.  She suffered from obesity (was over 200 pounds).  It was a hot day and she was cooking the pies in a wood burning cook stove.  While baking the pies, she was "overcome by heat exhaustion" and died.

Their children were:

  1. Anna McAlister, born 11.3.1877

  2. Ida McAlister, born 6.4.1880, died 5.1881

  3. Mildford McAlister, born 11.8.1881, died 9.11.1882

  4. Cordelia McAlister, born 11.1.1882, died 11.12.1881

  5. Lydia Jane McAlister, born 1.10.1884

  6. Edgar McAlister, born 6.20.1886

  7. Nettie McAlister, born 12.9.1888

  8. Etta McAlister, born 12.9.1888, died 1895 (a twin to Nettie)

  9. Clara McAlister, born 6.24.1892

  10. Georgia McAlister, born 5.8.1894

  11. Nolan McAlister, born 5.6.1896


Clara McAlister

This information is from the family, told down to me.  Clara McAlister was born in Crawford County, Missouri.  She was born June 24, 1892 and died February 5, 1978.  Family members said she was born at Oak Hill or Scotia, Missouri.  Clara married Joseph Leroy Lair.  Some of her children were born in Crawford county and some were born in Illinois.  Clara lived most of her life in Crawford County.  They bought a farm at Leasburg and lived out their days living with their middle son until his death.  Clara had six children.

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