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Jesse Weagley

Jesse Weagley, Maddened by His Rejection, Slays Miss Elizabeth Clements

Driven to desperation by the thought that he could never marry her, Jesse C. Weagley shot and killed Miss Elizabeth Clements Tuesday about 1:00pm, at the Clements home in Gallatin township; near Antioch church. He then shot himself three times.

The young lady died in a short time after her wounds were inflicted. He was taken to his home and later to the German hospital in Kansas City. His wounds are in the breast. The young people were about 24 years of age.

Jesse is a son of Pharis H. Weagley, a well-known resident of the county for a number of years, and lives on the Anna Darby place, north of the George Tuggle farm. The family has been arranging to move to a farm purchased north of Liberty.


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