Mendon News
Donated by :  Madeline Reese
A little boy of James Hess' was badly hurt one day last week by being thrown from a runaway horse
hitched to a single plw. The horse was also considerably injured by running against a rail fence, one
of the rails sticking into the animal's body.

'Squire Edermann, Thos. White, B. R. Gline, and Misses Sarah White and Maggie Edemann all went
to Marceline last Saturday to attend the decoration day exercises. An address was delivered by Rev.
Grant A Robbins of Macon MO but formerly of Mendon.

S.F. Fry celebrated his birthday last Thursday, all of his children and grandchildren being present
except Miss Cinda. Amont the refreshments was the contents of the little brown jug.

Dolt Hess, who works for Scott Hershey, while returning from home to Mr. Hershey's last Sunday
was thrown from his horse and so badly hurt that he was laid up all week.

Henry Draper, who was formerly a blacksmith at Hess, but who now resides in Bloomfield Iowa
is in this community collecting old blacksmith bills.

John Hinten and Christ Stoner  delivered hogs at Mendon last Saturday.

Misses Sarah White and Rosa Teitjans were guests of Miss Anna Brewer last Saturday.

Rev. Morgan of Dalton filled his appointedment at Mt. Pleasant last Sunday. Mr. Morgan is a
fluent speaker and a deserving young man.

Franklin Ellis has 280 acres of corn planted. Franklin is an extensive farmer and a hustler. Being
a bachelor cuts no figure in his business.

Geo. Lewis is all smiles over a boy that arrived at his home Friday night. Mother and babe are doing
well and it is thought George will soon get all right by close attention.