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These are the Working Charts of Barbara Eichel Dittig, Editor of the Mock Family Historian.

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Mock Family Historian Working Chart for
William Mack of Northampton Co., PA

1. - William Mack d. 12 Sep 1793; Probate 25 Jan 1794 Upper Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co., PA; m. Anne _____; d. aft. 1794

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Genealogies of VA Families Vol. II, Wm & Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine - 1982

The earliest record found for William Mack is his name on a petition to the "Justices of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, held at Easton, for the county of Northampton, the 18th of June 1755". The petition was from local Protestants complaining that the permits to operate public houses (taverns) in Easton were unfairly being granted only to Catholics.
William Mack signed this petition, as well as Joseph Brader, John Jones, and others. This frontier in Pennsylvania, where Gnadenhutten was located, was not fully secured for peace until after Revolutionary War hostilities ceased, over 25 years later.
Source: Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania, by Sherman Day, 1843.

Will Book 2, pg. 253, D12 Sep 1793, p 25 Jan 1794; EX John Scott Esp. of Lowser Mt Methel, Mr. Thomas Bar of Upper Mt. Bethel & William Mack, Jr. Mt. Bethel, WT Thomas Parry, Henry Hartzell, Peter Beer, Lands of Benj. Goodwin.

Northampton Co, PA, Deed Bk H2, PG 216, 11 Jan 1803 - Benjamin Goodwine of Upper Mount Bethel Twp., Northampton, PA Yeoman & Mary his wife of the one part and John Mack, grandson of William Mack late of the other part (same as Hw, pg. 215). signed Benjamin Goodwin Seal Mood Goodwin her X Mark in presence of us George Ihrie, Jacob Mock. Present when Mary Goodwine signed - Judith Foreseman, Hugh Forseman 29 Jul 1803, Hugh Forseman Esp JP of Norethampton Co. 2 Aug 1803 Recorded H. Forseman.

Northampton Co., PA Deed Bk H2, pg. 218, 11 Jan 1803 - John Mack of Upper mount Bethel, Northampton, PA yeoman of the one part and Benjamin Goodwine yeoman and Jacob Mack carpenter both of the same of the other part, John Mack paid to Benjamin Goodwine and Jacob Mack 327 pounds for land situate in Upper Mount Bethel. (same as H2,215)
John Mack seal in presence of George Ihrie, Andrew Buckman recorded on 11 Jan 1803 327 pounds in full consideration from John Mack -- witness George Ihrie Andrew Buckman 29 Jul 1803 before Hugh Forseman Esp JP of Northampton 2 Aug 1803 H. Forseman. seal

Northampton Co., PA Deed Book F3, pg. 336, 16 May 1804
Mary Jones (late Mary Mack & John Jones ………………Mary Jones her mark John Jones his X mark Benjamin Goodwin seal in presence of us Jacob Mac, William Mack. 17 May 1804 Before Hugh Forsman Esp JP for court of Northampton Co. H. Forsman 4 Feb 1811.

Northampton Co., PA Deed Bk A3, pg. 228 17 May 1804 - Between Benjamin Goodwin of Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton, PA yeoman & his wife of the first part and Frederick Snyder now of Upper Mount bethel, Northampton, PA yeoman. Whereas Wm. Mack late of Upper Mt. Bethel deceased died, seized of a certain plantation situate in Upper Mt. Bethel 154 acres & 4 perches strict measure part and parcel 2 tracts of ………llying in the rive Delaware and encreed to the twp of Knolton, Sussex, NJ. Known as Mack Island containing 49 acres and 180 perches …conveyed to the said William enter by indenture under the hand and seal of John Armstron bearing date 20 May 1788 & being _______by his last will and testament give and bequeath the said Plantation and Island. unto Mary Goodwine his daughter wife of Benjamin Goodwin & John Mack son of George Mack deceased grandson of William Mack and to their respective heirs and assigns.
Benjamin and Mary Goodwine on their part and the said John Mack on his did by their Indenture of Partition bearing even date on the 11 Jan 1803 and recorded at the office ……;John Mack granted his share to Benjamin Goodwine and Jacob Mack, - 72 acres & 93 perches… and the said Jacob Mack and Cedia his wife by Indenture Bearing date 8 of this month granted && confirmed.

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