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Updated: 25 July 2011

Surnames: ADAMS
Submitted by: Brenda   --   Email address:  
27 APR 2005

Query: looking for information on my great great-grandfather Benjamin
Buford Adams org. from Letcher Co. Ky died in Triplett Mo. sometime in
late 1800's or very early 1900's.  Anyone with family pictures would be
very much appreciated !!!!
Submitted by: pat morris   --   Email address:  
31 DEC 2005

Query: I am looking for family members of John ALLEN from Rothville,
.  His children are:  Katherine Elizabeth ALLEN Morris who was

born Sept 18, 1862 in Rothville and died April 26, 1922 near Rothville
(Perhaps Brookfield), Morton ALLEN, Walter ALLEN Cross, Siege ALLEN
Dexter, Pearl ALLEN Cameron, Unknown ALLEN Richardson, Lucy ALLEN
Venable, May ALLEN Manlove, Charlie ALLEN, Dan ALLEN, Jenny ALLEN
Hamilton and Willie ALLEN Cross.
If you have any of these families on your tree, please contact me.  I
have tons of unidentified family pictures.
Submitted by: Stephanie Lindorff   --   Email address:  
06 APR 2005

Query: Looking for information of Elizabeth (Libbie) Armstrong, nee
Baschal.  She was born in Knox county 11/18/1848 and died in Chariton
county, 12/18/1880.  She was married to George Washington Armstrong
(also born Knox county).  They had three children:

William Lester Armstrong - b. 8/29/1875
Addie Blanch Armstrong - b. 12/2/1877
Emma Agnes Armstrong - b. 3/17/1879

George remarried and had additional children but these three do not
appear on any future censuses.  Perhaps, due to extreme youth, went to
live with maternal relatives after mother's death?

Believe Elizabeth is buried in:
 Newcomer Cemetery, Brunswick, Chariton, MO

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have great old photos of
George that I would be happy to share.
Submitted by: georgia LaRue   --   Email address:  
09 OCT 2005

Query: Searching for a death date, and obit, of Alvin H. Bliefnick. Last
known in 1930 in Salisbury, Mo. Also an obit for his wife Rose Elizabeth
Hildebrand. They had 6 children: Wilma Aleda, Edwin Carl, Edna Adelia,
Carl H., Dorothy M. and Arlin H. Any information on this family will be
greatly appreciated. Rose Elizabeth is a niece of my great grandmother
Anna Earnestine Hildebrand Zmich. Thank you in advance.

Submitted by: Paula Oden   --   Email address:
28 Jun 2008

Query: Is there anyone that can look up a Atlantia Charitry or a Charity (possible Oden, Possible Saylors or Sailens) Probably McGee.  Atlantia Charity was first a Land, then Oden , then Saylors and then married Tomas McGee.  She was born about 1816 probably in IllinoisSHe later dropped the Atlantia and just went as Charity.  We do not know her death date.  But Son Wilson Oden is buried in the Lakeside Cemetery in Sumner Mo.  She has a grandchild by son Jonas McGee that is buried in the cemetery at Hale.  I believe the child may be buried as a Price.  Thanks   Paula Oden

Surnames: CLARK
Submitted by: Phillip Pease   --   Email address:  
08 JUL 2006

Query: Looking for burial location of David Clark Died 1843-1845
timeframe.  Or any other information on him or his father Randolph.
Surnames: DAMERON
Submitted by: Gary Babler   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: Seeking any info on Edith Frances Permellia Dameron born 25 June
1881 in Chariton Co. MO. Believe she was born in Chariton Co.
Surnames: DODRILL
Submitted by: Joyce Posey   --   Email address:  
31 MAR 2004

Query: Seeking information about the Dodrill person, buried at Lakeside Cemetery.
Thank you for the help.

Submitted by: Marlene Parker   --   Email address:   
Aug - Sep 2008

Query: 21 Aug 2008: Am searching for information on Florence Irene Dooley. -I think but not sure that her mother was Catherine Dooley and father Wm? Dooley, sister to Sara Christensen and brother of Jesse Dooley.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. I think Wilma Jean and Marylou were daughters of Sara again not certain.  I remember going to grandmother Dooley’s but that was over 50 years ago I remember a farm setting and perhaps railroad in the distance? Any information in this regard would be helpful in the genealogy that I am collecting for my children, grand and great-grand children.

Query: 24 Aug 2008:  searching for Kathryn (Young) Dooley and Jesse Dooley.  Any available information will be greatly appreciated. My grandmother was the one of three born to this family.  I believe Sara (Christensen) and Jesses Dooley were the only children in this family I am searching for the genealogy of Kathryn and Jesse. I believe she was possibly from England, not sure and I am not sure of Jesse’s heritage perhaps Native American any information would be appreciated I am one of many granddaughters of Florence I (Dooley)Parker-Routh.


Query: 09 Sep 2008:  Jesse Dooley Born Oct 1883, Wife Kathryn Yung Born 1890.

Of this union  to my knowledge was Sarah Marie (D) Christensen Florence Irene (D) Parker Routh.   Jesse Dooley: I am trying to verify his Native American heritage. It is my understanding that Jesse was born somewhere in Kentucky. I am trying to find a birth record for Florence Irene, my maternal grandmother to see if it verifies Jesse lineage, It was recorded as William Dooley Aug 1842 and Sarah McNabb possible of Salisbury? I cannot trace it any further than that. It was suggested from cousins that Jesse was possibly part Native American. Can you tell me how I would be able to research it? I know the old birth records were much more informative than now a day, but adoption would be hard to verify.  

Thank you for the time and consideration.  Marlene.


Submitted by: Karen   --   Email address:   
06 Sept 2008

Query:   I am trying to find Zollie Fitzpatrick + her husbarnd John Mitchell Fitzpatrick who are both buried at the Salisbury City Cemetery.  John Fitzpatrick b. 1839 was the father of John Mitchell Fizpatrick who married Zollie Gooch.  I found a paper in the old Gideon Gooch bible where it gives the name of Zollie Gooch as Stephen Z. Gooch.  (Stephen used her middle name).  Mom said she went to Zollie's funeral at the Baptist Church in Salisbury.  We can not find her or her husband buried in the Salisbury City Cemetery, which Mom is sure they are, as she attened their funerals. 

Wish I could find them , so I would know their death dates.  Thank you. Karen


Surnames: FOX
Submitted by: Charles   --   Email address:  
23 JAN 2005

Query: Looking to find information about state census (not federal) for
Chariton County.  Wanting to know if one exists for the period between
1857 to 1861.  No luck finding ancestor in the federal of 1860, but sure
he was there.  Thanks for any and all help.

Surnames: GOOCHEY
Submitted by: Rich   --   Email address:   
07 Dec, 2009.

Query: Looking for Eleanor Goochey’s grave site in St Joseph’s Cemetery, Salisbury, MO., Her date of birth October 21, 1833 death date as April 30, 1892. We have some info that her grave site is between a Fern Bertch and a Louis Huss, but we would like to get a plot, and grave number if possible.

Also a photo of the cemetery entrance and even the headstone – again, if possible.  thanks for your help .



Surnames: Mary (Burger/Stone) GRAY
Submitted by: Kimberly Long LaRue   --   Email address:   
19 Sep. 2008

Query: I am looking for a Mary A Stone. She was  listed in Chariton Township, Chariton County in 1880. Mary A Stone was married to Abraham GRAY, they had 1 son George Gray that was born 1874 in MO.  George Gray was listed in the 1880 Chariton Mo as mute.  1885 they had moved to Ottumwa Iowa , Wapello County   ...1900 census Clark County MO. Mary A Stone listed living with  James Benedict and her daughter Anna. I was hoping there might be a birth of George Gray in 1874 or any information on this Mary A. Stone Gray would be very helpful. Please help if you can.

Surnames: HART
Submitted by: Jim Bogener   --   Email address:  
08 JUL 2006

Query: looking to grave of Moses Stout Hart, born about 1804, in Va.,
died about 1842, in Chariton County I believe, he was there in 1840.
Surnames: HASKEL
Submitted by: Kris   --   Email address:  
25 JUL 2005

Query: Looking to obtain the pic of Rothville Cemetery entrance and the
headstone of Nathaniel Haskel.
Surnames: HEUSTON
Submitted by: Ken Houston   --   Email address:  
15 JUN 2005

Trying to find any info about the Samuel Heuston family. He and his wife are in the
Taylor Cemetery. Also, with some of their grandchildren. Would you happen to know who owns
this land or any land around it. It is abandoned, I have been there about 6 yrs ago.
If you know anything. Please contact me.
Submitted by: Georgia LaRue-Bennett   --   Email address:  
03 MAY 2004

Query: Searching for an obit on August Hildebrand, could be spelled
Hilderbrand. Died in Salisbury in 1933.  There is a probate file in
Chariton Co. # 4277.  Would like any and all information on August and
his family.  He lived in Four Corners, Iowa most of his life before
moving to Salisbury.  Thank you all in advance for any information on

Submitted by: Ralph Hawkins   --   Email: (emails being returned.  kk)
07 March 2008

Query:  I’m looking for information on James HIGGANBOTHAM. 

James was the father of Mary Ann HIGGANBOTHAM. Mary Ann was married to Nelson PLUSH, in 1859, in Cunningham, Mo.

ANY and ALL information would be sincerely appreciated, about James:  where he was born; census and/or marriage records; and, any other records you might have available. 


Surnames: JOHNSON
Submitted by: Julie   --   Email address:  
11 Apr. 2008

Query: Searching for William and Mary Mahala JOHNSON.  The 1870 census shows them at T56, R20, in Chariton Co., Mo.  The 1980 census shows William as a widower, and living with his son in Cunningham, Chariton Co., Mo.  Wish to learn when Mahala and William dies, and where they BOTH are buried.

They are my husband’s 4th. great grandparents.  Thank you.    Julie Weeks.


Submitted by: Wilma Moore   --                   Email address:  
31 DEC 2005 updated: 05 Jan. 2008

Query: Searching for descendants of William KILGORE and Lucinda Ellen
LOVELADY, who married in Chariton County in 1867 and removed shortly
thereafter for California. 

Parents of William KILGORE were Washington and Rachel KILGORE.

Parents of Lucinda were Pleasant J. and Margaret (Moore) LOVELADY. 

Thank you for any assistance.  Wilma  Moore
Surnames: MILLER
Submitted by: jean miller   --   Email address:  
28 JUL 2005

Query: Am looking for info on a Charles E. Miller, born in Bynumville in
1896.  Father;s name was Oscar and Mothers name was I think Nannior
Nannis.  Charles fought in WW1 and was married in Tacoma,Wash while
stationed at Fort Lewis.  Any info would be appreciated.   Thank You.
Submitted by: Louise Pietruszkiewicz   --   Email address:  
02 JUL 2005

I want to find cemetery records for James Mitchell who was on the 1850 census with
wife Ona Green. 1860 he was not listed and she was living with her daughter Artamese
Wagner and her husband William Wagner. Listed as Ona Mitchell so we know she was
still alive then but did not find her on later census so she either died or moved.
Surnames: MOORMAN
Submitted by: Pat Moorman   --   Email address:  
10 JUL 2004

Query: Looking for info on a John R. Moorman and Charlotte (Clarkson)
Had childred Thomas, Anselm, Achellis, William H., James D., Benjamin F.
& Mildred (who married a Morris)  James D. is buried in the Bennett
.   Charlotte is buried in a small cemetery by Indian Grove, by

a farm house.

Submitted by: Forest Waters   --   Email address:   
31 Oct 2010 (input 24 Jul 2011.kk)


Query:  I'm looking for help on researching a Morgan, that surely arrived in Charton Co., Missouri around 1817 or earlier.


   Her name was Nancy Morgan, the daughter of Enos Morgan, who also migrated to Chariton Co., Missouri along with the rest of his clan. Nancy Morgan (b:1801)  married a Andrew Potter?? or Joshua Potter??


   Were not sure which Potter she married and gave birth to Nancy Potter (b:1814). Nancy Potter (b:1814) named her first son - James Morgan Wright after her uncle James Morgan. We believe that is a marker that tells us we on the right track.


  Do you have any info on Nancy Morgan Potter (b:1801/2)? I know that Enos Morgan passed in 1835 and is buried in the Morgan Cemetary by Agee School in Chariton Co., Mo.. I assume Nancy Abernathy (Enos's wife) is there. Do you know if any Potters or even Nancy Morgan Potter were buried there?    Thanks in advance .

Submitted by: Marsha (Mullinix) Ingebretson   --   Email address:  
26 JUN 2004

Query: Does anyone have information on Ortha Jane Malinix who died
12/20/1883 in Muscle Fork Twp.?  Her death record says she was 30 years
old, born in MO, buried at Welch Graveyard.  Her marital status is not
indicated, so could have been married to a Mullinix.