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Valuation of Property in 1829

Perhaps a definite idea of the value of personal property in Clay county in early days may be obtained from the appraisement of ARCHIBALD HOLTZCLAW's estate, in 1829, and the prices at which the property was sold.

Mr. Holtzclaw's estate was very large and valuable, and his property was divided among his children at the following values:

JINCY, a crippled slave girl, 30 years old, $100
ANTHONY, Jincy's child, 1 year old, $100
SUSAN, a slave, 14 years old, $300
HENRY, a slave, 13 years old, $336
ISAAC, a slave, 25 years old, $450
GEORGE, a slave, 13 years old, $316

Other personal property had the following sworn values:

a horse and side-saddle - $40
a cow and a calf - $7.50
sow and five pigs - $1.50
sheep, each $1.00
a flax wheel - $3.00
a cotton wheel - $3.00
flag-bottomed chair, each $.50
bible and hymn book - $1.50
a skillet - $1.25
a good horse - $25.00


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