Mock Family Historian "Working Chart" #04
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These are the Working Charts of Barbara Eichel Dittig, Editor of the Mock Family Historian.

Data NOT all documented. Please do NOT copy & circulate

Mock Family Historian Working Chart for Gottlieb Mock
Chart taken from J. P. Mock article Vol. VI #1

1 - Gottlieb Mack of Pennsylvania/Virginia

RON MOORE - See MFH Vol. V - #4, pg 47 "Philip and John Mock Family Bibles"
JAMES P. MOCK - See MFH Vol. VI - #1, page 1 "Gottlieb Mock and Philip Mock of Sevier Co,TN"

Note 1 - The Bible that belonged to Philip Mock and passed down to his son, John eventually came under the custody of John's daughter Carolyn Casort. This bible is now in the museum of the University of Arkansas

Note 2 - The Bible that belonged to John Mock, son of Philip appears to have been passed down from John Mock to his daughter Mary Mock who married Frank Lake. She appears to be the mother of Madge Lake Maupin who appeared to have custody of the Bible in 1955.

Note 3 - A third family Bible belonged to Mrs. H.E. Buchannan, Prairie Grove, AR and the records were copied 6 Mar 1953. This Bible originated with Joseph & Agnes (West) Tilley. Her parents were Edward West and Mary Ann Mock, daughter of Philip & Jane (Wilson) Mock.


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