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Adair Family

Submitted on 16 Aug 2003 by Diantha Sarver

George and John Adair were born in Ontario, Canada, to Alexander and Rozilla Soles Adair.  They were two of ten children born to this family.  About 1870, the family immigrated from Canada to Michigan and by 1880 they were settled in Champaign Co, Illinois.  George and John remained there on the family farm until the early 1900's when George with his bride, Alpha, and John moved to Crawford Co, MO.

According to Crawford County and Cuba Missouri by James Ira Breuer,

"In 1904 the Adair brothers, John and George, moved to the valley.  Each of them built a home and a barn.  They came from Illinois and were excellent farmers and livestock growers.  At the time these young men came to Scotia, a young lady named Eliza Jane "Lennie" Harrison was teaching at the Scotia School which was only a few hundred yards down the valley from the furnace works.  Lennie was the daughter of Benjamin Harrison and married John Adair."

George and Alpha Kemper Adair had five children born while living at their Scotia ranch.  These children were:  Ward - born 15 Aug 1904, Irene - born about 1906, Clifford - born August 23, 1909, Anna - born 19 July 1912, and Thomas - born 2 July 1916.

John and Eliza Jane Harrison Adair had either 5 or 6 children born there.  These children were Margaret, Harry, Edith, Ben, and a child who died young.

These families lived near Scotia until about 1930.  Their children attended school there.  They seemed to be good friends with the Pinnell, Walker, and Peetz families among others.

The story goes that they had a very prosperous ranch that was debt free.  They had plenty of money in the bank.  When the banks closed during the depression, they, like many others, lost their savings and were unabale to pay their taxes.  Their ranches were sold for nonpayment of taxes.  The two brothers then took their families and left the area.  John and his family moved to Washington state and George and his family eventually settled in Peoria Co, IL.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers anything about this family.

George Adair Ranch
Scotia, Crawford Co, MO
Taken 1927

George Adair, Taken 1927

l to r:  The Ora Pinnells, Mrs. George Adair

Children of George and Alpha Kemper Adair
l to r:  Clifford, Irene, Ward
back:  Tom and Anna
Taken 1923


The following are links to snapshots of the Adairs or friends from the community.
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Adair and Pinnell Families, Taken ca 1927 Irene Adair, Dorthea Buckingham, Taken ca 1922
Mabel Mason, Anna Adair, Taken ca 1927 Morris Adair
Irene Adair, Henry Adair, Taken ca 1917 Frances Pinnell, Irene Adair
Frances Pinnell, Anna Adair Ann Noldin, Irene Adair, Taken ca 1927
Mabel Cain, Clifford Adair, Taken ca 1927 Mark Pinnell, Ward Adair, Taken ca 1927
Linnie Adair's Birthday Party, Taken ca 1927  
Mr. & Mrs. G.O. Pinnell, Taken ca 1927 Mabel Pinnell, Taken ca 1927
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Peetz, Taken ca 1927 Hazel Peetz, Taken ca 1927
Hazel, Margie Peetz, Taken ca 1927 Ethel, Margie Peetz
Scotia kids, Summers, & Adairs Blanche Summers, Taken ca 1927
Lillie Walker, Chester Crabtree, Wilma Walker, Taken ca 1927 Chester Crabtree & schoolroom at Gibbs
Anna Walker in long ago costume, Taken ca 1927 1927 Scotia School Girls in long ago costumes
Little Scotia School Girls - no names Jewell Butler, Anna Blount, Lindell Bouse, Taken ca 1927
Mary Kincade, Taken ca 1927 Fern Felton, Taken ca 1927

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