Chariton County Courier
27 March 1897
Selected Abstracts
Donated by :  Madeline Reese
Charlie Schell has bought out the wood work department at the Jno. P. Tippett shops and he is now
soliciting the patronage of the general public and is prepared promptly and in the best manner to turn
our any kind of work in that line. Mr. Schell has too  long  and favorably known by our people to
need any formal introduction.  He is a skilled workman in his line, universally liked by all who know
him and will command a liberal share of patronage.  We wish him every success.

Mrs. Charles Veatch and her two bright and interesting daughters, Misses May and Ruth, are enjoying
a visit to Keytesville friends and relatives. They formerly resided here  and like everybody else who
ever lived in Keytesville, they are always glad to get back. Mr. Veatch, who has been for sometime
on the editorial staff of the Kansas City Journal, has accepted a simlar position on the Chicago Tribune
and his family will soon join him in the World's Fair city.

Adkinson Price of 3 1/2 miles southeast of Keytesville left last Wednesday night by way of Moberly
and St. Paul Minn. for Miles City Montana, some 60 miles from which place he has accepted
employment on a sheep ranch. We hope that Adkinson may have success in currying the wild and
wooly West and make his fortune in that rugged rough and ready country.

Letter List

The following is a list of unclaimed letters in Keytesville MO post office March 26th 1897:
Miss Minnie Bentley
E. Burm
Mat Going
W.M. Huntrien

When calling for the above letters, please say "advertised",    Jno. Chivers, Postmaster

Lewis Davis, col, charged with carrying concealed weapons, was given a chance to defend himself
against the charges before 'Squire DeMoss March 22nd, but he concluded not to make a defense,
plead guilty and was fined $50 and costs of prosecution.
In default of payment, he was committed to jail without the benefit of the commutation statute.

Maj. Wm. N. Ewing of Wichita, KS visited relatives and old friends in and around Keytesville from
Monday until Wednesday.  Maj. Ewing is at present a  U.S Bank examiner for the state of Kansas
at a good salary. He is familiarly known in and around Keytesville as "Billy" Ewing.

Dr J. H. P. Baker and Dr. R. Patterson will measure swords for the office of the mayor, while
Messrs M. B. Williams, A.C. Gilchrist and Steve Crawford will test the strength of the other for
city marshal of Salisbury at the city election on Tuesday  April 6th.

Gene Stephenson, whom we reported last week as obtaining, through false personation, from the
Wabash station agent, goods belonging to Jas. Stephenson, was tried last Monday before Justice
DeMoss and a jury. L.N.Dempsey and O.P. Ray defended and the state was represented by J.A.
Collett, prosecuting attorney. The verdict of the jury was thirty days in the county jail, which,
together with twenty days for costs, will carry him beyond the time "when the robins nest again".

Native Lumber
I will make especially low prices on all sorts of native lumber for the next 90 days at my saw-mill
three miles west of Forest Green. I will make it to your interest to see me if in need of anything in
that line. Satisfaction guaranteed.     Louis Gebhardt


Having sent many of my customers statements and repeated it frequently as well as having made
personal appeals where it has been possible now if any person shall see this who has been so notified
and whose accounts are past due, they will take notice that I am compelled to use all legal methods
in my power to cause a settlement at once, as a longer indulgence canot  be given on such accounts.
M.H. Holcomb