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Crawford County Missouri
Photo Album

Litty Family or
Hayes, Patterson, Walker Families ???

Submitted on 8/09/05 by Hildred Marie Jones


This is the family of William Fredrick Litty (d.o.b. 1845).  On the left sitting is Amanda Belle Brand,
William Fredrick (Fritz) Litty holding two small children, Dollie and Alexis Litty, Jamima
Caroline Nixon Litty (d.o.b. 1853), and Tempa Brand.  Jamima married Fritz (1888) after her husband
Rev. Elisha B. Brand died in 1879 in Crawford County.  I believe the two men in back are Brands and
the two women in back are Littys.

Submitted on 5/25/09 by Barbara Hayes Donahue

This photograph has been mislabeled.  I am the granddaughter of William Francis Hayes, the little boy in the middle of the front row.  The picture was taken in front of the Walker log cabin circa 1910-1912.

From left to right, front row:  Esther Elizabeth Hayes (b 17 Oct 1899), Francis Marion Walker
(b 7 Mar 1847, d 2 April 1919), Mary Jane Hayes (b 11 Sep 1909), William Francis Hayes
(b 2 Sep 1907, d 13 Feb 1977), Charlotte Jane Walker (b 3 Oct 1846, d 11 Feb 1923), Naomi Ruth Britton
(b 17 Aug 1901)

Back row:  Ida May Hayes (nee Walker, b 3 April 1881, d 17 Feb 1913), William Barney Michael Hayes
(b 21 Aug 1874, d 14 Mar 1918), William Richard Patterson (b 9 Dec 1879), Lula Jane Patterson
(nee Walker, b 25 April 1888, d 5 Feb 1920)


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