Donated by:  Benny & Mary McCune

Benjamin E. Hicken, who is successfully engaged in the manufactur-
ing business at Prairie Hill, was born in Jefferson County, Neb., in 1886,
the son of Peter J. and Dinah H. (Saaijenga) Hicken, and moved with his
parents to Missouri in 1898.

Peter J. Hicken was a native of Germany, as also was his wife. He
died in October, 1916, and his wife died Feb. 6, 1914. They were the par-
ents of the following children: Peter J. Jr., deceased; HaukaD., deceased;
Anna, deceased; Emma Malady, lives in Nebraska; Louis C., lives at
Prairie Hill; Rosa C. Sears, deceased; Benjamin E., the subject of this
sketch;  Carl F.  in the garage business with his brother at Prairie Hill;
and Minnie H., deceased.

Benjamin E. Hicken received his education in the public schools and
came to Chariton County in 1907 and operated a farm for several years,
after which he engaged in blacksmithing at Prairie Hill. He operated a
garage for seven years and manufactured several of his own inventions.
Among them is an oxyacetylene welding, cutting, lead-burning and decar-
bonizing torch, and the garageman's need for a light efficient oxy-acetylene
torch has been met in the "Hot Baby," and "Sod-Tor-Lite" which he
manufactures. Mr. Hicken has an extensive manufacturing business at
Prairie Hill and ships his goods extensively throughout the country.
On July 11, 1907, Mr. Hicken married Miss Elizabeth B. Saville, (both pictured below)

a native of Chariton County, born March 11, 1891, and the daughter of
Benjamin and Martha (Mathis) Saville. (pictured below)

Mr. Saville resides at Prairie
Hill; his wife died May 9, 1914. They were the parents of the following
children: Anna Grigsby, Salisbury; Mae E. Vaughan, Prairie Hill; Mrs,
Hicken; Jennie, deceased; Elsie Krager, Huntsville; and two children died
in infancy.

Mr. and Mrs. Hicken have six children, as follows: Opal
Minnie, born Oct. 7, 1909; Ernest B., born Nov. 9, 1911; Helen E., born
Feb. 16, 1913; Ruby Mae, born Oct. 8, 1916; Emerald W., born July 31,
1919; and Jewel G., bom Oct. 18, 1921.                        .
In politics Mr. Hicken is a Democrat. He is a member of the Metho-
dist Church and is a progressive and enterprising citizen.

Added note
Later in life Ben and Elizabeth had another son
David Kenneth Hicken born Oct 21 1925.