Mock Family Historian "Working Chart" #31
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Still under Construction

These are the Working Charts of Barbara Eichel Dittig, Editor of the Mock Family Historian.

Data NOT all documented. Please do NOT copy & circulate

Mock Family Historian Working Chart for Gottleib/Thomas H. Mauk of Lauffen, Germany

1. John Mauk d. 1796, cabinet maker & undertaker by trade

From 1886 History of Cumberland County, PA
The Mauk Family Tree, History and summary, compiled and edited by George Thomas Mauk while residing in Tampico, Mexico. George Mauk died 1990

Note:  At the funeral of Henry Mauk, a cousin of Jacob & Thomas H. Mauk, in Philadelphia in August 1898, your narrator was surprised to find at the funeral five George Mauks, all cousins, most very distant.

Submitted by Roy N. Mauk - 1419 East Paisano St., Rockport TX 78382


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