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Surnames: ORR, DUNHAM
Submitted by: Larry Dunham   --   Email address:  
30 MAR 2004

Query: I am looking for information on the Orr that married Kate V Dunham.
Their oldest child was born in 1891 so they may have married in1890.  The
Dunham’ss lived in Chariton County from the late 1860's until 1895.
Thanks for any help.  Larry Dunham

Surnames: PHILLIPS
Submitted by: Tricia Mitchell   --   Email address:   
25 Oct. 2007

Query: Found in Siloam Springs Cemetery, on this website:  Elizabeth J. (Morgan) Phillips  “I believe was my gggrandma --she was married to Charles MW Phillips.  Do you know anything else about her --is she the only one in this cemetery and does she have a stone??  Where is this cemetery located??  Is Charles MW Phillips buried here??  Thank you for any information you can give me..  dates on the stone??  Thank you again Tricia Mitchell.”

Surnames: PINNELL
Submitted by: Jo Ann Collier   --   Email address:  
29 AUG 2004

Query: I am searching for my gr gr grandmother, Rosaltha Goodpasture Pinnell.
In the 1880 census she was listed at Salt Creek, Chariton County.  She died in
1881.  Her husband, John H (died in 1902) and her little son John F (died in 1874)
are buried in Newcomer.  But I can find no record of her.  She could be buried
without a marker.  Do you know who has the plot map?  Any information would be very helpful.  Thanks
Surnames: PLUNKETT
Submitted by: Tricia   --   Email address:  
29 AUG 2004

Query: Am seeking information on old cemeteries in and around Brunswick, Mo.
I understand there are some Plunkett family members buried in the old Elliott
Grove Cemetery
. Is that correct?  Would be looking for any of the Plunkett family

but especially Willis Plunkett.

Am especially seeking information on the James William Harriss (or Harris) family
from old Brunswick.  James William Harris (or Harriss) was born 1818 in VA but
died 1881 in MO. He was a livery stable keeper in the Brunswick area. His first
wife was Henriette or Harrietta and he had two children by her:
Richard and Willa (also called Willie). By his second wife, Julia Ann Staples
Harriss, he had the following children: Julia, and Orienne (often misspelled Orion).
Orienne was a school teacher in the Brunswick schools probably right around the
turn of the last century. She went to college at Columbia, MO.
James W. Harris(s) is probably buried in or around Brunswick along with his
wifes. Am looking for any of them. Also for any of the Staples relatives,
especially Nelson Staples. ANY tidbits of information, no matter how small,
gratefully appreciated. Thank you very much.
Surnames: RANDALL
Submitted by: Cecil Stewart   --   Email address: cstewart@    (incomplete.  kk)
23 JAN 2005

Query: In the 1880 census, there is an E.S. Randall living in a boarding
house in Brunswick.  He was a conductor on the railroad.  I would like
to find out more about him.  What railroad would he like be working for
as a conductor?  Does anyone know anything about this man?  According to
the census he was born in Connecticut in 1837,
Cecil Stewart
Surnames: SADLER
Submitted by: Rob McDade   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2008

Query: Looking for information on 2 Sadler families living in Brunswick
as of 1870 Census.  John and Robert, both from New York, were heads of
household.  Both worked in Railroad.  Any information on either Sadlers
or railroads in town at that time?  Thank you so much.

Surnames: SCOTT
Submitted by: Ralph Jones   --   Email address:   
03 May 2008

Query:  My paternal grandmother, Georgia Kate SCOTT was born in Linn County (Marceline ?) March 28, 1875.  Her father was James M. SCOTT, of Marceline, a tinsmith and Civil War veteran, who married a daughter of C. O. HYATT.  A clipping shows James M. SCOTT’s death date as July 2 (Sunday) but there is no year.  How do I begin to find this information, and where do I find information about the HYATT family?  Thank you, Ralph JONES. 

Submitted by: Leland Caster   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: I am looking for a Jesse SHIRLEY before 1860 census. I have
found his wife Elizabeth in Chariton Co Census. I have seen a Shirley in
Lakeside cemetery. Elizabeth father is David WOODY.
He could be in the same cemetery? All help is welcome. Thanks
Leland Caster
Submitted by: Russell Smith   --   Email address:  
31 DEC 2005

Query: Trying to find any information about my grandfather George Breeze
Smith b.1878.  He lived in Westville, MO about 1910 - 1920.  He died in
the mid 1950's.  Any information concerning parents, marriage, children,
death etc would be most helpful.  I know little to nothing about him as
he died before I was born.
Submitted by: kmg   --   Email address:  
31 DEC 2005

Query: Searching for the name of husband (? Sears) to Martha (Maggie
Ann) Spence.  She is the daughter of Jesse Spence and Catherine
Cabeen(m:20 Oct 1835). Other siblings should be William F.(b:1840) and
Jesse (b:1842). Martha was born about 1838, we believe her father Jesse
passed on before 1850 and is buried in Chariton.  In 1850 census mother
and three children are found with Samuel Porter Cabeen in Mercer County,
.  Her mother passed on in 1853 and Martha can not be found in

the 1860, 1870, or 1880 censuses. There is a Martha Ann Sears found in
the 1860 census living with a Joseph and Sarah Lingo in Macon County,
but I can not confirm the family name Spence as her maiden name.  Thank You
Submitted by: Helen   --  
26 JUN 2004

Query: Searching for information on David Ely Spencer who I am told
married Sallie Oldham, b. 1866, in Chariton Co. David was probably born
abt 1865. I would like to know who his parents were. Any information
will be greatly appreciated.
Submitted by: Mary Miller   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: George W. Stricklin born March 1860 Ill, parents also born in
Ill, wife Prudence E. born Jan. 1865 Ohio, father born in Ill, mother
born in Ohio. Children were:  1. Harry E. born Sept, 22, 1886 Ks,
married Rachel Frakes (my grandmother) 2. Roy E. born March 1888 in Ks,
married Juanita Carruthers. [Both Harry & Roy were living in the Kansas
, Mo
area in the 1920 census.

3. Mary O. born May 1891 in Ks, 4. Jessie E. born Jan. 1893 in Ks, 5.
Lillian F. born Feb. 1897 in Mo. 6. William L. born Oct. 1899 in Mo.
This family in the 1900 Census lived in [Triplett township, Clariton
, Missouri
.] I am looking for more information on this family,

hope someone can help me.
Submitted by: Lou Sylvester   --   Email address:  
20 JUL 2005
Query:  I am looking for a Louis Becker Sylvester, birth date 1872, left the USA and went to England and was married there.

Submitted by: Linda   --   (emails /NEED to be updated.  kk)
20 Oct. 2007

Query: Does anyone have any information on James and Rebecca Turpin. Rebecca's surname was Morgan, they were married in Charition Co. in 1840. They were also reported in Linn Co. with children:  Mary, Fernando (Ferenand), Rachel, William, A.N., Champion, John and Marcellus.  Thank you, Linda  




Submitted by:  Joe McGee  email:
27 Mar.  2008.

Query: Name Columbus Taylor Underwood, lived in Mendon MO from 1880-1917.
 I'm trying to locate my g-grandfathers grave.  He died in 1917 at the Confederate soldiers Home in MO, records indicate his body was taken to Mendon MO for burial.  Any info you could provide about the Underwood family in Mendon, would be greatly appreciated.


Surnames: VAUGHT
Submitted by: Ruby Adams   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: I am looking for information on the family of James Lewis Vaught
b. 1828 in Montgomery Co., VA. Married Virginia A. Peery 1851 in
Montgomery Co., VA. Found in the 1860 census in Grundy Co., Mo. then to
Chariton Co., Mo. I think Virginia d. 1866 and is buried in a cemetary
in Chariton or Grundy Co., I think Hazel Ridge or Bixby cemetary. I need
information on James Lewis Vaught's parents and siblings.
Thank you,  Ruby Adams
Submitted by: Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson   --   Email :  
19 FEB 2005

Query: Census 1870 - Bee Branch Twp. - Chariton Co., MO:
John Whittaker, 52, born in TN - Martha E., 37, born in MO - Martha J.,
17, born in MO - Sarah A., 16, born in MO - Lucretia, 6 mos., born in MO
- Peter Minter, 35, born in MO.
Martha E. is Martha E. Summers, daughter of John Summers & Juliann
Patrick.  Martha was born between 1832 & 1834 according to census.  In
1860, John & Martha are in Macon Co., Russell Twp.  John Whitaker is 45,
born in MO - Martha E., 26 - Martha J., 7 - Sarah A., 5 - Jonathan W., 1
mo. or 7 mo.  The last child apparently died before 1870.  I cannot find
this family in 1880.  On the 1860 census, Martha Summers brother, Joseph
age 18, and sister, Delilah age 13, are living with John & Martha in
Macon Co.  Her other 2 brothers are in another household - George
Summers, 24, born in MO - Martha, 22, born in KY - Missouri, 2, born in
MO - Charles, 22, born in MO - William, 3 or 5, born in MO.  Their
parents, John & Juliann have died.  I believe this George Summers
married to Martha Wilson in June 1857 in Macon Co.  By 1870, their
daughter, Missouri, is living with Alexander Wilson who may be her
grandfather.  Delilah, Martha's sister, married Lewis Huffman in Dec.
1866 in Macon Co., MO. Two of her brothers witness for her to verify her
age which is another clue that her folks have died.  I am looking for
any more information on the Whitaker family such as where they went,
where they may be buried, what about the children.  Who was the William
Summers, age 3 or 5 living with them in 1860?  It appears from the way
the census image is written that William is a son of Charles Summers.
Grateful for any help.
Surnames: WILSON
Submitted by: Donna (Wilson) Fillinger   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: My g-grandfather & g-grandmother Henry Welch Wilson & Mary Ann
(Adams) Wilson moved to Chariton County, Cunningham Twp., from Coles
County, Illinois about 1870.  They had nine children, my grandfather &
grandmother were Robert Riley Wilson & Rachel (Magill) Wilson.  Robert
Riley Wilson was married to Lilly May Morris in 1891, they had two
children.  Lilly May passed away and Robert Riley married Rachel Magill
in 1902 they had 6 children.  My father was Jay K Wilson, he passed away
in 1991.  I would love to hear from family or anyone who knew them.
Donna (Wilson) Fillinger
Surnames: WISDOM
Submitted by: Nancy Davis   --  
26 JUN 2004

Query: Am searching for any information, but especially parents, birth
and death information on William WISDOM who had a daughter named Julia
Ann WISDOM born 3 Feb 1864 near St. Catherine, Chariton, MO.  Julia
married Thomas Crawford in Arkansas in 1880.
Submitted by: J. Young   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: Henry T. D. YOUNG according to census was born in Ohio July 4,
1847. He married Cyrena SMITH on Dec. 25, 1870 in Shelby County,
Missouri, born Feb. 9 1848, Indiana. hey had 8 children, all born in
Mendon, Chariton County, Missouri.